The world is a stupid place filled with stupid people. I might be one of them but I can at least admit when I’m wrong, change my opinion based off of new information, and acknowledge that I do not know everything. This doesn’t have much to do with with me but it does have a lot to do with stupid people who vote.


Looking at this years election all I can see in many cases is the idea that you are all being sold snake oil. Yeah, it always is in politics but there are certain candidates that it looks as if that is all they are. Some are just old school political scum like Hillary Clinton. She isn’t selling shit except the fact she thinks she deserves the nomination because she is just an egomaniac. She is a Clinton only the one with the least amount of charm. Chelsea who has very little going for he other than money and the breeding can at least smile and you don’t believe she is thinking about murdering puppies when she does. At the best of times Hillary looks like an evil alien wearing a people suit yelling love me. Enough with the Clintons, enough with the Bush’s, enough with that one guy that already dropped out.


All other candidates aside the two who I think are the definition or snake oil are Trump and Sanders. It might be for two different reasons since one might actually believe in his bullshit but that is all are, snake oil salesmen. They did tap into the problem with American politics though. The Absolut disillusionment and hatred the average person has for the political class. I get that. I’m there with you guys. I hate the DC elite shitwads just as much as you I just think you are all being taken for a ride. They are selling you the same bullshit populism and failed economic theories people have been pushing for centuries. Yeah some of the things they say might be good or even reasonable but that does not stop all the other bullshit. One is mostly nothing more than a demagogue and the other is just bribing idiots for votes off of an economic platform that anyone with sense should know could never be able to deliver a fraction of its promises.


To make is simple if you believe that Trumps believes half the shit he says and it isn’t just to get elected you are a fool and I find s strange that you will ignore his lies and then complain about Clinton’s lies. On the other side if you think that the crap that Sanders says is either constitutional or even affordable you are lying to yourself.


Now is you must know I’ll tell you of the two Trump would probably be the least worst of those two as president but as a person I like Sanders better. I don’t dislike Sanders I just think he is a fool. He is the guy in the middle of a pyramid scheme that actually believes the things he is selling. But honestly believing in something doesn’t make it correct and doesn’t mean you aren’t selling snake oil.


I have never liked Trump as a person. Yes I am biased against him in this regard. I can’t stand the guy and never have. I didn’t like him 20 years ago well before he ever tried to run for office before he even had his own annoying reality show. I think he is scum. He is the exact type of businessman that is the problem with money in politics. He was an always has been a corporatist. He used Eminent Domain to get the government to take other people homes and businesses so he could make a profit off of the land and then sent in his kickbacks to the politicians that helped him in the form of campaign contributions and such. If you don’t understand why I said corporatist look up the idea of crony capitalism. That is Donald Trump. Trump is the guy that uses politicians to get away with all of the horrible things we accuse big business of. Yeah I know when the system is rigged the loser is the one that doesn’t have his hand in the cookie jar but how about we hold fuckers to a higher standard for once. How about we stop electing people that use the government to make themselves and their friends rich. Trump is nothing more than this cancer metastasized and invigorated through populist rhetoric and bullshit. He is the other side of Politicians like Clinton, he is the businessman that is buying them. At least he in honest about it though, but that doesn’t make it right and that isn’t something to celebrate him for.


I understand though. People are angry and they are telling you what you want to hear. You are angry and they have tapped into it but they are the in many ways the cause of the problems that cause your misery. Trump has been selling away the present while Sanders is taking the selling of your future and trying to mortgage it for a 7th time.


And while Trump is trying to sell you on Corporatism Sanders if trying to bribe you with free shit no one can afford. Free college, free health care, free housing and free food. Are you sure that it is free? If it is free than the people supplying you with this health care, food, college and what not are working for your benefit without getting paid. What is a person called when they work for someone else’s benefit but does not get paid for their labor? To be honest they couldn’t even be called a slave. See a slave still costs the owner money. Yes they work for their master but the master still must feed, house and clothe them. You are asking to get the labor from these people but aren’t even willing to house and feed your own slaves. How sad are you that you can’t even take on the minimal responsibilities of a slave owner? Slavery is horrible and slave owners are fucking scum but you are less. You want the slave to have to work to feed himself and you. It’s a whole new level of exploitation. In Serfdom the lords was at least expected to protect his subjects. Is this what you are doing?


