The world is a stupid place filled with stupid people. I might be one of them but I can at least admit when I’m wrong, change my opinion based off of new information, and acknowledge that I do not know everything. This doesn’t have much to do with with me but it does have a lot to do with stupid people who vote.


Looking at this years election all I can see in many cases is the idea that you are all being sold snake oil. Yeah, it always is in politics but there are certain candidates that it looks as if that is all they are. Some are just old school political scum like Hillary Clinton. She isn’t selling shit except the fact she thinks she deserves the nomination because she is just an egomaniac. She is a Clinton only the one with the least amount of charm. Chelsea who has very little going for he other than money and the breeding can at least smile and you don’t believe she is thinking about murdering puppies when she does. At the best of times Hillary looks like an evil alien wearing a people suit yelling love me. Enough with the Clintons, enough with the Bush’s, enough with that one guy that already dropped out.


All other candidates aside the two who I think are the definition or snake oil are Trump and Sanders. It might be for two different reasons since one might actually believe in his bullshit but that is all are, snake oil salesmen. They did tap into the problem with American politics though. The Absolut disillusionment and hatred the average person has for the political class. I get that. I’m there with you guys. I hate the DC elite shitwads just as much as you I just think you are all being taken for a ride. They are selling you the same bullshit populism and failed economic theories people have been pushing for centuries. Yeah some of the things they say might be good or even reasonable but that does not stop all the other bullshit. One is mostly nothing more than a demagogue and the other is just bribing idiots for votes off of an economic platform that anyone with sense should know could never be able to deliver a fraction of its promises.


To make is simple if you believe that Trumps believes half the shit he says and it isn’t just to get elected you are a fool and I find s strange that you will ignore his lies and then complain about Clinton’s lies. On the other side if you think that the crap that Sanders says is either constitutional or even affordable you are lying to yourself.


Now is you must know I’ll tell you of the two Trump would probably be the least worst of those two as president but as a person I like Sanders better. I don’t dislike Sanders I just think he is a fool. He is the guy in the middle of a pyramid scheme that actually believes the things he is selling. But honestly believing in something doesn’t make it correct and doesn’t mean you aren’t selling snake oil.


I have never liked Trump as a person. Yes I am biased against him in this regard. I can’t stand the guy and never have. I didn’t like him 20 years ago well before he ever tried to run for office before he even had his own annoying reality show. I think he is scum. He is the exact type of businessman that is the problem with money in politics. He was an always has been a corporatist. He used Eminent Domain to get the government to take other people homes and businesses so he could make a profit off of the land and then sent in his kickbacks to the politicians that helped him in the form of campaign contributions and such. If you don’t understand why I said corporatist look up the idea of crony capitalism. That is Donald Trump. Trump is the guy that uses politicians to get away with all of the horrible things we accuse big business of. Yeah I know when the system is rigged the loser is the one that doesn’t have his hand in the cookie jar but how about we hold fuckers to a higher standard for once. How about we stop electing people that use the government to make themselves and their friends rich. Trump is nothing more than this cancer metastasized and invigorated through populist rhetoric and bullshit. He is the other side of Politicians like Clinton, he is the businessman that is buying them. At least he in honest about it though, but that doesn’t make it right and that isn’t something to celebrate him for.


I understand though. People are angry and they are telling you what you want to hear. You are angry and they have tapped into it but they are the in many ways the cause of the problems that cause your misery. Trump has been selling away the present while Sanders is taking the selling of your future and trying to mortgage it for a 7th time.


And while Trump is trying to sell you on Corporatism Sanders if trying to bribe you with free shit no one can afford. Free college, free health care, free housing and free food. Are you sure that it is free? If it is free than the people supplying you with this health care, food, college and what not are working for your benefit without getting paid. What is a person called when they work for someone else’s benefit but does not get paid for their labor? To be honest they couldn’t even be called a slave. See a slave still costs the owner money. Yes they work for their master but the master still must feed, house and clothe them. You are asking to get the labor from these people but aren’t even willing to house and feed your own slaves. How sad are you that you can’t even take on the minimal responsibilities of a slave owner? Slavery is horrible and slave owners are fucking scum but you are less. You want the slave to have to work to feed himself and you. It’s a whole new level of exploitation. In Serfdom the lords was at least expected to protect his subjects. Is this what you are doing?


