All the crap on this site is either from myself or any participating contributors other then when noted that it has been stolen from other people.

All pictures on this site are stolen off the internets, if it’s on there it’s free game, and sometimes I might even remember the place I got it or give that place credit, mostly however I won’t.

This site is a Hate Crime in several countries, so be warned.

You can use this crap in any way as long as you properly note the correct originators of the material, and do not change it in any way.

This work can in no way be used in a Canadian Human Rights Commission for the purpose of their rape of Free Speech, constant mockery of the legal process or during their witch hunts against “Thoughtcrimes”.  If you don’t like Free Speech I could care less.  If you feel offended by anything on this site, good,  you deserve it.

For the most part I will not delete posts I find offensive unless it goes way to far. I will however mock the hell you for your idiocy.  No comments on this site are to be considered as endorsed by this website just because I leave it up.

I will sometimes correct the spelling mistakes of posters just to be nice.   I also edit my own writing on occasion when I find I have made those mistakes.

I will not post the emails from people who make comments on this site unless there is a legal necessity like the threat of a crime (those don’t really get posted they just go to the proper legal authority).

This site is protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution, the writers however are protected under the Second Amendment, if I were you I would learn about both before you say or do anything stupid.

This site does not endorse all of the content on the other sites that have been linked just as how any sites that have linked to this site would not endorse everything we say here.

Much of the content on here is what would be called “humor”, please look it up and before you start yelling.  If you still want to yell, fine, go ahead I have a Complaint Department just for that.

I drink and so should you.


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