So How Old Does A Baby Have To Be Before It’s Infanticide And Not An Abortion?

In Alberta Canada a woman was given a suspended sentence for killing her newborn child.  The woman was 19 had a child in secret and strangled the baby with a pair of underwear and tossed the body into a neighbor’s yard and  got a suspended 3 year sentence for it meaning she doesn’t have to serve jail time unless she screws up again like killing another kid.  I guess that would give her a good 6 years for killing two kids.

The judge in the case was quoted saying:

“While many Canadians undoubtedly view abortion as a less than ideal solution to unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancy, they generally understand, accept and sympathize with the onerous demands pregnancy and childbirth exact from mothers, especially mothers without support,” she writes… “Naturally, Canadians are grieved by an infant’s death, especially at the hands of the infant’s mother, but Canadians also grieve for the mother.”

Really?  you are grieving for the mother who murdered her child?  This isn’t even about abortion the kid was already born.  Mark Steyn called it a Fourth Trimester Abortion to shock people into understanding the implications of this ruling.  The thing is, is that this person (if you want to call them that) was an adult and in Canada abortion is legal so they could have had an abortion at any time.  Hell even if she wasn’t an adult last time I checked you can get an abortion in Canada when you are underage and they can’t inform the parents.

there are a lot of problems with this and the first is this really has nothing to do with abortion.  No matter what your view of abortion is this wasn’t one and had nothing to do with it so the fact that it is brought up by the judge as part of the defense of the accused is ludicrous.  If the judge was honest they would have said “eugenics should be legal so I’m going to give this woman a bullshit sentence since I can’t get away with giving her a medal and an iPad”.  The kid was already born, it’s not an abortion.  Another thing the judge did was bringing up how hard it is for someone to raise a kid by themselves as part of the defense of her bullshit sentence.  The woman lived at home and was already supported by her parents so it’s not like she didn’t have a home, or have to worry about paying the rent or anything since someone was already doing it for her.  She made the choice to have sex, then she made the choice to murder her own child.  She could have easily gone to an abortion clinic in Canada and gotten rid of the child (for free, if Canada’s health care is all free and shit) but instead she waited to have the child and then strangled it with some underwear and tossed the corpse into someones yard.  No one in a post-industrial country suffers that much where killing their child is excusable in any way especially one with the welfare state Canada has.

It only gets more fucked up:

“Next week, the court will hear arguments on a remaining issue from Effert’s long legal battle: the 16 days of jail time she still must serve for throwing her baby’s body over the fence.

Her lawyer, Peter Royal, asked the court to do away with the penalty or allow her to serve the time on weekends. It was “unjust” and “almost mean to incarcerate her” at this point, he argued.”

Really 16 days in jail for tossing a dead body into someone else’s yard and that is “unjust” and “almost mean” to put her in jail for that?  OK, you have a point on one of those.  It is unjust to only throw someone in jail for 16 days after murdering a child and tossing the body into the neighbors yard.  Hell tossing a dead baby (or any dead person) into the neighbors yard should be a lot longer of a prison sentence that 16 days.  even if you just found a corpse and tossed it into someone’s yard for shits-n-giggles you should at least do a couple years in jail and if you killed the baby in the first place since that should be an automatic trip to the electric chair.

Are there any sane people left in Canada?


I hate it here…


Hi, I Named My Child Guinea Pig Because That is What I’m Using It For.

“Parents keep child’s gender secret”

So these idiots that claim to be parents are trying to “raise a genderless baby”.  Why the fucking hell would you do that?  The kid has either an XX or and XY at the fucking genetic code don’t they?  It’s not genderless you just want to experiment with a fucking child – your fucking child –  to make some fucking idiotic socio-political point.    What the fucking shit-hell is wrong with mother-rapist assholes on this planet?

“Witterick and Stocker believe they are giving their children the freedom to choose who they want to be, unconstrained by social norms about males and females. Some say their choice is alienating.”

