I might have a reason to watch the Olympics… Might…

Other then the hilarity of the press who thought they would actually have freedom of the press while in China. The smog, pollution and other fun of living in a country who’s ideas of human rights is rolling over humans with tanks.

There is some hope or goodness.

First is that Iraq is now going to be able to participate and that is a good thing for a country trying to pull itself together.

The second is this story:

Sudanese ‘lost boy’ finds joy on US Olympic track team.

Here are some highlights:

“Seventeen years ago, when Lomong was 6, Sudanese rebels snatched him from a church. His parents presumed their second son was dead until they were reunited in December…

“They wanted all the kids to go out with them,” he recalled. “They grabbed me from my family. They put us in a truck, about 50 of us, and we just drove. We didn’t know where we were going.”

They were going to the soldiers’ camp where in time the youngsters, like so many other “lost boys of Sudan,” would be transformed into the child soldiers who were so prevalent in Sudan’s brutal civil war….

“A lot of people here don’t know what was going on in Sudan,” he said. “All I worry about is the kids who are dying, especially in Darfur. They don’t have the dream that they could be athletes or Olympians or doctors … They’re just trying to stay alive.”

Well anyway he was able to get adopted by a family and move to America where he started running in High School and later College and now he gets to achieve his dream of going to the Olympics.

Here is what he has to say about it:

“I’m just like any American now, with my rights,” he said. “I can compete for the country I want to compete for. Now, I’m not like one of the lost boys (the Sudanese youngsters who were displaced and often orphaned). I’m an American.”

Well it’s not all bad news some days


My Saturday night drunken wisdom.

iz teh troof

iz teh troof

Life is to short to drink crappy beer.

Know who your friends are and always have their back when they need it and never forget to punch them in the face when they need that too, they deserve that much.

There is almost no time or place where punching a hippie isn’t appropriate.

Reverse Racism is bullshit you are either a racist or you aren’t. Stop using this term, just stop. Call the shit what it really is.

Your rights stop at someone else’s face and their wallet. You have no right to fuck with either.

Your feelings and self esteem don’t mean shit. That’s it. Period, no exceptions. If you are so emotionally sensitive that a couple of words or pictures destroy your life and make you all butt hurt you deserve it.

You are a person not a Crayola color. If the only thing you have about you is the pigment of your skin you are a fucking moron.

If you can’t be expected to take take responsibility for yourself why should you be allowed to breath.

If you don’t work you don’t eat end of story.

If I have to be responsible for you I should be allowed to sell you organs so I can at least make out on the deal.

Guns might kill people but not having guns leads to oppression and genocide.

If you can’t earn respect you don’t deserve it.

Every one thinks they can be trusted with their own money and life but then says every one else can’t be. Our only choice is between Freedom or Slavery and I will kill you before I take the last.

I hate myself but I hate the rest of you more.

Megadeth still rocks and so does Iron Maiden.

Emo’s are the Internet trolls of the real world. They are just annoying attention whores so if you must talk to them just give them a razor and let nature take it’s course.

Suicide is never the answer unless you are emo then it’s the answer to everything even “what do you want for dinner?”

Stop talking about it and kill yourself already no one cares.

There is no more inherent virtue in poverty as there is evil in wealth, it’s what you do with it that matters.

White people can’t rap, but neither can black people.

The term “Bling” or Bling Bling” should never be used or spoken by anyone ever. If you do you should promptly light yourself on fire it’s the best thing you can do for this world.

Some peoples ideas really are stupid but if you can’t explain why you are just as big of a moron.

Liberal philosophy is so deep that it can always fit onto a bumper sticker.

Why do we spend so much money to cure AIDS when there already is one? I am giving it away for free it’s called “Don’t Fuck People With AIDS”. Interestingly enough this also works for herpes.

I’m not a racist it’s just that I hate everyone but Japanese and Korean woman.

Murder is always wrong but killing people isn’t. If you don’t believe me ask yourself if it would have been OK to shoot Hitler in the face before he could kill millions of people?

Communism is only a good idea if you haven’t been paying attention.

Marxism sounds like a good idea the same way heroin sounds like a good idea. Feel free to try it and find out.

You can’t end poverty by giving lazy people money.

Having self esteem without accomplishment is like having a car with no wheels. No matter how good you feel about it you are just trying to forget how useless you really are.

