Rights of man

I would like to thank Xanhippa for the H/T because she knows whats up.  She lived under the Iron Curtain and came to the new world to find a better life.

And she found it.  What is your excuse?          


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  1. Thanks for enlightening me.

    You have no idea how many times i hear people say the phrase ‘The government must do something’. It’s bloody depressing sometimes, people refuse to get it in their skulls that the more power you give government the less freedom and liberty you have.

    We in Australia have a similar movement to change us into a Republic, with a bill of rights and all that. However the groups pushing for this are the collectivists themselves and the bill of rights they are pushing for is nothing like your bill of rights in America, it would contain nonsense like the right to healthcare and such. Nothing at all about the right to bear arms, free speech or such. It would enshrine into law all the utopian dreams that they have and some of us will be forced to fund it.

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