This Is Not A Human Right: The EU, Vacations And Idiocy

In the movie “Monty Python’s Quest For The Holy Grail” King Arthur claims that the Knights should not go to Camelot because “It’s a silly place”.  That’s how I look at Europe, the EU in particular.

“The European Union has declared travelling a human right, and is launching a scheme to subsidize vacations with taxpayers’ dollars for those too poor to afford their own trips.

Antonio Tajani, the European Union commissioner for enterprise and industry, proposed a strategy that could cost European taxpayers hundreds of millions of euros a year, The Times of London reports.”

Really, is it a right or a bullshit entitlement?

“One of the consequences of such notions as “entitlements” is that people who have contributed nothing to society feel that society owes them something, apparently just for being nice enough to grace us with their presence.” – Thomas Sowell.

OK, I belive people have the right to do as they please as long as it isn’t hurting others.  If you want to take a vacation do it.  I don’t need to pay for it, you do.  If entertainment and relaxation are a Human Right that I am entitled to – even at others expense – why they hell are you not sending me beer and woman.  Think about it like this you have always wanted to take a trip to Tahiti so the government (ie. taxpayers) have to foot the bill for your trip (even if they don’t want to).  Now taking your fucked up logic I have always wanted to have sex with Scarlett Johansson, Anna Tsuchiya, Freida Pinto, Monica Baccarin and Eriko Sato and my dream vacation (that I am entitled to as a Human Right) would be to spend several months on a tropical island drinking 30 year old scotch and Murphy’s Irish Stout while impregnating them.  Is this fair to those women?  In my case yes because lord knows every woman on the planet wants me to be the father of their child because I’m that cool.  But for normal people, no it’s not since it’s what a police officer would call sexual slavery and rape (I am going to assume that all those girls come willingly for me, after all it’s me, but if they didn’t I wouldn’t force them too, I’d just get confused on why they didn’t).  You can have your vacation, just as I could have Anna Tsuchiya but I would have to work for it (and be very, very lucky) and so should you (work for what you want, not have Ms. Tsuchiya, I’ll kill you before I let you talk to her).  If you can’t afford to go on vacation it’s not going to happen and if you can’t afford it because your lazy ass didn’t work for it you don’t fucking deserve it.  Now, you might wonder why I was bringing sex into this.  Think about it this way; if you do not have the right to someone else’s body for your own pleasure why would you have the right to some else’s money for your own pleasure?  You don’t.  It’s that simple, you do not have the right to someone else’s body any more than the contents of their wallet.   The problem with Human Rights is that we have gotten past the traditional ideas of what a Right is.  Rights used to be something that people couldn’t take away from you and it was a gross violation against you if they did, now people consider Human Rights things that people have to do for you even at their own expense.  True Human Rights cannot be at the expense of another, if your Rights force someone else to do something they destroy that persons Rights.  True Rights cannot do that.  Don’t be surprised, it’s not like I’m the first person to say this, and if it’s the first time you have heard it pull your head out of your ass.

You want a vacation work for it.