I’m going to go with a big fat no. No you are not doing anything and you are not contributing anything but you expect everything.


Sanders promises cannot be paid for. It doesn’t matter how much to tax the rich they cannot be payed. We can’t pay for the stupid shit we do now no matter how much we raise taxes. But since you are an idiot that thinks the world revolves around you you don’t really care as long as you get your’s right? We need to lower spending. Do you know what the Laffer Curve is? If you don’t you have no business talking about economics and taxation. Hell most people that do know what it is still shouldn’t. It was a general theory. It works but you need to remember that it isn’t a set amount just something you need to understand and deal with. If you have no idea what I just said you might as well consider yourself illiterate when it comes to economics. I’m a bloody accountant. I can’t say I’m a genius when it comes to economics but I do understand the idea of financial incentives. If you don’t you should. But what I really understand is debt. Debt is something you need to be very carful with. Temporary debt can be used to put yourself in a better situation but continuous debt is never good. It isn’t good if you are a business, if you are an individual and it isn’t good if you are a government. Think about this. If a company goes under their resources can then be bought and then used by other people that can do something with them and make a profit and help grow the economy. An Individual can move into a smaller home and try to build themselves back up. A government cannot collapse and sell off their assets to someone else that will build them into something else. A government collapse destroys a nation and the wealth of a nation. Granted sometimes a nation can come back but ask the Roman, Persian, Ottoman, and Austrian Empires where they are now? Ask yourself what are the consequences of the collapse of those empires?


We can’t afford either of these two idiots.






I’m Going to Culturally Appropriate The Shit Outta That.

Yep, I said it and that is what I’m fixing to do. Wait, one second I’m going to crack open a beer. Beer? Really did your people invent beer? Nope. Is it a beer native from my ancestral homeland? Also nope and I’m still gonna drink it. My people didn’t invent Tetris either but I’m still going to play the shit out of it when I’m waiting at the DMV.

Stop me. Please, go ahead and try to stop me cause I’m about to appropriate some motherfucking cultures. I’m going to zig when you thought I would zag and before you know it… something… Sports metaphor… something something… Yeah… there was a point in all of this and it was all about tacos.

I fucking love tacos! I also love English Common Law, beer, Representative Democracy, anything done to a sheep that involves curry and not sex, indoor plumbing and the aesthetics of pre-modern Japanese architecture. I love Japanese people playing Irish punk, German people playing Horror Punk and I’m still going to rock out to some metal from Botswana. Did I mention tacos? Have you ever had taco rice? It’s a common dish from Okinawa and it’s bloody awesome.

This isn’t some sort of multiculturalism BS where we have to fetishize other cultures this is just the reality of a world where we can know other cultures and learn from them while they learn from us and we don’t even have to kill each other to do it anymore. We can take the good things about those other people and incorporate them into ourselves. Did you know the potato is not native to Ireland or even Europe? Do you like Italian food? Who in their right mind doesn’t? Neither the tomato nor pasta originated in Italy. One didn’t even originate in the same hemisphere but for some reason Italy was able to take those two things mix them with some local delights and come up with glory.

Can you dig it?