I’m going to go with a big fat no. No you are not doing anything and you are not contributing anything but you expect everything.


Sanders promises cannot be paid for. It doesn’t matter how much to tax the rich they cannot be payed. We can’t pay for the stupid shit we do now no matter how much we raise taxes. But since you are an idiot that thinks the world revolves around you you don’t really care as long as you get your’s right? We need to lower spending. Do you know what the Laffer Curve is? If you don’t you have no business talking about economics and taxation. Hell most people that do know what it is still shouldn’t. It was a general theory. It works but you need to remember that it isn’t a set amount just something you need to understand and deal with. If you have no idea what I just said you might as well consider yourself illiterate when it comes to economics. I’m a bloody accountant. I can’t say I’m a genius when it comes to economics but I do understand the idea of financial incentives. If you don’t you should. But what I really understand is debt. Debt is something you need to be very carful with. Temporary debt can be used to put yourself in a better situation but continuous debt is never good. It isn’t good if you are a business, if you are an individual and it isn’t good if you are a government. Think about this. If a company goes under their resources can then be bought and then used by other people that can do something with them and make a profit and help grow the economy. An Individual can move into a smaller home and try to build themselves back up. A government cannot collapse and sell off their assets to someone else that will build them into something else. A government collapse destroys a nation and the wealth of a nation. Granted sometimes a nation can come back but ask the Roman, Persian, Ottoman, and Austrian Empires where they are now? Ask yourself what are the consequences of the collapse of those empires?


We can’t afford either of these two idiots.






Oh save us all Mr. Obammers…

Well apparently there are some people out there who would like to make Obama take office sooner in order to fix the current state that America is in.  Yes some people have suggested this tripe people like that raving jackass Keith Olbermann.   The funniest commentary I have heard about this is from Greg Pollowitz over at the National Review:

“Yes, wouldn’t it be great if President-elect Obama, Vice President-elect Biden and Secretary of State-designate Clinton had some sort of legislative mechanism available to them that gave them the ability to draft policies and make laws to save the U.S. economy? You know, a place where, if they were in said legislative body, their three votes would possibly be the margin of victory? A place where their floor speeches could rouse the nation to their cause?

Until then, we’ll have to make do with the 97 members of the Senate who can’t vote “present” on the most important issues of our time.”

In defense of Hillary Clinton.

obamaI hate to have to do this but I am going to defend Hillary Clinton (god I feel dirty, get me some gin and a bar of soap). supporters of the Messiah… Oops I meant to say Obama want to bitch about Clinton claiming sexism over what she claims is unfair treatment, claiming she is using sexism is an excuse. Aren’t these the same people who claimed “racism” over why Clinton did so well in PA, KY, OH, and several other states? Isn’t it sort of like the pot calling the kettle…. Oh… Wait… Fuck I can’t say that can I?

I guess what I am really trying to say is that I am going to vote for Thomas Sowell or as you liberal minded might know him Uncle Tom. Further more I know you will love his running mate Tadanobu Asano.

In other news the “truthers” are right! The fourth tower of the trade center really was destroyed by the government. They used a volatile combination of hair gel and Mariah Carry CD’s so they could strip people of the tin foil hats that keep them from reading your mind.

random pic

hillary clintonMy friend sent this to me. Someone got fired for screwing up really big on this one.

Lessons from Transmetropolitan


I hate it here.

I That’s what I should have called this skid-mark of a site on the Internets, but since I don’t feel the need to rip off the fictional column by Spider Jerusalem, from Transmetropolitan, I called this crime against humanity something else.

However the statement still hold true, I really do hate it here. Thankfully I have large quantities of gin, beer and the fond memories of the nuclear Armageddon scene from terminator 2 to help me get centered.

Back to the point…

So anyway watching the Democratic primaries I am reminded to the two politicians from the comic Transmetropolitan.

Basically Obama is “The Smiler” or Gary Callahan, the youthful charismatic, clean cut family man who is really just an arrogant and angry hypocrite, hiding behind his smile and sweet talk so he can gain power. He is a fake. The great “uniter”, bullshit! What bipartisan legislation has he tried to put forward? None! Hell the man hasn’t even pretended to proposed a single bit of legislation in Congress, but he is “presidential material”. As he is trying to act like the messiah remember Obama is from Chicago and the closet thing they ever had to an honest politician was Al Capone.

