I’m Going to Culturally Appropriate The Shit Outta That.

Yep, I said it and that is what I’m fixing to do. Wait, one second I’m going to crack open a beer. Beer? Really did your people invent beer? Nope. Is it a beer native from my ancestral homeland? Also nope and I’m still gonna drink it. My people didn’t invent Tetris either but I’m still going to play the shit out of it when I’m waiting at the DMV.

Stop me. Please, go ahead and try to stop me cause I’m about to appropriate some motherfucking cultures. I’m going to zig when you thought I would zag and before you know it… something… Sports metaphor… something something… Yeah… there was a point in all of this and it was all about tacos.

I fucking love tacos! I also love English Common Law, beer, Representative Democracy, anything done to a sheep that involves curry and not sex, indoor plumbing and the aesthetics of pre-modern Japanese architecture. I love Japanese people playing Irish punk, German people playing Horror Punk and I’m still going to rock out to some metal from Botswana. Did I mention tacos? Have you ever had taco rice? It’s a common dish from Okinawa and it’s bloody awesome.

This isn’t some sort of multiculturalism BS where we have to fetishize other cultures this is just the reality of a world where we can know other cultures and learn from them while they learn from us and we don’t even have to kill each other to do it anymore. We can take the good things about those other people and incorporate them into ourselves. Did you know the potato is not native to Ireland or even Europe? Do you like Italian food? Who in their right mind doesn’t? Neither the tomato nor pasta originated in Italy. One didn’t even originate in the same hemisphere but for some reason Italy was able to take those two things mix them with some local delights and come up with glory.

Can you dig it?

No? Do you want to complain and be an over sensitive idiot? Fuck you I will keep going and you can’t do shit about it. Cultures and societies evolve in three ways. One is from changes and pressures within the society or culture, one from without or a mixture of both. Sometimes times they are exclusive of one another and other times they are the direct result of one another. Take a simple example of this from Japan. The Bakufu system (military rule by the Shogun vice rule by the Emperor) was from purely internal forces, the Meiji Restoration was the result of both internal and external forces and the current Japanese Constitution was the result of external forces. Is all change good? No, not always but sometimes it can be. You can argue that the Meiji restoration was a good thing in some ways for Japan but did lead towards the imperialism and horrors of WWII while at the same time setting up a basis where the current Japanese political system would end up being acceptable. The Meiji restoration led to both the idea of the Diet (the Japanese parliament) and the imperialism of the early 20th century. The idea of a constitutional monarchy was born there and continues. Now has it all been good? No but remember me talking about our ancestors before? By the time WWII happened England had shrugged off the worst of its decades long imperialist abuses although to the Imperialism while Japan continued them. Remember all our ancestors are horrible people but this was the difference between the two empires at that time. One while not good was and had been getting better and one was, well mostly all bad.

How does this tie in to appropriating culture? As countries, cultures, religions clash they exchange their ideas for better or worse and mankind has been doing it for the entirety of its existence. Hell half of mankind isn’t fully H. Sapiens. Remember all the Neanderthals we fucked and or killed to get where we are today? Chances are unless you are 100% sub-Saharan African and have zero relatives from Madagascar one of your ancestors is a Neanderthal or Denisovan. Hell even if you are 100% sub-Saharan African you could still have blue eyes or you could be from a Pacific island and have blonde hair and blue eyes and no dirty European blood required. Genetics is silly and sometimes fun.

If you don’t get it yet humans are a mixed race. We mix ideas while we bloodlines and make good and bad things with it. The Iroquois Confederacy had a profound effect on the American colonist as well as the Roman Republic, English Common Law, Christianity and Greek philosophy and Democracy. And that is just the bloody goat fucking start. The Ancient Greeks were making Buddhist art 2000 years before white hipster twats in SF where annoying people with their fake enlightenment. If you don’t believe me look up the history of the Hindu Kush.