No? Do you want to complain and be an over sensitive idiot? Fuck you I will keep going and you can’t do shit about it. Cultures and societies evolve in three ways. One is from changes and pressures within the society or culture, one from without or a mixture of both. Sometimes times they are exclusive of one another and other times they are the direct result of one another. Take a simple example of this from Japan. The Bakufu system (military rule by the Shogun vice rule by the Emperor) was from purely internal forces, the Meiji Restoration was the result of both internal and external forces and the current Japanese Constitution was the result of external forces. Is all change good? No, not always but sometimes it can be. You can argue that the Meiji restoration was a good thing in some ways for Japan but did lead towards the imperialism and horrors of WWII while at the same time setting up a basis where the current Japanese political system would end up being acceptable. The Meiji restoration led to both the idea of the Diet (the Japanese parliament) and the imperialism of the early 20th century. The idea of a constitutional monarchy was born there and continues. Now has it all been good? No but remember me talking about our ancestors before? By the time WWII happened England had shrugged off the worst of its decades long imperialist abuses although to the Imperialism while Japan continued them. Remember all our ancestors are horrible people but this was the difference between the two empires at that time. One while not good was and had been getting better and one was, well mostly all bad.

How does this tie in to appropriating culture? As countries, cultures, religions clash they exchange their ideas for better or worse and mankind has been doing it for the entirety of its existence. Hell half of mankind isn’t fully H. Sapiens. Remember all the Neanderthals we fucked and or killed to get where we are today? Chances are unless you are 100% sub-Saharan African and have zero relatives from Madagascar one of your ancestors is a Neanderthal or Denisovan. Hell even if you are 100% sub-Saharan African you could still have blue eyes or you could be from a Pacific island and have blonde hair and blue eyes and no dirty European blood required. Genetics is silly and sometimes fun.

If you don’t get it yet humans are a mixed race. We mix ideas while we bloodlines and make good and bad things with it. The Iroquois Confederacy had a profound effect on the American colonist as well as the Roman Republic, English Common Law, Christianity and Greek philosophy and Democracy. And that is just the bloody goat fucking start. The Ancient Greeks were making Buddhist art 2000 years before white hipster twats in SF where annoying people with their fake enlightenment. If you don’t believe me look up the history of the Hindu Kush.

Our societies and our cultures are built off of the collective knowledge of the societies and cultures that came before us, how they interacted, collaborated, fought and learned from one another. It wasn’t always pleasant and it wasn’t always nice but to stop this exchange would be the destruction and death of the progress and evolution of mankind. We need the cultural exchange. Without it we wouldn’t have modern fucking medicine, mathematics, physics, or fucking indoor plumbing and fuck you I’m not going to go back to shitting in a random hole and using leaves and unlucky squirrels for ass wipe. My Car is Japanese, the TV Korean but you know damn well the computer is American. I’m drinking a Canadian beer, my lunch was Italian, my dinner Indian and the last pair of shoes I bought was made in Vietnam. I’m going to eat sushi, adobo, jerk chicken or a burger and fries. I’ll listen to Opera, watch American football and eat tacos while I drink Gin, Saki and Soju. I’m going to listen to African folk tales while dancing to gypsy songs in the middle of Lima, Helsinki or Bangkok while you . I’m going to appropriate the fuck out of your culture and I’m going to serve you mine on a platter of gold and if you don’t like it you should try to shove the world up your ass because that is where your head is and for once you might be able to see the place.

In the end it won’t matter anyway since these guys already appropriated all the awesomeness that was left in the world.


Fuck all you hipster and SJW cunts.

Victory in Iraq Day November 22nd.

With the hostilities in Iraq at an all time low so low in fact as to barely garner mention in the press Zombie from Zombie Time has decided to declare November 22nd as VI Day.

For more information on and the reason behind her ideas and hot support VI Day go here.


Full post here.

Rights of man

I would like to thank Xanhippa for the H/T because she knows whats up.  She lived under the Iron Curtain and came to the new world to find a better life.

And she found it.  What is your excuse?          

Orwell and the new world order.

Facts are irrelevant in history.  The only thing that matters is what you can convince the people to believe.  If you can convince the world the Tet Offensive was a victory for the Viet Kong then that will be the truth.  It will become the truth.  It will be the truth.  It doesn’t matter that the Tet Offensive practically wiped out the Viet Kong all facts that don’t fit your world view or political ideology can get flushed down the memory hole and you have won.  It doesn’t mater that the Crusades were a belated attempt to regain territory from the Moslem armies who had conquered them and drove out the original mostly Christian or Jewish inhabitants.  All that matters is what you can get people to believe.

