I don’t think D.C. likes to listen

Obama and the other political scum infesting D.C. don’t look like they are listening to people much these days.   The fun is that there is talk of a national sales tax of 10% or  Value Added Tax (VAT), now before the Fair Taxers get all happy it’s not to replace the atrocity that is the Federal Income tax and the IRS, no it’s another tax on top of all the other taxes the government takes out of us at gunpoint.  Yeah the country is broke, but last time I checked it the the governments inability to control it’s own spending, especially on things that are not mentioned as powers granted to them in the Constitution, that got us into this mess, and a VAT is not in any way even remotely Constitutional, but we all know that has never stopped Congress before.  Maybe Obama, and Congress need to stop spending money we don’t have and cut spending if they don’t have enough money.  But that wold make too much sense now wouldn’t it?  

 Trust me, the more people are taxed the less money they have to spend, the less money they have to spend the less money goes into the economy, the less money going into the economy, means the less money employers have to either higher new people or even maintain the people they have, meaning less people working, less people working means less money in the economy ect…  OK you get the point by now right?  And all this still means the government is still not going to get the money they want because well it just isn’t there, but they can try to raise that new 10% tax to 15% to make up the difference and the cycle starts all over again.  And I don’t want to hear that it’s going to be temporary, the original federal Income Tax was going to be temporary, and it’s still here, and don’t tell me it wont go up, because it will.    

Inters tingly enough I don’t really have a very big problem with the idea of a 10% sales tax, in fact if we totally scrapped the income tax for a 10% sales tax I would love it, this isn’t that, this is just another 10% tax on top of all the taxes we already pay.    

Remember only last month all the people that attended the Tea Parties across the country?  Remember what that was about, something about people being fed up with taxes?  Now we want to raise taxes even more to pay for every idiotic notion the bastards in D.C. can think up because they can’t figure out how to be financially responsible.  I know this is just something that’s being talked about right now and as of yet no one has tried to put it into a bill just yet, but I wouldn’t put it past the bottom feeders that make up the federal government.       

Just a little bit of historical trivia for the morons in Congress and the White House, this country was founder of a revolt over taxes, you might want to take a serious step back and think about this really hard before you do something even dumber than all the crap you have already pulled.  I’m not saying people are about to violently revolt, but there is only so much people can take before things might get interesting.    

Either way we get screwed into paying for politicians mistakes, the ones they made intentionally, in many cases knowing the consequences before hand.  Yep. it’s going to be a long four years.


I hate it here…


Fun from India

It’s catchy, is it not?

Ranting and pointless news updates

Well California might be about to fail, well it’s been a long time coming and I wish them well.  I’m torn on this because I find it really satisfying that a state that is basically an experiment in every progressive brain fart is getting what it deserves, the problem with this is as states like California fail and others like it, the people move out of those states into the rest of the country and start trying to vote in the same kinds of ass hats that caused the mess in their old state in their new one.  Basically they screw up on place and then move some other place and try to screw it up too.  Not only do these people come to other states and begin with their annoyance the people still left in  California will expect the federal government to bail out the state at the expense of the rest of the country, that way the rest of the country can pay for the morons that have been running California into the grounds mistakes.  I know other people have said this all before, but the reason people keep saying this kind of thing is because people don’t want to listen, people are thick, you need to say things about a thousand times before it sinks in, or in the case of progressives you need to deprogram them first of all the propaganda, and in the event they don’t kill themselves or turn into a vegetable from the shock when they learn about logic, facts and the real world, you can start over and try to teach them to live in reality.  Let’s face it in a lab when your experiment keeps blowing up, or the lab rats keep dying eventually you try a new experiment or quit and do something else.  Progressive not only refuse to stop the experiment but they want to double the efforts.  It’s like when a scientist gives a rat 10 milligrams of a chemical and it dies rather than either lower the dose or find a new chemical, the scientist gives the next rat 20 or 30 milligrams and expects a better result.  This is like the definition of insanity applied to political ideology.  The problem with is is people are not lab rats, society is not an experiment, we are not god, so stop playing with people lives!

Personally we should let California fail, and not only should we let them fail but wall off the whole state so the freaks can’t get out and try to ruin the rest of the country like they did with California.  Now someone reminded me that people could always take a plane to get out, well here is the answer to that one; Anti-Aircraft guns and SAM sites, any plane getting too close to the wall will automatically be hit with thousands of rounds of ammo and surface to air missiles ensuring that they never make it over that wall in less than several hundred pieces.  Problem solved.  