No, no you are fucking not doing that you are fucking with their heads.  Let me explain something you shit-heels missing in your fucking 3rd grad science class.  Baring a genetic abnormality you, as a fucking human, or I don’t fucking know a mammal are either male or female.   You know fuckwad, XX/XY chromosome, like genetics and DNA and shit like that?  You are not fighting some concept like the socially designated ideals of what a male or female should be you are fucking fighting the concept of genetics itself.   Do you have a uterus and can carry a child?  What no you don’t you might not be a woman and no matter how much you try to tell yourself you are one you aren’t jackass!!!  People do need to learn how to be comfortable with themselves and shit like that but when you tell someone to ignore their own genetics you aren’t fucking doing that you are fucking with their fucking head you fucking crapshit little bitches!  And these are fucking children!!!  Congratulations you hippie ass-sucking scum fucks you and destroying the mind of a child.  If your daughter wants to play sports and study math while your son wants to be a poet and design clothing fucking hell yes you fucking encourage them to do that fucking happy horse shit but you don’t fuck with their biology.  You are heretics to science and nature.    You are going to raise a fucking serial killer.  This isn’t about sexuality.  If you are a homosexual you are still a male or female that happens to like to fuck someone of the same gender.  You cannot, no matter how much you want to try, change your fucking gender since no matter what you do you cannot fucking change your DNA, and if we could do it you fucking shouldn’t.

I fucking understand that these people are fucking morons considering this quote from the article about the family  “Last year, they spent two weeks in Cuba, living with local families and learning about the revolution.”  Yeah we all love the revolution especially the fucking part where it took the country with the second largest GDP in the western hemisphere to one of the last in a matter of fucking months.  Barring all the mass murder and oppression lets fucking celebrate that with our mentally abused children!  You fucks would probably do less harm to your children if you forced them you watch you fellate sheep every Tuesday.  No instead you try to make them uncomfortable with their own biology for you own socio-political ideology.

Look asslickers gender cannot be changed.  It’s not a social construct it’s fucking biology.  If you have a son who would rather paint than play fucking hockey buy him art supplies and tell him to paint.  I remember being a little llama and what my parents did.  They gave me a hockey stick, a bb-gun, a set of colored pencils and oil paints, a chemistry set and then made me learn to play several instruments.  A person (or llama in my case) is only well rounded (no matter what the gender) if it experiences it all but it is their choice on what to focus on.  However no matter their interest they are still biologically male or female and you can’t fucking change that.  However you can fuck with someone’s mind so much they don’t know what the fucking shit is going the fuck on. Gender is important but not important how people what to make it or unimportant how fucking dumpster babies what to make it.  Gender matters because we need strong men and strong women to show our children what strong men and strong women should be like.   Fucking hell bitches we already have the concept of the “mama bear” so it’s not like we only think the father will kill us when we fuck with their family.  Boys need a strong father to show them what a man is supposed to be and a strong mother to show them what a woman is supposed to be, girls need the same thing.  This isn’t as I said about sexuality.  It’s not about what hole you happen to prefer fucking, it’s about gender.  You have an XX or an XY (genetic abnormalities not withstanding).  To deny gender is to deny nature.  We should all be warriors and we should all be artists, but you are still either a male or fucking female.  Leave children out of your stupid fucking crusades you herpes smuggling ass eaters!



Llama out bitches…

Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings Idolized Child Predator

The blogger that runs the web site  has found evidence that Kevin Jennings was deeply inspired by an activist named Harry Hay.  She has also shown that Harry Hay was a supporter and possibly a member of NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, a group that encourages sexual relationships between adult men and underage boys.  The question is; does Kevin Jennings who has already courted controversy about underage sexual relationships,  a man the Obama administration has put in a position of responsibility for our school children believe that pederasty and pedophilia are good things (such as Harry Hay’s support of NAMBLA, and his idolizing of Hay might suggest) or is Mr. Jennings unaware of Mr. Hay’s earlier activities?

Read the full report here.