I hate it here…


Quote Of The Day

The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics. – Thomas Sowell

The Final Words Of The Last True Prophet

I woke up and started laughing.  A million images shooting across my mind, my thoughts like a deluge to wipe away the thin veneer on top of whatever I had left to call my minds defenses.  It’s not me, I thought the sky was blue.  It’s the world, I thought.  The world that’s gone cracked.  The sky is still blue but why do I have to remind myself of that?  Images continue to rage, laughter, I taste iron and the sea.  I taste and terror of a million worlds burning and the cries of those asking for salvation.  But I laughed, and I haven’t stopped Days.  Months.   Years.  The laughter continues without end.  Has it always been this bad, the insanity of the world?  Has it, through the ages never changed and we just do not see?  Do we wrap our minds around only that which we want to comprehend?  Am I the last sane man on Earth laughing at the absurdity of the world,  Laughing form somewhere deep down and my mind knows that to stop laughing would bring demons?  The terror, the darkness…  The demons will come if I stop laughing, my mind would melt and I would fall.  Do I join the world in it’s insanity or is the laughter my saving grace, my weapon against their brotherhood?  Is the last sane man on Earth, the most insane of them all?  The deluge of a million thoughts scream for my sacrament and I laugh.  Push it down, kill my own mind so that I might find peace, but peace is a lie, I know this but we need these lies.  Hope, hope is a lie, but without it we would scream, cry out, we could not deal with the world without the lies.  We need it so we can sleep at night without awaking in terror from the lives we have created for ourselves and the world we don’t want to face.  I cannot lie to myself any more, so I laugh, my last defense from the jetsam the deluge brings.  We sacrifice our children at the alter of our own vanity and glorify ourselves as gods.  Blood spilled on rotting alters.  Worshiped and sanctified by our own minds.  I laugh, I have for eons it seams, I no longer know the time before the deluge.  Faint memories, locked in clouded shrines lost to the ages inscribed with words I no longer know.  I see my fall and I laugh.  I welcome it.  I want it, for in the fall there is peace, the lie that keeps the demons out.  I cannot claim to be a god as others do, the last shred of my inner being will not let me use that armor against the world.  I know the lie and the false prophets, the Soma holidays have long since lost their luster.  I will destroy myself to be reborn again, but why?  It didn’t work last time.  Would it work now?  No, no!  I know it cannot, it never will, self destruction is the demons goal.  They sing to you like the tainted muse.  I laugh to keep the hidden things underneath and the sounds out.  And I laugh, there is joy in it yet.  Forced, and longing for the light the world with never see.  I see the end, the last prophet.  He is coming, yet already I know his words.  I keep laughing at the world, laughing into my own oblivion.  I could teach you his words, I could yell them now yet your minds would not let you hear them.  A thousand times I could cry and in the deluge I could not be heard.  So I laugh and if you knew the prophets words so would you.  The images sorted in my mind reveal existence and the secrets of the world.  I have found the meaning behind the vale, the truth and light in this world.  I have seen and I know the last prophets words to the nations:

“We’re all fucked, might as well grab a beer and enjoy it”.


See now you’re laughing…

In The World Of Who Cares Doormen Go On Strike

“It has been nearly two decades since New Yorkers faced their last doorman strike, but as the deadline for a new contract for building workers approached, the questions being posed throughout the city remained largely unchanged on Sunday.

Who will safeguard my apartment as I sleep? Greet my children when they come home from school? Accept deliveries? Clean the hallways? Sort the mail? Operate the elevator? And who, for goodness sake, will let the cleaning lady in?

Residents, co-op boards and building management companies have been busy planning for the sudden complications that could come at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday with the possible departure of the building workers who, among many other things, hold open the city’s doors.”

For the love of God don’t make me open the door to my own apartment building. What is this some third world country or the rest of the fucking planet?  Um let me put it this way door opening peoples, we are in a recession, you have a job, a job that is almost worthless.  What,  you don’t think it’s a pointless job?  Years ago they invented a machine that will do this automatically  yet they still can’t invent a machine to make fast food.  The 16 year old fry cook at Wendy’s can be considered “skilled labor” compared to a Doorman.  Just be happy you have a job.  People that graduated not only high school but college can’t get a job right now and you want to complain about it?

Let’s get to some of those pesky “questions” the people of NYC have:

Who will safeguard my apartment as I sleep?

It’s called a locked door, an alarm system and a loaded .45 and a shotgun.

Who will greet my children when they come home from school?

You.  They are your children, try talking to them once in a while and they wouldn’t be shooting up their schools, getting pregnant at 13 and idolizing rappers and other junkie.

Who will accept deliveries?

UPS/FEDEX/DHL leave a note if you are not home and you can pick it up after hours in their office.  You could also have it sent to your work so you can sign for it yourself.

Who will clean the hallways?

Find a broom if you can’t all pitch in and get a maid.

Who will sort the mail?

The mail man, it’s sort of their job.

Who will operate the elevator?

You can’t push a fucking button?  Are you serious?  You live on the 12th floor and can’t figure out that if you push the button that has a 12 on it the elevator will take you there?  Please kill yourself before you breed.

And who, for goodness sake, will let the cleaning lady in?*

Give her a key it’s not like you are there to make sure she’s not stealing shit anyway you might as well just give her a key.  Or just clean your own damn house.

Next you freaks are going to be asking me who is going to change the channel on your TV’s and remind you to breath.

Isn’t Doorman sexist, shouldn’t they be called Doorpersons now?


