I can’t wait for Obama to be our new President!

Our Loving Leader Obama

Well it looks like Obama might be our new Glorious and Fatherly Leader of this beautiful and wonderful motherland of the United States of America People’s Republic of North America, and for this I am sincerely overjoyed for our new master (due to the fact that I am not now or have ever been a Kulak and would rather not be purged). I would like to just say that I am officially repudiating every political position Hatecrime I have ever written coerced into on this Free Speech Thoughtcrime. I swear that I was only doing this due to the extreme duress under the Bushitler regime and the International Zionist Conspiracy through their lapdog Cheney. Upon Obama’s coronation I will freely give up all of my arms that I was forced to get only because the Second Amendment was mandatory under the current President stollen election and false Government and not because I wanted them in any way (please stop hitting me! NO… OH GOD NO NOT THE RATS! I’ll give you a list of my friends fellow conspirators and be good this time I swear). Also I would like to say how happy I am at the impending destruction of this horrible oppressive imperialistic evil Capitalist system by the new and wonderful Dictatorship of the Proletariat – who I truly know loves and cares for us deeply – has our best interests at heart and will work through a series of foolproof Five Year Plans to make this country into the Utopian land filled with love and equality for all that we have for so long been denied by our hateful and imperialist masters.

I’m sorry to cut this short comrades but there seems to be one of those Black Marias parked under my window and I need to give myself up quietly and go to the Gulag Reeducation Camp Sorry Happy Public Good Work Camp and spare my family the same fate happiness as myself.

All Praise to Big Brother our Messiah the Dear loving and Fatherly Leader Barrack H. Obama, and Viva La Revolution!

Please don’t kill me

UPDATE: I originally published this on the 9th of July 2008 but rebublished it today since I thought the day before the election was a good time for it…


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