Clinton is “”The Beast” a politician so openly corrupt that everyone is so used to it it doesn’t matter, it’s almost funny. She knows the system and how to game it. Unlike Obama she will at least work with both sides, not just give a lot of crap about how she could do it, she really does do it. She is sleazy and she knows it, and won’t hide the fact. Now she will lie her ass off all the time but really we know this and stopped caring a long time ago. What I am saying is Hillary could kill and eat a baby on national TV and it wouldn’t mean anything in the polls, she is a Clinton after all, and the Clinton’s have always been like a two man Kennedy family.

If you haven’t read the thing you probably have no idea what I’m talking about so I would recommend you get it and read it. It’z gooood.

Who is McCain in all this? He isn’t we are talking about the Democrats right now you boob.

Who am I in this? No one just the asshole writing this crap…

Last note for anyone who wishes to complain about my use of the tern “comic” rather then ‘graphic novel”, fuck you! It’s a fucking comic book, the only people who use “graphic novel” are stupid pricks that don’t want to admit they are an adult reading comic books even if the comic is for adults. That and pretentious douche-bag kids that don’t want to look like a nerd. If you want to bring up light novels fine but remember the Japanese use that term because of stylistic difference between the two. Light novels are basically picture books that have pictures to go along with the story rather then what you see in a traditional comic book.

Yes I might be a nerd (I also like the term hikikomori), but a nerd with a fuck-ton of booze and guns….

New Staff Writer

So I recieved a call last night from Letters to a Dying Dream, to ask if I would submit articles to their new blog. I was told that it is really a space to rant and discuss a barrage of things, but politics was where they hoped for this to go. I was a little reluctant, at first to say the least. I can’t really bring myself to write for my own blog, which out of respect, I will not plug here. I have been getting better at it though, and I have a couple of posts laying around on a computer somewhere that need to be uploaded, so I figured, “what the hell, let’s give this a shot.”

As I sat here, thinking about the state of politics in this election year, I am reminded about just how bad of a situation we are in. It sorta reminds me of the torture scene in Reservoir Dogs, Jokers to the left of me, clowns to the right. The only difference is that, I would much rather prefer to have my ear cut off, be doused in gasoline, and set on fire. Really, the big news isn’t that the G.O.P. has a candidate that for all intents and purposes is Democrat Light or for you tech savvy people, Democrat 2.0. Nor is it the fact that the Dems are in such a state of disarray they can’t even agree on a candidate. The big story in this election year, is what the outcome will be when any of these sorry excuses for egg-sperm fertilization get elected!

Outcome 1 -> McCain Wins

Riots in the streets because yet another rich white man beats the poor black man back into the gutters. Cities across the country are set into martial law, looters take everything, rape and pillage white suburbia. N.O.W. whiners refuses to give head to their husbands because it’s degrading and we still don’t have a woman president

Outcome 2 -> Clinton Wins

See outcome 1 + change man to woman – N.O.W. whiners still don’t give their husbands head because they have risen above that time in our history. Millions of women across the country turn lesbian, making men slaves to their every whim. Black men refuse to be enslaved yet again or still…or where ever we are in history at this point, get hopped up on crack killing every rich white woman they see, in turn killing all the chances for men to finally catch a glimpse at hot lesbians using female representations of penises (aka strap-ons) to fuck each other in places they told their husbands for centuries was off limits.

Outcome 3 -> Obama wins

Black people are happy, communists are happy, men still get hosed on the oral sex bit, and some neo-nazi-white-sheet-wearing-should’a-been-a-vaginal-blister pops the commie for all the wrong reasons, making his term one of the shortest in American history, black people get pissed and see above.

Well, how do we combat this? I know that’s the question on your lips. If by chance it isn’t, and you’re sitting there saying, wow, this guy doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about, we don’t need you in the revolution. But if it is the question you are asking, we had one chance to prevent this new Mad Max world, and her name was Connie Rice. Black and a woman! And we blew it, and now we’re not getting blown.

Fuck! I hate you all,


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