Friday night rants or how I hate you all…

So since this is my blog on WordPress and the WordPress “dashboard” for peoples individual sites show how people are finding your site I have paid some attention to it.  Well to say the least it shows keywords used in search engines to find the site and I noticed that at the top are “bitch slap”, “communism”, “Obama” and “underage prostitutes”. The first one was from one article I wrote that was just talking about Bob Dole’s letter to Scott Mcclellan something I thought was rather amusing to say the least.  On communism and well socialism I have a tendency to talk about it due to it’s thing for oppression and mass murder and my general dislike for it.  On Obammers I have a tendency to make fun of him a lot so that all makes sense.  The last one however does kind of bother me though.  Granted I typed that into Google picture search so I could get a photo (clean one) for two articles I wrote on here “Miscarriage of justice” and “How morally bankrupt do you have to be to do this?“.  What bothers me is that especially with the second is that I put a lot of links at the bottom of the article for people so they could help in some way with trying to rid the world of human trafficking especially of underage children.  However if would seem that very few people ever clicked on any of those links.  Now this isn’t a rant yelling at people for not trying to help although I think more people should and I understand that many people will not.  The problem is that many people reading about something like the trafficking of young children you want to know more and while they might not help or be able to would at least check out some of the links at least out of curiosity.  They might at least make a comment about how terrible it is so as to at least register their disgust.

So what’s the real problem?

Well Lets see, I have a large number of people who find this site by doing a search for underage prostitutes and not a lot of people checking out the links of web sites trying to end this kind of thing.  So who are these people looking online for underage prostitutes but not for the purpose of stopping human trafficking of underage children?  I have several theories.

1 – The people are doing Google searches for underage prostitutes for some non-perverted reason and when they find my site they don’t find it helpful in their quest to learn more about it to help stop it since they already have been to all the links provided and have more information then I have put out, they don’t feel they need to go to any of the links or just don’t feel the need to make a comment.  All innocent.

2 – The FBI is doing searches to find out what they can to track down online predators and after reading the site don’t have any more reason to be there.  Oh god the government might be monitoring me!  Wait, I didn’t do anything wrong and I’m on their side….

3 – There are a whole bunch of perverted fucktards out there doing searches for underage girls so they can get their jollies off.  This bothers me for several reasons.  One I have a web site unintentionally teasing perverts and two fucking hell I have a web site teasing perverts.

So anyway if the reason is number three I would just like to say this to all you people out there:

A bullet in the head is to good for you!  If you get you jollies off by abusing children you should be put to death as painfully as possible.  Really you are all sick and should be killed as you have proven to the world that you are incapable of being anything even close to a decent human being let alone being human at all.  No you fucks there are no “underage prostitutes” here and there never will be so piss off with your douchebaggery you little useless piles of human waste!

To the rest of you please go to the links I posted at the bottom of the article “How morally bankrupt do you have to be to do this?” or here and try to help.  Hell at least go down to the local red light district and shoot a couple pimps or something.  Sorry if this drunken rant wasn’t very funny but some things aren’t.


UPDATE:  I had a tag on here for a while called “child porn” since it sent you to articles where I talked about it in some way (and my hatred for it) that I have since changed to “child abuse” just so I didn’t have a link on here that said “child porn”.

How morally bankrupt do you have to be to do this?

child porn

child porn

“Dad of Naked 6-Year-Old Cover Girl Writes About ‘Sensuality of Children”

“The father of the naked girl depicted on the cover of Art Monthly magazine has written of the “diabolically sexual” potential in child images”.

Seriously what the hell is wrong with people? These people need to have their child taken away and never be allowed around children (or anyone for that matter) again.

To call these people disgusting is an understatement!

“Mr Nelson has previously written of the specific sexuality of such pictures, arguing that “the sensuality of children is integral to parental fondness”.

NO! No it’s not! Parental fondness is putting a bandaid on a hurt leg, or giving your child a hug and some kind words when they are upset. Teaching them about the world and encouraging them when they need it. Parental fondness is also those times when you let them make their own choices and find their own way in the word even when you disagree sometimes and know they might get hurt. It’s being a Father or Mother not a douche bag claiming child porn is a legitimate artistic expression of parental love to be celebrated.

“The “taboo” of such images is described as “the fear of the child’s latent sexuality and its potential for exciting inappropriate and sinful desire.”

Urge to kill rising….

She is six years old!!!! Six!!! What the bloody goat fucking hell! There is no “latent sexuality” in a six year old child unless you are a psychotic pervert. If you want to fight over this you can say there is a “latent Sexuality” in some one going though puberty and it will make some sense, but you still don’t need to celebrate, encourage or take pictures you pervert!