Why do colleges have seminars on masturbation? Are you telling me that these kids are smart enough to get into college but not smart enough to figure out how to choke the chicken?

Getting a hooker is for people to cheep and lazy to buy dinner and a movie, or don’t know how to talk to drunk skanks at the bar.

Some cultures really do just suck.

There is nothing worse then an idealistic and emotional kid with a “cause”.

If your idea of a protest is yelling obscenities and throwing feces don’t ask questions when someone puts you in a zoo.

Any collage course with the word “studies” in the title is a waste of money and has about the same educational value as sand has nutritional value.

Telling someone you are a woman stuck in a mans body is the same thing as saying you are a squirrel stuck in a mans body. You need therapy and possibly anti psychotic drugs.

A sex change doesn’t make you a woman having two X chromosomes makes you a woman. Its simple:

XX = Woman
XY = Man

There is a 99.99999999% chance that Michael Jackson’s kids will end up as serial killers, drug addicts or politicians.

You should never hit a woman unless she tries to stab or bludgeon you with something, in that case punch her lights out.

If rape and incest are the reason for less then 1% of all abortions preformed why is that the first thing the Pro-Choice crowd always brings up?

Drinking tequila is the same as saying you don’t care if you end up pregnant, in jail, sold into slavery or dead.

Telling someone you are “spiritual but not religious” is the same as saying “I’m a stupid trendy pot head hipster douche bag with no real convictions”.

Every culture had slavery, so stop bitching about the cultures that stopped doing it and try fighting the ones that still are.

Sex is not as important as you think it is.

Vegan’s are people that don’t understand biology.

The only difference between eating a cow and a dog is that you think of the dog as a pet. Millions of dogs are put to death each year in animal shelters and millions of people are starving on this planet. Think About it.

Japanese girls are not just like the girls in anime, do not get that confused. Further more just like the girls in America the girls in Japan won’t date you either.

MTV is for people that don’t know that sometimes suicide really is the answer.

This is not Sparta so shut the fuck up already.

The real reason people do drugs at raves is because it’s the only way to sit though the music without killing yourself.

Self control is a good thing so stop making fun of people that want to wait until marriage.

If you want to say this is just my own ripoff of Thomas Sowell’s “Random Thoughts” u iz right , now fuck off hippie!

Last One Standing live

punk rock and politics

To paraphrase Nitsche:

Punk is Dead we have killed it you and I.

People want to fight about what is or isn’t “punk”, well fuck all ya bastards you don’t know shit. Look Politics in punk is perfectly OK and there is nothing wrong with it but if you are going to say something isn’t punk because of the politics the certain person believes in then you are a moron. Punk is an attitude yes as well as a style of music. Punk is about the idea that you can be what you want to be and believe what you want to just as much as it is about the middle finger, cheep beer and your stupid haircut. Yes a lot of punk bands spout off standard progressive dogma and that’s their choice but don’t get all pissy with me if I don’t believe in that shit. I don’t understand how some people can have an anarchy sign on their t-shirt and then spout off political talking points for an ideology that is all about control. Yes Progressives are socialists they might not want to admit it but it is just warmed over and mildly watered down Marxism. If you don’t believe me you are either severely deluded or have no clue. To me many of the progressive ideals are the complete opposite of what punk was about. Self reliance, doing you own thing, non-conformity. When it all comes down to it most progressives while they talk about these things they don’t follow them. Yeah you can dress however you want and love who you want but if your beliefs don’t conform to what we think you should believe then we hate you. Yes question authority unless I tell you not to. It’s hypocritical. You talk about tolerance but then get angry if someone disagrees with your beliefs. Fuck you! I’m mostly a libertarian, or classical liberal (before it started to be called conservative). I don’t like government but I’m not an anarchist since that comes off as unreasonable if you know anything about human nature. I know that government is an evil but a necessary evil and should therefor be kept to a minimum and severely limited in powers in order to allow for the largest amount of personal freedom possible. Wasn’t personal freedom and self expression what punk was about or am I missing something? Maybe I’m not really “punk” and maybe I just don’t feel the need to give a fuck about your opinions about me.

Punk doesn’t even have to be political. It really doesn’t. Punk in itself has nothing to do with politics, it is fucking music you assholes! The idea was to do what you want and if you have political ideas feel free to share them if you want to write songs about life, love, beer, hate, humor or lighting yourself on fire it’s all good. That was the point. You know why Bad Religion sucks now? It’s because after the first couple albums all their songs have been the same old shit over and over again while they watered down the music. It’s like rap music the same fucking song over and over. OK we get it pick another topic already. It’s just that Bad Religion has finally figured out how to live up to their song “Empty Causes” so at least in that respect good for them.  I’m proud of you guys.