Am I the only one that is almost 99% sure that all the good parts of the movie “The Hangover” are in the previews?  Seriously, the preview for this movie is everywhere, and while it does look at least a little funny I still don’t think I want to bother watching it, since if my suspicion is correct then I have already seen all the good parts.  Speaking of movies the new Terminator movie is really good, not the best thing in the world but definitely worth seeing,  although I think the theater could have turned the volume down just a little bit.  It was a little bit louder than it needed to be, and I have been to more punk, hardcore and metal concerts than is probably safe for ones hearing.

Really what is with today’s movies and the sound effects, why is the music ore and sound effect in a modern movie 100 times  louder than the actors voices, every time I watch something at home late at night I have to keep adjusting the sound since I can’t hear the  actors voices so I turn it up, than something happens and boom, the entire apartment complex starts shaking. Seriously the background music is not supposed to be louder than the dialogue, will someone in Hollywood please learn how to use a mixing board for the audio.  I understand that sometimes you need something to be much louder, but not all the time and for every stupid song or sound effect in the movie.  I want to know why the people making the sound effects in movies think a silencer on a pistol makes the sound nothing more than a small little pop, when in reality a silencer can only cut the sound in half on a pistol at most, but for some reason when an actor opens a refrigerator it has to be louder than an F-18 with full afterburners open hitting the sound barrier?

The fake punk band Green Day is angry with Wal-Mart for not carrying their CD’s because of offensive language, really? Shut up.  Wal-Mart has a business and they can run it how they want and if they don’t carry CD’s with a Parental Advisory sticker on them and your CD has one, find another place to sell you music, like iTunes, or any other record store in the country!  Just because you put out a CD does not mean that someone has to sell it for you, it’s really that simple, Wal-Mart also doesn’t sell handguns, but I’m not going to bitch at them for it I’m just going to go to someplace that does sell them if I want to buy the things.  Wal-Mart doesn’t sell cars either, should they be forced too?  No, that’s not how this works, they have the right to run their business they way they want to, and Green Day has the right to write songs they way they want to, it’s called “Freedom”.  If you want the right to force Wal-Mart to sell your music, even if they don’t want to, then I want the right to force Green Day to play music that doesn’t suck!

Could someone please tell Nancy Pelosi to just stop it, really we new you were a moron before this but come the fuck on Botox Girl, we know you are lying to cover your ass, if you just shut up about the whole thing the hippie assholes that voted for you might forget this whole thing on their next acid trip.  I know the people that elected Pelosi into office in the first place are not the smartest people in the world, the fact they voted her into office is proof enough, but even they should have some limit of bullshit they can take before one or two of their remaining brain cells fire off and they find some other nut job to represent them, I just want to know how much they will take before it happens, I think Pelosi is actually trying to see this as well, maybe it is all some sick joke the rest of us don’t understand.  Either way knock the shit off people!

Cheney and Obama are fighting, to a liberal this is like judgement day, Satan and Jesus are at war, to normal people this is and old man bending over a kid and giving him the spanking he needs.  I’d say Cheney should keep his mouth shut like other ex-VP’s have done, or used to do, but since the last time I checked Carter (the ex-P) and Gore an ex-VP can’t keep their mouths shut why should Cheney, plus Cheney usually has something at least intelligent to say unlike the other two.

I saw a headline that said “Rabbi and Imam unite against terrorism”, OK… It’s not like there aren’t a tone of Rabbi’s against terrorism, but it’s nice that an Imam finally came out against it, and with a Rabbi non the less. I guess this Imam didn’t get the “All Muslims hate Jews memo”.  This sounds to much like a bullshit PC news story than something that actually means something though.  The sad thing is this made news, shouldn’t everyone take a stand against terrorism?  Should it really be that uncommon for an Imam to take a stand, with a Rabbi no less, against terrorism that this makes the news?

Apparently the Obammers administration is making and creating their own press coverage, and their own news media and shutting out the regular media at their events.  Really?  the MSM has done nothing but write propaganda for Obama for the last year and a half and this is still not good enough for Obammers?  At lest in the Soviet Union Pravda pretended to be a separate entity from the Politburo, now we are just going to get press about Obama strait from Obama?  You guy are even trying to hide this crap anymore are you?  The only good thing about this is that maybe the MSM will get so annoyed about being cut out of the Obammers propaganda game that they wake up and at least pretend to be journalists again, maybe even ask Obama a tough question once?  One can only hope, for a change…  Anyway, at what point am I going to start seeing pictures of Obama on every other wall with the words “is watching you” on part of the poster?