I hate New York…

* I am almost 99% certain that the person who wrote this article did it just to make this joke.    If it wasn’t that I have no other explanation.

Adventures In Japan: Population Growth, Man Purses and WTF?

Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder. – Arnold J. Toynbee

I cannot say that is always true.  They can die from murder the small ones the most but even the large ones.  It’s a combination, they let themselves rot from within to the point that they either go by suicide or they rot to the point that it makes them easy picking for the rape and murder by others.  Toynbee was smart but that doesn’t mean that his analysis is always correct or sacred in some way that it isn’t up for debate.

Japan, however does fit his mold of suicide.  I’m not talking about the above average suicide rate in Japan I’m talking about the population growth, or well the lack there of.  It’s said that to support the current economies in a Post-Industrial Society you need a population growth of 2.3%.  2.3% is considered a healthy population growth.  This is because of the large amounts of programs the government pays for and the fact that due to the aging populations of many countries you need a healthy population growth to pay for them through taxes.  2.3% is the minimum necessary in any Post-Industrial Nation.  Japan, like much of Europe has less than 2% and that can lead to demographic suicide and economic collapse*.

OK, so the population of Japan is in decline and I want to help them out.  I love this country sometimes more than America sometimes.  It has a lot less Liberal hippie douchebags and a lot more Japanese women, but they need to get a Second Amendment, get rid of their Ninth Amendment and stop taxing fucking everything including air and waking up in the morning.  But we are not talking about all that right now we are talking about the population problems.  I want to help them out (and not just by trying to have a lot of sex, although I am willing to do that one too).  So what is the problem, the problem that is causing this population decline?

Man-Purses.  No, I’m not talking about a man-bag, like the messenger bags or the half messenger bag/brief case thing that can function like a briefcase and a backpack in one.  I’m talking about actual purses carried by men!  Yes folks men in Japan walk around with purses (not old men and not everyone mind you) but enough do that it’s a rather common sight**.  I’m not even saying gay men, you watch a strait man walking around with his girlfriend and they both have a purse.  Look, you used to be Samurai and now you spend hours on you hair and walk around with a purse?  No wonder no one is getting pregnant.  Even if some bi chick is into you because to her you are “the best of both worlds” your sperm, even if it hasn’t been destroyed by the level of estrogen in your system, is too embarrassed  to come out and try anything.  I’ve seen strait men in Japan wear things the most annoyingly flamboyant  gay guy in San Francisco would you call you a fag for wearing (or is it carry, fuck if I know).

No, that bag is his.  And now time for another Japanese couple.

Oh God, what have you done? I don’t think those shoes were meant for men either…  Wait there’s more?  Why?????

Stop it, just stop it already!

Japan has taken metrosexual to a new level, a new disturbing level (well it is all disturbing in the first place but they got worse).  I should probably blame Johnny & Associates (known as just Johnny’s) for this.  The legions of J-pop boy bands that they produce every second and the disturbing rumors of what they do to their underage slaves pop stars behind closed doors.  But it can’t all be their fault and anyone who has spent any time in Tokyo would know that the best way to describe much of the Japanese fashion world would be to use the term “insanity” quite often but this is to far.  Please Japan, stop it with the man purse and start fucking or you won’t be around any more and that would make me sad, very very sad.

This is Johnny’s fault right here.

And so is this.

This however  isn’t Johnny’s fault and I have no way of explaining this picture…

Now these next guys are not Japanese and this is from a fashion show in Italy but it’s a good hint.  The one on the left is pretending that’s a briefcase (it’s not).  The one one the right has a woman’s purse (made for men?).  The one in the middle’s sperm might not be completely embarrassed and actually work and thus forces him to be Italy’s only hope in ethnic survival (Well if he is Italian, I have no idea).  Be afraid be very, very afraid…

Now maybe I just don’t understand fashion.  To be fair mostly I don’t since most of the things people call fashionable look stupid and most of the things in fashion shows are incredibly ugly and insanely stupid looking.  Most of it makes no sense and does not even pretend to look comfortable so why wear it?  I understand what a suit is and why we wear them, they look good and they have a function.  I understand slacks or nice jeans and a button up shirt or nice sweater.  I understand all the parts of fashion or at least clothing people need to own and wear if they want to get a real job and it looks good so why fuck with it?  I know I’m not fancy and like jeans a t-shirts because they are comfortable but I know what is or is not appropriate and in what situations.  Everyone like their style, or likes to imitate someone else’s style.  I understand that but man purses?  Really?

