The point. Maybe…

People are confused, lost and broken down by the world.  I can hear a cry from the hopeless as if to laugh off the crushing weight of the world, a cry of despair from walking corpses. They cry for saviors that will never come.

Stand the hell up people!  The politicians are taking everything they can from us and expect us to be thankful for the scraps they leave, the scraps we fight over like dogs under their master’s table.  We let the same people who either directly caused or facilitated all the problems in this country come up with the ways to “fix” it.  If they really know how to fix the problems they wouldn’t have let them happened in the first place.  They did it on purpose so they could extend their control over us!  Like lambs to the slaughter we march willingly to our own enslavement.

We don’t fight over what is really constitutional or not, we only fight to game the system in our favor.  Yeah we play the Constitution Card only when is serves our ends as long as it helps us get some of the leftovers from the politician’s tables.  We bend and rape the constitution at will in order to get the most out of our fellow citizens and when the constitution doesn’t look like it will help us out we just make up new “Rights” found in it, or just ignore the thing altogether as long as we get ours.

The honest men will always lose until we stand up and fight back.  We need to take back our Rights and Freedoms, we need to fight tooth and nail, till our voices give out and every last drop or our blood is spent.


We are enslaved by politicians, bureaucrats and the self described intellectuals who think they know how to run our lives better than we do.  The leaches who use the government to steel our hard earned money. We listen to the self appointed prophets who think they know all and are never wrong, even if it’s only in their own minds.  They are gods unto themselves and they feel we owe them our lives.  We did not listen to the words of Thomas Sowell when he warned us in “The Vision of the Anointed” of our prophets folly and of their arrogance:

“The presumed irrationality of the public is a pattern running through many, if not most or all, of the great crusades of the anointed in the twentieth century–regardless of the subject matter of the crusade or the field in which it arises. Whether the issue has been ‘overpopulation,’ Keynesian economics, criminal justice, or natural resource exhaustion, a key assumption has been that the public is so irrational that the superior wisdom of the anointed must be imposed, in order to avert disaster. The anointed do not simply happen to have a disdain for the public. Such disdain is an integral part of their vision, for the central feature of that vision is preemption of the decisions of others.”

Who are we?  We are the “Irrational Public”.  Why should we have a say in our lives?  We are just told to follow these men blindly, for who are we but slaves and they want to be our masters.  What can I say, no one listened to poor Cassandra the true prophet of man’s folly.  Why should we listen to voices in the wilderness when we can just keep marching toward the slaughter with the false smiles of ignorance on our faces?

Wake up, wake up and throw off the people who seek to enslave us.  Nurture the fire in your hearts and souls.   Fight back, reclaim your rights, reclaim your lives!


Who is with me?



  1. Love that quote … have tried to live by that conceptualized idea for many years. Yes, I only wish more would !

  2. Ya know that was my understanding for a long time. And I do have a small crusade along with me. But as a people as sad as it is as a women tryng to speak this shit to other people is hard. All I get is that i’m emotional and crazy. For some reason when it comes out of my mouth it doesn’t work. Yet I still go into it head on and don’t give a shit about the aftermath of it all. At least I know what I’m talking about.

  3. Heather … perhaps it would be easier for you to show what you mean with actions rather than the spoken word. Remember the anecdote: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. That’s what Galt did … he acted on his beliefs …

  4. Well I think I’ve done that so far. As far as actions I beleive the way I’m raising my daughter with the knowledge I’ve given her so far and the actions she has seen me make. I’ve showed her to not back down when she beleives in something and that she doesn’t have to take everything at face value. But she is only 7 and I’m starting her a little early but she will learn so many things in her life and I would like to give her something she can carry with her over time. I don’t know if you consider it an action or on a speaking sense but I do try to inform people of things they don’t know about. Things they don’t think about. I beleive knowledge is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. I’ve acted on things that I know and feel were right. I know I can still do more but I try to little by little. There’s so much to still do and learn. I have been given a few suggestions of reading material from a friend. I will start with some of those and then go from there.

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