I read about a bill some politician is trying to get passed about forcing any company with 100 or more employes to give everyone a week of paid vacation, this is not good.  It’s sounds nice in theory but when it all comes down to it it’s not a good thing.  Politicians have caused enough trouble for this country by getting involved in businesses, the whole “Housing Crisis” is prof of that, what this is going to do is hurt small businesses the most, you know the ones that employ the highest percentage of the population.  Let me explain why, if a company has 100 employees  and each make $500 a week that would cost the company 50,000 a year, or they could lay off one person and save $50,000 plus the $26,000 they already shell out for that one guy’s salary, not to mention any other costs such as insurance.  not only will say thousands of companies start laying people off because of this other companies will not be hiring new people because the costs might be too high for them to do so, and since we are in a recession this might not be a good time to be playing around with the marketplace any more than has already been done.  Look, if a company can afford to do this and they want to do this good on them, happy workers work better, unless they are union, then they don’t work ever, but if the company  does not want to do this or can’t afford to do it, you can either find a place to work that will or deal with it, the government can’t even put their own house in order why do we let them try to play with other people’s houses?

Another thing about business, why do the Unions and the management have to have an antagonistic relationship. you guys do realize you both need each other right?  Look if the Union and the workers want to hate the management fine, but if you do, and spend your time trying to fuck them over, don’t get angry when they try to fuck you over.  If you both sat down and tried to work together you might actually find a way to not only increase the profits of the company, but the workers salaries as well, because lets face it if the company doesn’t make money they can’t afford the workers so the workers lose jobs.  If you work together and stop the BS you might find that you can get what you want, because let’s face it, there is a point were the company will give up an move or close, and that is going to screw over a lot of people.  If you don’t believe me look up “The Rust Belt” online and you will know what I’m talking about.  Yeah the Union pushed to hard and now rather than not having every last thing they wanted no one has a job because the factories just closed.  Thanks guys, look at Detroit, t sucks now just wait and see what happens when the last of the US auto makers either fail or give up and move someplace else, where will Detroit be then?  It took Pittsburgh 30 years to even pretend to make up for the fact that the steel mills closed, and they where lucky, take a drive down the Ohio River and you can see what happened to the rest of them, I’ll give you a hint, it’s called “The Rust Belt”.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, GO PENS!  Hell yeah, I think Malkin scored the greatest goal in the history of Hockey last night.  Really, the kid  wasn’t even looking.  If the Penguins win the cup it’s going to be one of the best years for Pittsburgh sports, and for any city in history, think about it two of one cities teams both winning the championship in the same year?  Don’t bring up the Pirates, I still don’t know why they haven’t been bumped down to the minor leagues, yeah we had Bonds, but it was before the steroids, I think all the Pirates are is a farm team for the rest of the league, the second one of them shows any promise or starts juicing they get snatched up to a better team, while the Pirates are left to suck, OK in reality baseball sucks, especially on TV, at least at the game it’s almost interesting, but on TV baseball it right up there with bass fishing or golf.  Don’t even bring up listening to baseball on the radio, I’d rather kill myself than do that…

Family Guy used to be funny, although annoying at points, now it’s mostly annoying, really the political humor isn’t really funny, yes I’m a conservative, but really, I like Futurama, and they have Al Gore on the show all the fucking time and I still find it funny.  American Dad however sucked at first and now it’s better than Family Guy, why is that?  Oh I know, because they spend more time trying to tell a good and funny story than cheep political jokes.  South Park has political jokes all the time, and about everyone, and they are almost always funny, yeah a couple misses now and then but it’s a gold mine of humor, Family Guy has started to become only one funny joke an episode and the rest is crap when it’s not just being offensive for the sake of being offensive just so they can be “edgy”, woohoo, your “edgy” just like every other hack.  George Carlin could be “Edgy” but he said something, even if you didn’t like it he said something and it was usually funny, Family Guy says nothing, it’s like a performance artist standing in times Square yelling “fuck”, it might be offensive, but when it all comes down to it it’s pointless.  Family Guy has been so infested with left wing politics that the idea of actual humor has gone out the window, even if you might agree with the politics, is the joke really funny or just rude?