Don’t give my crap about “Oh it’s just art”, a “cultural thing” a “parents love”, “They are just harmless photos” Fuck you! This is perversion not love and a magazine wants to print these photos for the world to see. I’m all for Freedom of Speech and Press but this is sick. It’s child pornography! This is has nothing to do with either Free Speech or the Free Press. I don’t even like the stupid pictures parents take of their baby in the bathtub, I think that is wholly inappropriate to take a picture of a naked child (thanks for not doing that dad). This isn’t even something like that this is perverse it sick and I know there are people – well they look like people and claim to be anyway – all over the world that will leap to these sick o’s defense, well guess what fuck all of you! You are just sick. This is child exploitation. Something We need to fight and destroy.

And finally to the people who call themselves the Parents I have this to say, you bastards need to be in prison where undoubtedly you will be beaten to death by hardened criminals who are more human and better people then you are! That is the nicest thing I can say to you people.

The Apocalypse can’t come soon enough if this is the world we live in.

Links to learn more about these kinds of abuses and other abuses of children in the world I have left several links for you. While they are not all only targeted to helping only children I recommend helping these people in their fight:

Center for Missing and Exploited Children

End Human Trafficking

Not For Sale

Stop Child Slavery

Anti-Slavery Society



The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers

Human Rights Watch


Ahava Kids

Child Exploitation


The list goes on if you do the research, but please help.

And no I didn’t use the pictures on this or link to them, I wouldn’t.

Iranian TV Documentary uncovers evil Zionist plot. OH NOES!!!!!

jewish conspiracy

As if the Iranian leader Mahmud Ahlamadomadingdong’s family photo wasn’t funny enough an Iranian TV documentary claims to have found evil Zionist undertones in Hollywood movies. Really just because Ryan rhymes with Zion does not mean that the Movie Saving Private Ryan is an evil Zionist plot. Are you guys trying to make yourselves the laughingstock of the entire civilized world? The Civilized world being something you might want to get around to being part of one of these days.

“Narrator: “The concentrated efforts of the Zionist lobbies in America have led the U.S. government to be the greatest supporter of the regime occupying Jerusalem. In recent years, following the exposure of certain information, hatred towards the Zionists has developed and intensified among various sectors of society in this country. Therefore, some of the efforts of the Zionist propaganda machine are aimed at improving the image of Zionism, and at painting a false picture of the historical role of the Zionists in American society.”

Really? You don’t say? Lets see what other insane ranting we got here:

“Narrator: “Among the more unpleasant scenes of the film are the scenes in which a Jewish soldier directs his rage towards German POWs. When he sees some German soldiers wearing jewelry with symbols of his religion, this soldier has a fit of rage and attacks them. In these scenes, the film director presents a completely sympathetic view of this soldier’s rage towards the helpless POWs. It seems as if this cry of rage is the cry of Zionism validating the crimes perpetrated by Zionism after the world war.”

Um, OK, but if you actually watch the film you would notice that the “Attack” in question is nothing more then the man saying the German word for Jew and he isn’t even yelling (some cry of rage there buddy). So that’s what you call an attack huh?

And more stupidity:

“Moreover, names may be selected for their rhyming value. ‘Zion’ sometimes becomes ‘Ryan,’ as in Saving Private Ryan. They exploit even the similarity of names.”

Private Ryan wasn’t Jewish just in case you hadn’t figured that out jackass.

“Saving Private Ryan highlight the role of Jewish soldiers. By exaggerating this role, the Zionists seem to be trying to achieve legitimacy for their post-war actions.”

There was one, ONE Jewish soldier in the whole movie and he wasn’t even one of the main characters!!!! You people are the only religion in the world that is more nuts than Scientology and that is hard to do.

“The Jewish Steven Spielberg, whose previous film Schindler’s List reflected Zionist goals, and who turned the false story of the Holocaust into an influential movie, is now making a new movie, about Private Ryan.”

Yes the Holocaust was a lie and all those concentration camps never existed. Next you are going to tell me that the Prophet Muhammed never raped a 9 year old girl aren’t you? I understand that in your feeble little brains the fact that a Jew is allowed to make movies let alone live is some kind of Zionist plot but here in the real world we have things like logic, reason, self control and soap. I’m glad you freaks found something better to do with your time other then honor killings, rioting over cartoons and raping 9 year old girls but come on already is there nothing sane about you guys at all?


On another topic have fun with this picture:


Just in case you didn’t know that’s his wife!!!!

Yes different country, same religion.