My Responses to questions, hate mail or accusations. In other words a guide on how to properly go fuck yourself.

1. Why are you an asshole?

A: I don’t like porn so I have to do something to get off.

2: Do you really hate everyone?

A: Yes, unless you are bringing me beer, are a kitten or a Tropical/Saltwater fish.

3: Do you really write all your posts while extremely drunk and masturbating to Ayn Rand novels?

A: No, sometimes I am reading the National Review or a tattoo magazine.

4: Do you really have as many guns as you seem to hint at?

A: Please come to my house unannounced and you will find out.

5: You are a Nazi!

A: Someone forgot to tell you that when you do that you have already lost the argument, even if you are really talking to a Nazi. No I am not, plus unlike you I actually know what a Nazi is.

6: Does your spell check work?

A: Sometimes.

7: Do you really think hippies don’t count as people?

A: Yes. My question is why anyone would?

8: You are a Jewish Zionist pig-dog!

A: No I might not be, but you sir, are an ass.

9: What country are you from?

A: One that doesn’t rape their underage cousins and call it a marriage while stoning retarded children for being forced into prostitution.

10: You are a hateful spiteful bastard!

A: Yes, what’s your point?

11: Do you really believe all the things you say.

A: Yes unless I told you I loved you.

12: What is the point of your blog?

A: To piss you off, because you are a douche.

13: Will you marry me?

A: No! We went on one date and you are even to crazy for my psychotic ass.

14: What is the best round for self defense?

A: In a handgun it is the .40 S&W Hydra-shock, in a rifle a 12 gauge slug, or if you really need it the 7.62×39 if you are not worried about it going through the neighbors house.

15: What is your religion?

A: The one that doesn’t have a prophet that raped a Nine year old girl.

16: Why do you hate me?

A: Seriously we had one date, I am not going to marry you!

17: Why do you hate hippies so much?

A: Really that isn’t even a rational question. Try to listen to one speak for 2 minutes and ask me that again. Hell try to sit next to one of them bastards without the smell making you want to puke.

18: When is the Great Zombie War coming?

A: 2013, WMD’s that they found in Iraq they didn’t want to tell you about and transferred to the CDC in Georgia will be released by then. I am assuming this because of the incompetence and uselessness of the State of Georgia as well as the general incompetence of the Federal Government that it should happen by that date. Just thank god that the CDC isn’t in California cause those morons would have had it happen yesterday.

19: Why isn’t Green Day punk?

A: Buy a Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Exploited, T.S.O.L., The Virus, Balzac, or a Blitz Album and then ask that question.

20: Are you God?

A: Yes. Now get me a beer or you are going to hell.

21: I’m Pregnant…

A: If it is mine give me the little fucker cause there is no way in hell I’m letting you fuck up my kid!

22: Why do you hate liberals/progressives?

A: Listen to yourselves talk for five minutes and I am sure you can figure it out. Wait if you could figure it out you wouldn’t be morons in the first place.

23: What is it about Japan you love so much?

A: Japanese women and vending machines that sell whiskey.

24: How can I be just like you?

A: Yeah cause that is a good idea… Hate it’s all about hate, that and the ability to explain the hate logically while holding a good Gin n’ Tonic.

25: Why do you hate communism and socialism?

A: If you don’t understand then you should shoot yourself in the face as many time as possible before you can have children.

26: You are a hate-monger!

A:   And your point is?

27:  Do people really ask or say this shit or are you making it all up?

A:  Both.

28: Do you have children?

A:  Mr. Jackson and Mr. Kelly even if I did I would not let them near you people.

29: Why do you hate people with AIDS?

A: No I don’t.  I just don’t want to fuck you nor do I give a shit about how you decided to fuck up your own life, now stop complaining and asking the rest of us for money.

30: Aren’t you a little old to watch cartoons?

A: Aren’t you a little to stupid to live? Think about it like this the more time I spend watching anime the less time I am in public thinking of reasons to kill you!

31:  How can I contact you.

A:  I’d rather you didn’t.  Unless…

That’s about it if I get any more fun stuff I will let you little freaks know…



  1. Japanese girls are lovely… I admit that. WHY IN THE HELL did I marry a filipina…

    Oh wait yeah…. I got her preggy…. Nevermind…

  2. So what you are saying is that you have polluted the gene pool of a perfectly decent people with your DNA. Good one, I’m sure they are happy about
    that. They do have lovely woman though so I can understand.

  3. Michael Was INNOCENT! I would say that it was your fault he died, but, well. I’m informed. It was the Illuminati and a flying pig from Hell called Babe.

    Seriously, why can’t you leave the poor man in peace? He had no childhood, had a potentially fatal skin disease, and numerous complexes, as a direct result of abuse from his father.

    I rest my case. Oh, and, please, PLEASE, DON’T leave Britney alone. I hate that whore.

    Also, I’m a kitten.

    –*insert pawprint here*

  4. It’s not so much hate as it is the truth. And damnit I don’t really care if that man didn’t have a childhood. So what you’re saying is that if you had a kid and he molested said kid then it would be all right cause he didn’t have a childhood or he wsa abused?? Get the fuck outta here! Sometimes I want to smash somebody in the face in the grocery store with my bottle of detergent cause they can’t navigate a damn cart right through the ailes, hitting me in my heel 2 or 3 times. But do I do it…………………no, well shit one day it might happen but that’s another story I will have. He’s famous so he can do whatever the hell he wants, I see well obviously he thought he was jesus and wouldn’t die with all the drugs he had in him. God I just love morons and their ignorant views. I can see that was written months ago but still had to add something to that.

  5. Please delete the picture of the fat friends today. I have contacted the police department and this is harassment. We are going to have your website investigated for fraud, harassment, and defamation charges if it is not removed immediately.

  6. Fraud? Really? Doesn’t fraud require some kind of monetary transaction? I only linked to the picture from another website, something you might have noticed if you had read the post in question something the police would do if they were to actually try to do something about it and in that case the only thing they might be able to do is make me remove the link.

    I was nice and did remove the link now please leave me alone. Also remember never to let people put your picture on the internet.

  7. Not every one that reads your blog is a total douche. There are some good and decent people in the world with a sense of humor. You usually have some good points mixed in with all the hate. So I say if you can find a valid reason to hate everything and body more power to you. But I on the other hand try 2 look for the good in people. And I’m sure you’re a really good person deep down. If nothing else you care about children and animals, which shows you have some moral values and that you’re a human and capable of rational thought and emotions such as compassion and sympathy. ^_^

  8. Well I thank you for you kind words and and I’m sure the 6 other people that read this blog thank you for your defense of at least some of them.

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