Our societies and our cultures are built off of the collective knowledge of the societies and cultures that came before us, how they interacted, collaborated, fought and learned from one another. It wasn’t always pleasant and it wasn’t always nice but to stop this exchange would be the destruction and death of the progress and evolution of mankind. We need the cultural exchange. Without it we wouldn’t have modern fucking medicine, mathematics, physics, or fucking indoor plumbing and fuck you I’m not going to go back to shitting in a random hole and using leaves and unlucky squirrels for ass wipe. My Car is Japanese, the TV Korean but you know damn well the computer is American. I’m drinking a Canadian beer, my lunch was Italian, my dinner Indian and the last pair of shoes I bought was made in Vietnam. I’m going to eat sushi, adobo, jerk chicken or a burger and fries. I’ll listen to Opera, watch American football and eat tacos while I drink Gin, Saki and Soju. I’m going to listen to African folk tales while dancing to gypsy songs in the middle of Lima, Helsinki or Bangkok while you . I’m going to appropriate the fuck out of your culture and I’m going to serve you mine on a platter of gold and if you don’t like it you should try to shove the world up your ass because that is where your head is and for once you might be able to see the place.

In the end it won’t matter anyway since these guys already appropriated all the awesomeness that was left in the world.


Fuck all you hipster and SJW cunts.


Adventures In Japan: Population Growth, Man Purses and WTF?

Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder. – Arnold J. Toynbee

I cannot say that is always true.  They can die from murder the small ones the most but even the large ones.  It’s a combination, they let themselves rot from within to the point that they either go by suicide or they rot to the point that it makes them easy picking for the rape and murder by others.  Toynbee was smart but that doesn’t mean that his analysis is always correct or sacred in some way that it isn’t up for debate.

Japan, however does fit his mold of suicide.  I’m not talking about the above average suicide rate in Japan I’m talking about the population growth, or well the lack there of.  It’s said that to support the current economies in a Post-Industrial Society you need a population growth of 2.3%.  2.3% is considered a healthy population growth.  This is because of the large amounts of programs the government pays for and the fact that due to the aging populations of many countries you need a healthy population growth to pay for them through taxes.  2.3% is the minimum necessary in any Post-Industrial Nation.  Japan, like much of Europe has less than 2% and that can lead to demographic suicide and economic collapse*.

OK, so the population of Japan is in decline and I want to help them out.  I love this country sometimes more than America sometimes.  It has a lot less Liberal hippie douchebags and a lot more Japanese women, but they need to get a Second Amendment, get rid of their Ninth Amendment and stop taxing fucking everything including air and waking up in the morning.  But we are not talking about all that right now we are talking about the population problems.  I want to help them out (and not just by trying to have a lot of sex, although I am willing to do that one too).  So what is the problem, the problem that is causing this population decline?

Man-Purses.  No, I’m not talking about a man-bag, like the messenger bags or the half messenger bag/brief case thing that can function like a briefcase and a backpack in one.  I’m talking about actual purses carried by men!  Yes folks men in Japan walk around with purses (not old men and not everyone mind you) but enough do that it’s a rather common sight**.  I’m not even saying gay men, you watch a strait man walking around with his girlfriend and they both have a purse.  Look, you used to be Samurai and now you spend hours on you hair and walk around with a purse?  No wonder no one is getting pregnant.  Even if some bi chick is into you because to her you are “the best of both worlds” your sperm, even if it hasn’t been destroyed by the level of estrogen in your system, is too embarrassed  to come out and try anything.  I’ve seen strait men in Japan wear things the most annoyingly flamboyant  gay guy in San Francisco would you call you a fag for wearing (or is it carry, fuck if I know).

No, that bag is his.  And now time for another Japanese couple.

Oh God, what have you done? I don’t think those shoes were meant for men either…  Wait there’s more?  Why?????

Stop it, just stop it already!

Japan has taken metrosexual to a new level, a new disturbing level (well it is all disturbing in the first place but they got worse).  I should probably blame Johnny & Associates (known as just Johnny’s) for this.  The legions of J-pop boy bands that they produce every second and the disturbing rumors of what they do to their underage slaves pop stars behind closed doors.  But it can’t all be their fault and anyone who has spent any time in Tokyo would know that the best way to describe much of the Japanese fashion world would be to use the term “insanity” quite often but this is to far.  Please Japan, stop it with the man purse and start fucking or you won’t be around any more and that would make me sad, very very sad.

This is Johnny’s fault right here.

And so is this.