I know I said I was moving and would not post very much, and I am still in the process of doing so, I just have some vacation time in the middle, so any minute now if you care I might really go away for a month, or two, it depends, granted the last couple months I haven’t been posting as much because of this but I at least still do so now and then, that might stop in a week, I don’t know, and I don’t know if you care.  Anyway back to the ranting…

I am sick of Libertarians, really, I agree with them quite often but they piss me off.  One thing is a lot of people call themselves Libertarians as a screen, and and not even close to it (think Bill Maher).  The other thing that really annoys me is the legalize drugs thing.  Look I don’t like drugs but in a free society you should have the right to fuck yourself over if you chose, the problem is many (not all) “Libertarians” only seem to care about legalizing pot (and some other stuff), the problem I have with this is that they don’t seem to worry about other things, yes they pay lip service to free markets and other things but all they seem to care about drugs.  the problem is that you cannot legalize drugs as society is now, you already have a massive amount of people living (leaches) of the federal dole and many are junkies until you solve the other problems all you will be doing is subsidizing other peoples drug habits.  The thing is with the “legalize drug” Libertarians is that they only care about their favorite pastime and not the real and bigger economic issues of Libertarian ideology.  it’s as if a person was admitted into a hospital’s ER with a gun shot to the chest, leprosy, colon cancer and a splinter in their thumb and the doctor is only worried abut the splinter,  yes a splinter sucks but that is the last thing the doctor needs to worry about when you have leprosy and a gun shoot wound!  Look drugs are not a good thing, they are not, but if you want to do them fine, that’s your choice, but really when legalizing drugs is your entire political philosophy don’t get angry when the rest of the planet doesn’t give a shit about what you have to say.  I’m not saying all Libertarians do this, I’m just saying that one too many do and they are way to prominent in the Libertarian party.  Look the Libertarians have a lot to offer on economics and social freedom, they just really need to spend less time caring about the secondary stuff when there are much bigger issues at hand like personal/economic freedom and adherence to the Constitution, not your stupid drum circle during a concert from some shitty jam band.  How about we get the government back to only it’s constitutional duties and then worry about people’s right to get high, OK?   Seriously, no one gives a shit what a Stoner thinks, so stop branding yourself the “legalize weed” party and get with the real issues.  I would also like to tell everyone using the Libertarian label as a cover to stop it, if you were a Democrat, then an member of the Green Party, and when people didn’t vote for you then you switch to Libertarian to see if you can get more votes this time just stop it, you are even making the Libertarians look like they really don’t stand for shit, and are making the  “Legalize Pot” part of the Libertarian party look good, in that at least they stand for something, and that’s almost impossible to do.

Recently Pravda called the Obama administration Marxist, that’s bad.  When Pravda, the newspaper that was the propaganda arm of the Soviet Union calls you are marxist, and they are saying it’s a bad thing you have a problem, a very big problem.  It’s like when a serial killer or child molester gets beaten to death in prison, because even the assholes there think you’re so fucked up that the “normal” murderers and rapists think you don’t deserve to live.

TV sucks most of the time, but this looks funny as hell.

Yes it looks like fun.

Anyway, on to the end of this rant…

No I didn’t link to any of the stories I am talking about, I don’t care, if you do look it up, do the research yourself, learn something, don’t just take peoples words for things, even if I am always right.

I hate it here…

Today for the random, and the rantings, and the something or something…

Ah today’s happy drunken ranting.

In the news, Obama is still a douche, so is Congress. So they yell about how the “stimulus” was a matter of life and death and people didn’t even read the thing before they voted for it, and Obammers didn’t read it before he signed it, thanks assholes. The screwed up thing is most of the money they are stealing from people, not even born yet, hasn’t been spent, that’s kinda funny because wasn’t it an emergency? So if it was really an emergency you think they would have spent most of their stolen loot by now. No instead most of the money looks like it will be spent right around election time… I wonder why that is? Why to bribe voters that’s why, they are using money we don’t have just to bribe voters so they can maintain power, gee thanks guys… douche…

Yakuza 2 is the greatest video game of all time, yes it was able to do the impossible and beat out Snood and Tetris in my heart (but I can’t play it at work like the other two). Just one question though about it to the makers of this glorious video game, where the missions where you have to mack on girls at Hostess Bars to try to get laid (for experience points) completely necessary? Granted I know this comes from Japan, and as my friend said “what Japanese boy doesn’t want to be a Yakuza, fighting for what’s right, while picking up Hostess girls”, but really, why? While we are on the subject why the hell did I have to fight a bunch of guys in a fetish club in diapers? I almost never play video games, and this thing is more addictive than crack, I’m on vacation, as well as trying to move and I think I have spent most of my time playing this game, well that and the first one.

