Implications on the lack of proper missile defense systems

Don’t worry Obama is going to cut military funding for missile defense systems so have fun during your last 33 minutes.  I’m going to crack open a beer and laugh at the morons who though we could “have peace in our time”.

Yes missile defense does work and can work just because it might not always be 100% effective does not mean you shouldn’t have it.  Even if it is only 75% effective it would still be better then nothing.  Furthermore  as technology advances you can push that number closer and closer to 100%.  Think about this what would be the point in a country developing nuclear arms if they know that the chances that they would be effective is very slim.  They would not since it would be a waste of money.  It’s not like many of our friends around the world don’t also want this technology and want to help such as Poland or Japan.  We don’t need to cut funding we need to increase funding and along with allied nations need to do everything we can to put these missile shields in place as soon as possible.

H/T Doctor Bulldog and Ronin



  1. Thanks for that video. Quite sobering isn’t it.

    Too many in the western world actually believe that ‘no war’ is an actual defense policy.

  2. It’s a documentary that is going to come out some time in 2009.

    Well it is too many people who go the “no war” for any reason BS but I know any time America went to war Australia was always right there next to them. There will always be the cowards who want to run but there are also always people who know the truth about the world and will stand up.

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