This however  isn’t Johnny’s fault and I have no way of explaining this picture…

Now these next guys are not Japanese and this is from a fashion show in Italy but it’s a good hint.  The one on the left is pretending that’s a briefcase (it’s not).  The one one the right has a woman’s purse (made for men?).  The one in the middle’s sperm might not be completely embarrassed and actually work and thus forces him to be Italy’s only hope in ethnic survival (Well if he is Italian, I have no idea).  Be afraid be very, very afraid…

Now maybe I just don’t understand fashion.  To be fair mostly I don’t since most of the things people call fashionable look stupid and most of the things in fashion shows are incredibly ugly and insanely stupid looking.  Most of it makes no sense and does not even pretend to look comfortable so why wear it?  I understand what a suit is and why we wear them, they look good and they have a function.  I understand slacks or nice jeans and a button up shirt or nice sweater.  I understand all the parts of fashion or at least clothing people need to own and wear if they want to get a real job and it looks good so why fuck with it?  I know I’m not fancy and like jeans a t-shirts because they are comfortable but I know what is or is not appropriate and in what situations.  Everyone like their style, or likes to imitate someone else’s style.  I understand that but man purses?  Really?

*Some places in Europe such as Russia or Italy will be technically halving their populations every generation if they keep going the way they are.  While this sounds good to the environmental nuts that hate people (I hate people too but for different less stupid reasons) this will lead to economic collapse as the population gets older and does not have enough young people around to sustain them economically through taxation or even through direct support.  It’s hard for one person to support his 4 grandparents and his own parents while at the same time attempting to have a family of his own.  China will also collapse from the same thing due to the large male/female imbalance that will not be able to sustain their large population.  In this case many of the male population doesn’t even have a chance of creating his own family and it will lead to rapid population decline and potential civil unrest.  Yes, China thinks they are cool now but give them 15-30 years and unless they figure out a way to fix their shit they will collapse.  They might end up better for it later but it’s going to be a while.  Now none of this is meant to say that continual population growth is a good thing, there is a point were it is too much.  People will need to eventually lessen the hand of government and allow the population to find an equilibrium so that the young can support the old without making it too economically costly to do so.  It would require that people are responsible enough for themselves to plan for their retirement and not expect to be taken care of by their relatives or the government.  Now I know things do happen but as it is now the system is broke and it can’t be fixed until people take a much stronger role in their own lives.

** Last time I was in the US I did notice several high school boys walking around with the tiny little half purse half backpack things that was really popular with women, I think they might still be.  That was odd enough but it wasn’t enough to make a judgment on if it was something very common, just picking up steam or an aberration.  Hell, by now it might be all over the place in the US but since I haven’t been there in almost a year I wouldn’t really know.  If you are an American man go out and either get a messenger bag or a real backpack and stop it right now before it’s too late.

I’m sorry America

So really think about this. The American Military is supposed to be defending the American people/American interests right? Well if they are not it would be a valid reason to protest and claim that they are being used improperly and should come home. Well my question is not if they should or should not be where they are but why they bother to defend the American people. Really every other day you see pictures and videos coming form the country where there people are literally calling the people who are sworn to defend you names.  Baby killer, murdered, stupid, redneck, ignorant. No other country in the world treats the people who they count on for national defense so harshly. People in places like Singapore most men anyway have been part of the defense force for at lest some time and it is normal. They never would treat their military or ex military men/woman how the U.S. treat theirs. Hell the people of Singapore treat the U.S. military better then many people in the U.S. do. Why is this? So you don’t like the current president, OK that is a valid. But really why do so many people in America feel they can talk down, denigrate, make fun of, the people who are sworn to protect them and still feel that they deserve this protection?

I am not saying that America is always right but why the hell do the soldiers and sailors of the country have to be bombarded with a constant steam of hate from their own countrymen. I watched a man who once was a sailor in the imperial Japanese Navy (during WWII), buy a round, raise toast and shake the hands of American Sailors out or respect for who they where even though he didn’t agree with everything the U.S. government was doing, while American citizens spend there time spitting on them. Do I agree with all of what the country does? No! You never will and never can, that’s not the point but why do people feel the need to spit on the sacrifices that their countrymen made for them? America is one of the few places that this happens, hell most places these people would of been killed by the government rather then protected by them in doing it.

My question to you is why does an old salt from the Japanese Imperial Navy have and give more respect to the American sailor or Marine then an American college student?
Why does some guy in a bar in Singapore, Hong Kong or Sri Lanka give more respect to an American soldier then some rich kid in Berkeley?

And Why after seeing all of this on the news every night do they still fight for their country?

But they don’t they keep fighting for what matters to them.

There are some people in other countries that support you more then people in your own it’s sad but at least you know you can inspire men around the world.

To end this rant I will close with a Quote from John Stuart Mill:

“A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”