For people that don’t know what a Hostess is, go look it up, they can also be called Bar Girls, or Buy-me-drink Girls. You find it in Asia a lot although there might be some in other places.

I know the flap at the Miss America pageant is getting old but I thought I would comment. One why is a gay man judging a woman’s beauty pageant? Shouldn’t we have people that actually like woman do that, and if they want to get a homosexual to help out couldn’t they have found a lesbian? No they found the most annoying little troll they possible could and then people wounder why things went south. The guy made a name for himself writing a poorly written celebrity blog, the man isn’t even qualified to hold an ice cream cone, but no he is a judge in a woman’s beauty pageant, but likes guys, and spends his time doing the least important thing on the planet, giving a shit about celebrities.

Yes, the poor girl doesn’t agree with gay marriage, so what neither do most people in America, sorry it’s just the way it is. And to tell you the truth that asshole is lucky the girl wasn’t my sister, because I can tell you right now if someone ever acted like that to my sister they are only going to end up in one of two places, the hospital or the morgue. All that being said why do these things still exist? Really who really gives a shit? I only know about it because of all the BS on the news, although the headlines should have looked something like this:

“Asshole, acts like an asshole, idiots surprised”.

Why do cats try to attack moths on the other side of a screen door, do they think they are going to get through it? You have a house full of toys and are probably overfed, what are you doing?

I heard something about people complaining about a cop shooting someone in the head, because they were trying to kill him, and that’s wrong to try to kill someone. Look people, in most cases `cops are not going to shoot at you unless you shoot at them, or are trying to shoot at them. If you shoot at a cop and he doesn’t kill your stupid ass you are lucky, you deserved a bullet in the head. If you shoot at me I’m going to kill you, you shoot at a cop he might kill you. How about this assholes, stop breaking the law and you won’t have to worry about it as much. Yes sometimes cops screw up, they are people after all, and some cops are dirty, and they should be dealt with, but stop defending shitheads that try to kill cops, or anyone for that matter. Think about it this way, cops have a very dangerous job, so they might be a little jumpy, when a random traffic stop for speeding can turn into a shootout, and they do, you might be a little high strung now and then, try not to piss off cops. I’ll let Chris Rock explain it.

Why do people really care about their birthday? The only reason I remember mine sometimes is because it’s on my ID when I’m trying to buy beer. Granted I’m always up for a party, but really if it’s in the middle of the week what do you want me to do? In the real world we have jobs, you can’t get blitzed on a Tuesday night and your boss is cool with you stupid ass the next day because it was your “birthday”, well unless he was there too, so he can’t bitch very much. Really it’s just another day, your older, it happens it’s called life. I understand why you celebrate your kids birthday, but only because every year they are closer to the day you can toss them out of the house. For adults after you turn 21, what’s the point? And no, today is not my birthday, piss off.

If a tree falls in the woods, and it kills a hippie, is that friendly fire or irony?

How come pornography is legal and prostitution is not?  So it’s legal to get paid to have sex as long as it’s photographed or recorded but the second someone gets paid to have sex in a cheep hotel room by a lonely algebra teacher it’s wrong?  I can’t say I think either one is a good thing I’m just asking why one is legal and the other not.  I am also not talking about underage prostitution or human trafficking, those are two very different things, and very very wrong, I’m just talking about consenting adults buying herpes.

Every time someone brings up the fact that marijuana is “natural” I want to punch them, the bubonic plague is natural, so is herpes, just because it’s natural does not mean it’s good for you. That and lighting it on fire so you can breath in the fumes is not what I would call “natural”. Anyway, fuck you hippie.

Detroit has more registered voters than people eligible to vote, can you say voter fraud? I haven’t got the numbers on Chicago yet, but trust me it’s worse, can you say ACORN?