Are your selling out when you get a job and grow up? No you are not. While I do like a girl with purple hair and all, sooner or later you need to realize that you need to do something with your life otherwise you are just a leaching off of society. It’s your life you have the freedom to do what you want with it but if you expect someone else to pick up the tab for you you’re nothing but a piece of shit leach. What part of living you own life how you want to gives you the right to make other people pay for it? When you do that you are a hypocrite. I want to be who I want to be and live my life how I want, and now you want to force me to do something I don’t want to do, and that would be taking care or your sorry ass. That’s not freedom, that is slavery. You demand your own freedom at the price of anothers and that is bullshit.

Yeah fuck society have fun with that. You people want to act like you are fighting the system like the old hippie assholes are still “doing”. You are the system you shit heads, you just want to sound all cool by pretending you aren’t just like the douchebag cunt from the Indie rock scene.

Really life isn’t perfect and you need to grow up and deal with it. If you don’t like what happens in society  then do something constructive to fix it or yourself and if you can’t maybe you just suck. Part of being an adult is learning how to live life and know what battles you really should be fighting. Dressing up in your costumes, not showering, starting riots, trying to shout out opposing views and throwing rocks at cops isn’t going to make the world a better place. It’s just going to make it worse. Look it’s just music if you are getting all of your political talking points from some bands songs rather then from studying and learning about the issues what does that say about your own psychological development?

Oh yeah one more thing:

Fuck you!!!


Join us in protesting this travesty and instead fight to  honor the heroic dead that fought off the jihadis on that flight and saved the Capital building and/or the White House. Those great Americans did not die in vain nor did they die so that we might surrender at the feet of political correctness.

If you can go have fun and do so.

I think congress is a bigger threat to America then the Soviet Union’s Nukes ever where.

Lawmakers Could Consider Gas Tax Hike, After Gas Tax Holiday Fails.

Wait a second you mean while the entire country is complaining about high oil prices you fuckers want to raise the taxes on it?  So this is going to help keep the price of oil down how?

And just when I thought Congress had run out of ways to ass rape the American public you pull this one.  Good one Congress good one.

We are not allowed to try to drill for oil where we know it is in our own country ok fair enough you bastards but now you want us to pay even more then we already are?  Fuck you dude.  I don’t care what you want the money for it’s your fault we are in this mess in the first place why don’t you fucking pony up the money to fix the problems you sorry bastards caused?  Oh wait I know why, you are all a bunch of of assholes thats why!  You want to fix the budget stop spending more money then you have rather then this deficit spending bullshit and then stealing our money to pay for your mistakes you donkey fucking douche bags.    Why don’t you vote to give yourself another raise while we are at it.

Is this like some sick sociological experiment to see how much crap the American public will take before they start burning shit down and killing people?  Are you people actively trying to start a new civil war?  Think about this one assholes you live and work in Washington D.C. and the Supreme Court just told everyone there they can buy a gun, you might want to roll back a few of your totalitarian impulses there for a bit cause last time I checked the military isn’t to happy with you people either so I don’t think you can count on them to help you out of this one.

You people can’t be this stupid by accident.  No wonder your approval rating are in the tank.

Foreign country to buy Budweiser

New Mobile Budweiser Brewery

New Mobile Budweiser Brewery

So Budweiser might get bought out by a Belgium company and some people are mad because it is supposed to be an “American Icon” or something like that. OK I’m all for capitalism and it doesn’t really bother me if a foreign country wants to by a beer company it’s not like it is something important to national defense. That said please buy the shit and take it away from America, Budweiser is nothing but moose piss some lying asshole called “The King of Beers”. It’s dirty crap and the sooner you take it off our hands and I never have to see the shit the better. Maybe you could just fill Budweiser cans with Becks so the shit almost doesn’t suck but has the same name.

I am not being paid by the makers of Yuengling in any way, but if they want to pay me or give me free beer I would gladly except it. Plus if we gave the world that stuff instead of the hangover causing moose piss juice that is Budweiser maybe those douche bags from the rest of the planet might not hate us as much (when they don’t need money).