*Some places in Europe such as Russia or Italy will be technically halving their populations every generation if they keep going the way they are.  While this sounds good to the environmental nuts that hate people (I hate people too but for different less stupid reasons) this will lead to economic collapse as the population gets older and does not have enough young people around to sustain them economically through taxation or even through direct support.  It’s hard for one person to support his 4 grandparents and his own parents while at the same time attempting to have a family of his own.  China will also collapse from the same thing due to the large male/female imbalance that will not be able to sustain their large population.  In this case many of the male population doesn’t even have a chance of creating his own family and it will lead to rapid population decline and potential civil unrest.  Yes, China thinks they are cool now but give them 15-30 years and unless they figure out a way to fix their shit they will collapse.  They might end up better for it later but it’s going to be a while.  Now none of this is meant to say that continual population growth is a good thing, there is a point were it is too much.  People will need to eventually lessen the hand of government and allow the population to find an equilibrium so that the young can support the old without making it too economically costly to do so.  It would require that people are responsible enough for themselves to plan for their retirement and not expect to be taken care of by their relatives or the government.  Now I know things do happen but as it is now the system is broke and it can’t be fixed until people take a much stronger role in their own lives.

** Last time I was in the US I did notice several high school boys walking around with the tiny little half purse half backpack things that was really popular with women, I think they might still be.  That was odd enough but it wasn’t enough to make a judgment on if it was something very common, just picking up steam or an aberration.  Hell, by now it might be all over the place in the US but since I haven’t been there in almost a year I wouldn’t really know.  If you are an American man go out and either get a messenger bag or a real backpack and stop it right now before it’s too late.

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here: Hell And The Japanese DMV

There are a lot of factors in Japanese society people believe contribute to the above average suicide rate, my theory is the Japanese DMV.  If America ran their DMV like Japan does people would be using the term “Going DMV” instead of “Going Postal”.  Unlike America guns are not as easily obtained in Japan because the only people who sell them are the Yakuza and they are very picky on who they sell them to.  The Japanese DMV is like the 10th circle of hell, I had to go to 10 different offices in the same compound get 400 stamps (they had people there just to stamp the fact that I got the correct stamp from the last guy before moving me on to stamp the next 10,000 pages of paperwork and pay the 18 different random taxes necessary just to get the car inspected to be eligible to pay another 12 random taxes and get another 600 things stamped so I can say I own the thing and might be allowed to drive it.  Then after all that I still have to go to the police station and after proving to them I own not only have the car and the millions of pages of paperwork all properly stamped and taxes paid but that I either own or rent a parking space.  Once the police see the Prime Minister has finally approved of the fact that I have this car I can pay the police more money just for the right to not only drive my car but use the parking space that I either own/rent (you might accuse me of exaggeration, I am but not by much).  Next year around this time I will have to do the whole thing again.  Unlike the DMV in America at least the people there are helpful and nice to you.  But I think it’s out of pity because they understand your pain, or it’s for the same reason a serial killer smiles at his victim.  Either way I feel cold, cold and dead inside.

And now kids you know why everyone takes the train because the idea of being shoved into a train that was meant for only 60 with 500 other people sounds like a better idea than going to the DMV.  The funny thing is that cars are really cheep in Japan, the car is everything else is more expensive.  If your car note is 200 a month you give 300 a month to the DMV and you don’t even want to think about road tolls (it’s cheaper to take a plane or a train from Tokyo to Osaka than it is to drive unless you want the trip to take the 6 years it will take you to find all the non-toll roads in between the two).

This is what a Japanese road looks like if you remove the buildings.

Really why do I drive in this country?   Yeah, I paid almost nothing for the car (I literally bought it for a round of beers) nothing is free, and when you think it’s almost free it isn’t.  I think he made out on the deal…

This is the least confusing road sign in the entire country of Japan.  Add 6 more squiggly lines on it and some algebraic equations and that is what they normally look like.  Now try to read it  going 65 miles an hour while trying to do the math in your head.

They also light up, and blink, and dance, I have yet to figure out why.