Just in case you didn’t know it’s OK to make fun of Obammers, really you can, and your not a racist for doing so, unless the joke is racist. We spent the last 8 years with the same “Bush is stupid” joke and now people won’t even tell any jokes, I would like to thank the comedians for killing comedy, at least when Bush was in office you told jokes, they were all the same but at least there was something, now, crickets. Come the fuck on people! There is a wealth of jokes out there try stop being so afraid of being called a racist by the assholes that call anyone they don;t like racists for disagreeing with them and start telling fucking jokes. And stop sucking Obammers dick like it’s the cure for cancer, it’s not.

I don’t have much more to say, it’s late, I have things I should be doing but are not, we still have no llamas and in reality I hate you all.  What’s the point, if there is one I’m not trying to find it…

Bloggers to get jail time for Free Speech?


It’s sounds insane but members of Congress are trying to criminalize Free Speech, they introduced a bill that will allow them to throw bloggers in jail for speaking out against them.

“Under a recently-introduced bill, H.R. 1966, bloggers would face up to two years in prison if they “harass” public figures by criticizing them in a “severe, repeated, and hostile” manner, and thereby cause them “substantial emotional distress.”

Why they didn’t call this Free Speech raping, constitution ignoring, liberty destroying Bill, HR 1984 I don’t know but it would have been more honest, but if politicians were honest the guys that wrote the Constitution wouldn’t have had to include the Second Amendment so we could protect ourselves from politicians.  Back to the point, OK this kind of thing is what makes you want to cause a politician “emotional distress”, to call this bill unconstitutional is an understatement, the people who though this up would have been tarred and feathered by the people that founded our country.  This bill is directly from the desks and minds of Californian Democrat Linda Sanchez, and 14 of her Democrat friends, because they don’t like it when people use their First Amendment Right’s to speak out against them.  Why because they are scarred of free speech, all politicians are, especially the ones that want to take away your rights and control you.  The Interwebz is a great place for the sharing of information, and granted not all of it is correct, like a wikipedia article, or anything said on the Daily Kos, but the fact that these ideas can be shared and debated is what gives it power, and lets us make the world a better place, or a worse place in the case of the Daily Kos, but life isn’t perfect.  What Bloggers do is they hold the politicians accountable to the people, the Bloggers are the people,   unlike the MSM that has a tendency to roll over and beg for some politicians, if not whole parties at times.  The point is that while D.C. might have the MSM in it’s pocket, teh internets is a place they can’t control, and that’s what this is about, these people what to control you, what you think, feel, say, and do, they want you to be their slaves and Bloggers get in the way of that because they aren’t going to play like they are Pravda.

Look there is one thing to intentionally spread lies, but if you want to go after people that tell the most lies and spend the most time intentionally spreading lies, you would be going after the same people that the Bloggers are going after, politicians.  The thing is the constant harassment of politicians is the only thing that keeps them a little honest, we know politicians are scum, but how much worse to you think they will be when people aren’t around to hold them accountable anymore, lord knows the MSM isn’t doing it, they are just on partisan crusades when they aren’t downright lying.  It’s the Bloggers, well the good ones anyway, but life isn’t perfect, so you have the bad ones too.  The point is we have the right to speak out, the right to be heard, and if Linda Sanchez, and the 14 dwarves don’t like it they can go fuck themselves, just be happy that people only use the First Amendment on your little leach asses, the Second Amendment was made for politicians too.*

Yes it would be nice to have higher political discourse in this country, but if that’s not going to happen we can’t shut down all political discourse.  We need to protect our Rights, these politicians just want to protect themselves from the consequence’s of their own actions, they are scum, they know this so they want to make it a crime  for us to bring up the truth about them.  Once they take away our voice do you think they are going to stop there?  they have been slowly eroding our rights, and burning the Constitution for years, we know this, and they want to stop us from talking about it, they want us to stay quite while they enslave us!  This isn’t even a partisan thing,  if you can’t protect the Rights of all people you can’t protect the Rights of anyone, when one voice is shut down, trust me they will come for you next!

So will you speak out and hold these scum sucking politicians feet to the fire, or will you, a broken man, smile and love  Big Brother with all your heart!

* Not an endorcement of any sort of violence, it’s a simple historical truth.

The truth about budget cuts


I really wish we could take a mulligan on the last election.  


Although I saw other people with this the h/t goes to Moxie because it’s were I finally stole it, well other than Satan’s Anus Youtube.  