Orwell was a prophet.  He just missed the year but his words should be a warning engraved on the minds of men for eternity.

Orwell spoke of the totalitarian systems of Communism and Nazism.  He agreed with neither while he did consider himself a English Socialist much of his writing can be used for an argument against much of Socialism and Progressive ideology.

Take this quote from Orwell on guns:


The people who call themselves “Progressives” don’t want you to know that their political ideology is Socialism.  That’s why they say Progressive rather then Socialist.  Orwell warned about how people twist language so politicians can get people to believe one thing but they really mean something else.  The Progressives just won’t tell you that’s what they really want is to disarm you so they use terms like “Gun Control”.  It sounds nice making laws against the use of arms however a criminal does not care about the law.  All you really have is laws that only affect law abiding peoples and not the criminal.  Yes Background checks are a good thing because it keeps known criminals from getting a gun at a legal store.  However the criminal will still try to get one on the black market and there is nothing we can really do about that.  What they really want to do is disarm the whole of the law abiding populace.  With arms even Orwell the man who claimed to be a Socialist knew that it was the duty of society to make sure that the people who he fought for had the ability to defend themselves from criminals and especially from the totalitarian dictatorships that he wrote of.

Orwell was a Prophet.  People misquote him and claim to know what he said but don’t.  Like Nitsche they will misquote him  for eternity.  They take a line or two and run with it without the lines that follow and makes the true point.

Case in point from Nitsche:

“God is dead.”

OK but what was the rest?

“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?”

Or this quote:

“What are these churches now if not the tombs and sepulchres of God?’

While he was chastising religion or more to the point those who only used the morals and teaching of religion when it was to their advantage, he was lamenting the lose of the religious morals in the idea of a world without the religious morals. That is why he wrote the second line “And we have killed him”. It was to the hypocrites that he spoke that.  He was lamenting the lose of morals and the hypocritical use of Gods teachings only when it was advantageous.  At the time he was also trying to come to terms with a world without the religious standard of morality and how to make a new morality without god but was just as moral so that we would not lose the good things that came from religion while being able to move past the necessity of God for our morality.  He needed the morality but was trying to find a way to have it without having to have if come from a god.  He might have been an Atheist but he understood the importance of morality of the Christian God and wanted to be able to justify himself and morality without the need for God.

But people take the “God is dead” statement and take it wrong.  He didn’t believe in the Christian God but he wanted to believe in the morality of the teachings and wanted to find a way to take both together.

It’s like Orwell.  He wanted to refute the time he was in.  Orwell spoke out against Totalitarianism and Monarchism.  He spoke of the working man and Socialism but it wasn’t what we think of now.  To him living in Europe he saw the difference between the working class and the aristocracy and he fought for the working class. But in America we don’t have an aristocracy or a real one anyway.  We have let some families fake like they are like the Kennedys, but thats only because some people let them and there is a difference.   Should we let them?  No but sadly we do.  However in America we never had the kind of class stratification you had in Europe.  In Europe the “Rich” where always going to be rich and the poor,  poor.  In America the poor could always make it rich all they had to do was work at it and it was going to happen just think of Andrew Carnegie a poor immigrant who turned himself into what at the time was the second richest man in history.  The man who would never give you a dollar but would build you a library so you could learn to do it yourself.  In America it could happen.  I say it could happen because it did.  You started work at 15 in some low paying crap job but at 40 your where a millionaire.  The American Dream was always possible. Orwell claimed to be a Socialist but often spoke and wrote like a Libertarian or a Classical Liberal.  The man wrote the book “Animal Farm” as a warning against his own ideology.  He was speaking to the Europe of his day but not to America.

Orwell understood that the people who could control language and what you could say could control the truth or at least control the truth of history that you believed.  It didn’t matter if it was true all that mattered is making you believe it was.

