Violent Peace Activists, Israel And The Blockade Of Gaza

People make a big deal about the fact Israel is running a blockade of Gaza.  I know it’s terrible if Israel blockades Gaza there is no way for the poor people of Gaza to get more weapons so they can kill Jews food and medicine… O’ wait a second, Gaza also boarders Egypt and Egypt walled the place off and will not let supplies in through their side ever since the last time they let someone do it and Hamas started shooting at everyone killing an Egyptian police office.  So it’s not just Israel doing this, but Israel is the bad guy.  Furthermore food and medicine are already regularly sent to Gaza through Israel so the point of sending in humanitarian supplies this way are pointless.  Wait, sorry this is about yelling about the filthy Jews Israel pay no attention to Egypt since it doesn’t fit the politics.   Also last time I checked when Israel relinquished control of Gaza to the Palestinians they destroyed most of the greenhouses where all the food was grown in Gaza and elected Hamas as their leadership.  Fuck Gaza.  Really they could get food from Egypt but Egypt walled it the fuck off to keep them out and won’t give them supplies but somehow Israel is the bad guy (even though they do send food and medical supplies into Gaza) and not Hamas the leadership of Gaza who who are terrorists and want to ethnically cleanse the world of Jews (and anyone who isn’t Moslem or even if they are  Moslem but does not support Hamas, OK Hamas wants almost everyone who isn’t them dead)?  Israel isn’t stopping supplies coming in from Egypt but no we are angry because Israel wants to blockade a place that wants to kill them.  Am I the only one that thinks this is insane?  Now the new fun is that Israel tried to enforce this blockade and some protesters died.  Now I’m supposed to feel sorry for these people, I don’t.  I really don’t.  They didn’t need to do this Israel told them they could send in the supplies through Israel as long as the supplies were checked for weapons but the people doing this refused and went ahead to try and break through the blockade.  They are trying to help fucking Hamas, fuck them not only that but they attacked the Israeli troops and you wonder why some of them ended up a little dead.  Really watch this video.

Well those “peace activists” looked rather peaceful.

OK, so the UN wants to investigate so they can do what they usually do.  Yell about how evil Israel is while they suck up to every psychotic dictator on the planet in an attempted to make money off it while their blue helmeted troops continue the murder and rape sprees the call “peace keeping operations”.    Fuck the UN.  Now the Moslem World (otherwise known as a place civilization forgot) is angry at Israel, well fuck them.  They are always angry at Israel, the only time they would stop being angry at Israel is if every Jew on the planet was dead.  Hell the Moslem world wont be happy until every non-Moslem was dead and then they would kill each other until only the Shiites or Sunnis are left.  OK, and then the Arab Moslems would kill everyone that isn’t Arab and then…  Fuck it, to say the least by the end of it all would be left would be one guy left claiming he is the last true Moslem.  OK, my point is fuck the “Moslem World” and until the day they learn how to be civilized they have no business sitting at the grown-up table and their opinions don’t matter.  I should rephrase some of what I just said.  The analogy of the not letting the Moslem World sit at the grown-up table is wrong but I don’t have a better one.  They shouldn’t be let around the kids considering their penchant for child brides, pedophilia and training children to be suicide bombers is reason enough to make the analogy sound wrong but until someone has a better one I’m going with that.

When it all comes down to it, it is easy for people to yell about Israel and when they do because unlike the tolerant Moslem World Israel isn’t going to burn down you embassy, behead journalists, kill cartoonists, threaten violence over every slight (not matter how bullshit or stupid)  or try to blow up your airports, subways or building.  Israel isn’t going to strap children and retarded women with explosives and blow up schools or hospitals.  They are not going to threaten genocide against anyone that isn’t Jewish or any of the millions of other murderous and crazy things that come out of the Moslem World (yeah I gave up using quotes, if you care eat me).

When it all comes down to it if useful idiots in the west want to die to protect Hamas or any other group of crazy Islamic assholes (that would kill them the second they got a chance) let them.  Fuck it, don’t bother stopping them, just take all the assholes that want to go, take away the supplies and drop them off in Gaza and let them stay there with their new “friends”.  If they luck out and not get their heads cut off maybe they can try to teach the people in Gaza how be nice tolerant people.  Or maybe they will just end up with a very, very close shave.  Either way they want to be there let the morons go and let them stay there.  And if the civilized world wants to make friends with butchers they have lost the right to consider themselves the civilized world, and I unlike those morons am not going to walk into my execution trying to give the butchers a hug.  You want to die for a bunch of people whose religion wasn’t even considered civilized at the standards of the 7th century when it was shit out of an illiterate child rapist go right ahead, I’m not going with you.  I’m going to fight.  As someone once said “If you want to kill the Enlightenment you have to come through me”.  Much like that if you want to destroy the civilized would for the words of a 7th century child rapist I’m not going to go down like that.  Fuck Islam, fuck Gaza, fuck Hamas, fuck Muhammad, fuck Palestine, and fuck the stupid western useful idiots who want to protect them at the expense of their own civilization.  I stand for freedom and reason, Hamas stands for ethnic cleansing, murder and terrorism.  It’s one thing to be tolerant of others, but I’m not going to tolerate people who want to kill me!  As Drunken Llama would say, “Fatwa my dick bitches”.

Now enjoy this video I got from MK from Down Under On The Right Side:


I hate it here…