UK vs. Savage

OK, so the UK banned Michael savage from entering the country, along with several other people who were all criminals, people who run real hate groups, or real terrorists.  I don’t listen to talk radio, my car has a CD player, better yet, I can hook up my iPod (Satan’s Jukebox), but I have on occasion heard Savage speak, he isn’t a hate group, well one person can’t be a hate group, but he isn’t a racist, hate filled terrorist. Yeah he might want to deport illegal aliens, but that isn’t hate, that’s called asking the government to start enforcing the law (it’s job).  Plus not all illegal aliens are “ethnic”, or the ethnics people care about for political reason anyway, some are just as white as Savage, he doesn’t give them a free pass does he?  Anyway, the real thing is that the UK wants to lump Savage in with people who promote and often carry out acts of violence, something Savage does not do and has never done, so why is he on this list?  Because they don’t like what he says, the PC Brits are terrified of Free Speech, and rational thought, if you don’t believe me you can check out some of the other things I have written about the Jolly Ol’ Shithole, here, here and here.

Does the UK have every right to ban people from entering their country?  Yes they do, it’s their little island Oceania over there and they can do what they want with it, doesn’t make it right, but it’s their right not to have any in their country, and in a couple years they wont have any rights left, well other than the “free healthcare” where they leave you in an ambulance for 4 hours at the front door of the hospital and let you die to save some money.   Setting aside the radical Socialists that run the UK, Britain is a breeding ground for Islamofascism, they don’t call it Londonstan for nothing, since Savage doesn’t make himself popular with Jihadies, the UK would rather ban him just like they did with Geert Wilders, because they are afraid of someone that is willing to speak out.  Jihadies who, much like a UC Berkeley student, gets violent the second they even think someone doesn’t agree with them.  So once again Britain poops it’s pants over free speech, since they don’t want to anger all the Jihadies in their country who already hate their guts and want them dead.  Granted unlike our Mohammedan friends, the Berkeley Kids don’t blow up stuff very often, they just use their parents’ trust funds on Valtrex and Womyn’s Studies classes (and other such courses that have no relation to ever getting a job or thinking).  They attack anyone who disagrees with them and refuse to shower; both groups however refuse to have a rational thought though.   Anyway, the whole reason Michael Savage can’t go to the UK is just some political stunt by the current bed-wetters in the UK government that don’t want to hear an opinion they don’t like.  He is against everything they like, sucking up to violent Islamic nut-jobs and Marxists, so he gets banned. 

My question for anyone is this, why would anyone want to got to the UK?  The half the country is being overrun by armed gangs, the other half is being overrun by angry Jihadies bent on recreating the Caliphate starting in Manchester, the only reason they have Jihadi clerics on the list is because the UK has so many of them already they don’t have any more room for them.  The cops don’t even pretend to try to stop crime anymore and the government thinks the book 1984 is a guidebook for better governmental practices. So why would anyone want to go to the UK? I have no idea.  

 The sad thing is that comments section in the article I read. I was amazed by the level of hate, OK it was San Francisco, the land no logic or shower could touch, but come on people.  People not only cheered this action but they wanted to ban Michael Savage from America, and they call people on the Right fascists.   If you don’t agree with him, or don’t like his show, don’t listen to it, you are free to turn on Air America and… Oh wait, is it still even around, well maybe it would be if you spent less time listening to Michael Savage, the guy you hate so much and changed the station to Airhead AmeirKKK, or whatever the hell that was.   Let me explain something to everyone free Speech is for everyone, not just for you, or people you agree with, it’s for everyone, and if you can’t understand that they are not going to take away one persons Right’s and not yours as well, you are going to wake up one day and it will be too late.    


Don’t even bring up the “hate Speech” BS, all hate speech is, is speech you don’t like, that’s it.  You would call something hate rather than actually have to debate the facts, or use logic.  It’s just how calling someone a Nazi has no meaning anymore, because people call anyone they don’t like and don’t agree with Nazis.  Same with Fascist, you don’t even know what that means, but you see it all the time, and half the time the people that are calling other people Fascists are acting just like Fascists when they do it. 

Also a word of advice, do not to call people a “reactionary”, it’s doesn’t send a good message, since that is usually what people were called instead of Thoughtcriminals right before they ended up in a Gulag.  If you are trying to pretend you’re not a communist you might want to stay away from using that term, if you are a communist go right ahead, that way we know where you stand.