Since you are a unique and wonderful person, and are of value, I have added this section in order for you to leave messages for me on anything that might concern you, so I can take your concerns to heart. Because I truly care about my brothers and sisters in the human race, that are in this beautiful world of ours.  I want you all to know that this is a safe place without judgment where you can come to talk.  I want you know that I respect your feeling and your opinions, this is a safe place so feel free to let out the voices in your hearts…

Sorry I couldn’t keep that crap up any longer.  This is more of a place where you come to yell about whatever inane crap you want because for some reason you think I might give a shit.  Please feel free to leave me a message and I will get to making fun of your sorry ass as soon as I can.

As the Drunken Llama would say in one of his more lucid moments “Bite me”!




  1. Your website is full of anarchist blasphemy, and your are making this a more violent and atrocious world. Thanks Dick For Brains.

  2. I think you misspelled your own name. Shouldn’t it be “You’re an ass”? Anyway I didn’t realize anarchism had anything to do with religion, and since last time I checked it still doesn’t how exactly is this “anarchist blasphemy”. Or is it the fact I’m not a good little Marxist sucking up to the religion of the state that makes this blasphemy?

    Yes my little website makes this “a more violent and atrocious world”, because lord knows the world needs my help for that one.

    Did the doctor forget to tell your parents that they had a stillborn? Is that what happened to you?

    Fucking twatwaffles.

    Thank you come again…

  3. ROFLMAO!!!!

    Love it!!!! I never noticed that Complaint Department before and just HAD to click on it.

    You crack me up!!!


  4. I think you’re really sexy.

    Also, I really like you. I follow you to your house every night, and leave five of my own turds outside your door every morning. That wasn’t the neighbor’s dog. It was me.

    In addition to these rampant, lust-filled claims, I also must agree with on every front, except for capitalism. Capitalism thrives on money and banks, which thrive on debt, which leads to poverty and hunger. Communism is a pile of mummified Lenin-crap too.

    Kisses and Vagina Moisture,

    –Your Stalker

  5. Sorry but for stalking you need to go here:

    But I must say you are getting the wrong house though, since the neighbor doesn’t have a dog and on the other side is a small grocery store so I think you are hitting the wrong house.

    Just in case you didn’t know money is a good thing.

  6. Go suck dick you all communists!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Seriously funny. Almost peed a little.

  8. There is a photo of me on this website of me and another girl with the title “Fat friends: They make you look better.” I am not sure who put this photo on the site, but it is very hurtful and i would like it taken down immediately. I will take legal action if necessary. Please contact me at (email has been removed). I need this photo taken off immediately. If you search ‘fat friend” on google it is the first photo which came directly from your website. Thank you.


  10. Ashley, I’m sorry but I don’t have it on my website I only linked to it, but since I am going to be a nice person for once in my life I will remove the link. You can now go find the person that did it in the first place and has the website it’s on and threaten them with legal action. Also to be nice I’m going to remove the email you guys posted so people don’t spam you. I am not going to email you, nor am I going to do anything with the email. I am also going to remove your last name from your post since you shouldn’t do that online since employers started googling peoples names when they apply for jobs and it might come up. Have a nice day and please do come again and enjoy the fine selection of terrible humor, political commentary and drunken ranting that has made this blog the number 102,674,805th blog in all of Japan.

    Barbara, please do call off the police since I am sure they are not going to fly to Cambodia to arrest me anyway. Plus while I understand you anger I don’t think I broke any laws since I only linked to the picture and since I am currently on vacation I have not been checking this or posting lately I was unaware of this request until today. But if the police must come please wait until I get back to Tokyo So I can finish my vacation.

    Yours Always

    T. Yamamoto

  11. you really have no idea what you’re talking about with the whole Canada thing.

  12. And what this about Canada are you taking about? I say a lot of things on here a few of them have been about Canada so why don’t you fist tell me what the subject is other than Canada and then tell me how I am wrong. However if it’s in reference to a joke I have made about Canada being correct is not as important as being funny. So if it wasn’t funny feel free to make suggestions so that in the future my jokes about Canada are funny, or at least funnier.

  13. A faithful person can stand in front of a buldozer, but you can’t perceive it. If you can’t do it, just show some respect.

  14. Only the stupid or insane stand in front of a bulldozer faith has nothing to do with it.

    It reminds me of a story.

    A man was at his home when he heard about a flood coming so he prayed to god to save him. As he was sitting there a car rolled past and the driver asked if the man wanted a ride but the man said no and that god would help him so the driver moved on. Later as the flood waters rose a boat came by and asked the man if he wanted a ride but once again the man said no because go would save him and the flood waters rose. As the water rose the man was sitting on the roof of his house and a helicopter came by and asked the man if he needed a ride and once again the man said no since god was going to save him. Well the man drowned to death and went up to meet god and asked god why he didn’t save him and god replied “Son, I sent you a car and a boat and a helicopter what more did you need?”

    The point is all the faith in the world isn’t going to help you if you can’t get the fuck out of the way of a bulldozer. Really they are not that fast and god doesn’t have to send you a boat.

    Anyway Andy I think you replied to the wrong post.

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