If Orwell was alive now he would have seen and yelled against the socialism that runs rampant in our society and how it works in today’s politics.  He would be a libertarian because he was the person who looked and watched the world and understood the times.  Now the socialism that seemed so nice at the beginning of the 20th century to him would look like the failure it is in the 21st.

Granted I can’t speak for a dead man but that is is my idea on how he would think today.  I would however give anything if I could talk to him now and see what he would really say about today’s world.
NOTE:  For anyone who noticed the similarities between the first paragraph of this article and a comment I made here I just want you to know that that I felt I needed to say more so I used that as the starting point.  I’ll probaly have more to say later after the Saki wears off…

Thoughts on the proposed U.S. Auto bail out

carsI keep hearing things about a bail out for the American auto industry.  Sounds like more fun with idiocy. How about this maybe the American auto industry wouldn’t need a bail out if they made cars people actually wanted to buy?  I don’t drive an American car I drive a Japanese car because the Japanese as well as the South Koreans know how to make a car that actually works properly and doesn’t fall apart if looked at funny.

Here’s what I think if the U.S. auto industry can’t make a car that is good for something other then keeping junk yards and scrap yards in business maybe they deserve to fail.  Lets face it GM and Ford haven’t been able to make a  more then a couple decent cars in years so why are we going to prop up these companies when they can’t even do their job.  If the kid at the cash register at a convenience store can’t do his job he gets fired.  If a car company can’t make a decent car why can’t we fire them?

Enough with the bail out crap you are rewarding bad behavior.  If these Auto companies wanted to stay in business they would have tried to make a product that they can sell.  That’s the points of business creating something people want to buy and making a profit off of it. They used to do it quite well.  We need more corporate welfare about as much as we need regular welfare.  If you work at one of these companies why don’t you get together with the management and try to figure out a way to be competitive in the marketplace?  If you are a shareholder you might want to do the same thing.

These companies wouldn’t be in trouble if they made cars people wanted to buy and since they apparently don’t want to do that they want the government to steal our money and give it to them.  I don’t want people to lose their jobs but I don’t want to have the government steal my money to prop up a company whose products I wouldn’t buy.

Rich Lowry of the National Review puts it this way:

“But this crisis is only the punctuation mark on decades of decline. Once a market-dominating behemoth, GM had 50 percent of the U.S. market in the 1960s. It is down to almost 20 percent now. U.S. consumers have long been voting against U.S. automakers. Now, they’ll be asked to put their tax dollars at risk to preserve the very companies from which they don’t want cars.

The bailout would be of the United Auto Workers as much as of the automakers. It’s the UAW that saddled the Big Three with unsustainable labor costs and obligations to retirees. Detroit has desperately been trying to get out from under this burden, but Ford still lost $1,467 per vehicle in 2007, while GM lost $729 and Chrysler lost $412. Where the UAW doesn’t reign, the industry thrives. Toyota and others profitably manufacture almost 4 million cars in nonunionized states in the South.

The case for the bailout is that the job losses from a GM going down — 100,000 directly, and many more indirectly — would be too painful to bear, and the government would be left holding the bag on GM’s pensions. This line of reasoning conceives of GM essentially as a job programs and welfare agency.”

Here is another good read from Michelle Malkin.

Implications on the lack of proper missile defense systems

Don’t worry Obama is going to cut military funding for missile defense systems so have fun during your last 33 minutes.  I’m going to crack open a beer and laugh at the morons who though we could “have peace in our time”.

Yes missile defense does work and can work just because it might not always be 100% effective does not mean you shouldn’t have it.  Even if it is only 75% effective it would still be better then nothing.  Furthermore  as technology advances you can push that number closer and closer to 100%.  Think about this what would be the point in a country developing nuclear arms if they know that the chances that they would be effective is very slim.  They would not since it would be a waste of money.  It’s not like many of our friends around the world don’t also want this technology and want to help such as Poland or Japan.  We don’t need to cut funding we need to increase funding and along with allied nations need to do everything we can to put these missile shields in place as soon as possible.

H/T Doctor Bulldog and Ronin