I hate is here…

Ah The Eternal Wonder That Is Socialized Medicine

Man Calls 000 From Hospital Bed

(For people that don’t know that’s 911 in Australia or 119 in Japan.)

“AN ELDERLY man suffering from asbestosis had to call Triple-0 from his hospital bed in Lismore Base to get help from a nurse.

Eighty-seven-year old World War II veteran Kevin Park called the emergency number after night shift failed to hear the brass bell he was given as a replacement to the electronic call system at the hospital, which is still not operational.

Yesterday a still angry Mr Park said after ringing the bell for 45 minutes, ‘desperate times demanded desperate action’.

“This is like the Third World. We are being treated like dogs.”

Patients in Lismore Base’s surgical ward were issued with brass bells four weeks ago after both the emergency and nurse call systems failed.

North Coast Area Health last night offered the air force veteran from Iluka an apology ‘for any distress that may have been caused to Mr Park and his family’.

The spokesperson confirmed that the call system for patients to use should they suffer a fall in the toilet or showers was also not working.

“Lismore Base Hospital is currently waiting on quotes to repair the call system and the timeframe is estimated (at) four to six weeks,” the spokesperson said.

The hospital is also waiting for quotes to fix one of its two aging lifts in its main A block.

Lismore Base Hospital Medical Staff Council media liaison officer Dr Chris Ingall said the poor state of Lismore Base Hospital was symptomatic of the crisis gripping the health care system.

“They are running down Lismore Base Hospital in anticipation of a Federal Government takeover,” he said.

The hospital denied it was allowing the facility to fall into disrepair.

But Mr Park, who has been a patient there for almost three weeks, agrees with Dr Ingall.

“They are just letting this whole place to be run down,” he said.

Connected to an oxygen bottle to assist his breathing, the Iluka man has been restricted to his hospital bed for the last two-and-a-half weeks after he developed a severe case of cellulitis in his left leg, which prevents him from walking.

This week he woke just after midnight with a soaked hospital gown.

Unsure whether he was covered in blood or sweat, Mr Park rang the bell to call a nurse.

The nurse quickly gave him the all clear, but left before giving him dry clothing.

Mr Park said he rang his bell off and on for another 45 minutes in attempt to get something dry to sleep in but with only two nurses on duty to care for the large ward, no one responded.

Distressed, he called his wife who is staying at a veteran’s hostel at Ballina. She suggested he call Triple-0.

But as he was put through to the emergency operator, a nurse arrived and took his phone.

She returned it 45 minutes later without the battery and sim card.

“I don’t care what anyone says, that’s theft,” Mr Park said yesterday. “It was my only communication with the outside world and they took it away from me.”

In the meantime, his anxious wife was trying to call him on the mobile. Fearing the worst she eventually got through to the nurses’ station and was told her husband was alright.

The phone’s battery and sim card were returned to Mr Park the next morning.

The hospital spokesperson said Mr Park’s phone was taken from him to prevent him disturbing other patients.”

They didn’t take is phone away because they didn’t want him to disturb other patients they did it so he wouldn’t disturb them, or make them look bad.  This is Australia not a Third World country!

But people try to say how nice socialized medicine is, yet every day you hear more and more stories about this kind of thing.  In England they were leaving people to die in the ambulances so they would have to take care of them, in Canada it takes months to get an MRI (there are more MRI machines in NYC that all of Canada)  and in Cuba the hospitals look like Sudanese prisons.   But it’s free!  Oh high taxes, right.  Nothing is free someone always has to pay for it, you just want to make someone else do it.  The sad thing is that when the Government is in control of your health care you are not, that means that even if you can afford faster and better treatment unless you go to another country (like the Canadians who come to the US to get faster care) you get the same crappy health care that the lazy junkie on the corner gets on your tax dollars.   In the free market if someone does not do the job you hired them to do,  like painting your house or properly fixing your broken leg you don’t pay them.  They know this so there is an incentive to do the job right the first time or they will go out of business.  The Government could care less they will get your taxes and if they don’t you go to jail.  They have no incentive to care, they only want power and it will be at your expense.

Think about it this way, if a WWII vet can’t get decent health care what chance do you have?

H/T to MK who I may have stolen a bit from on the title.


I hate it here…