The Ramifications On The Sinking Of The Cheonan And The New Korean War

A lot of new and fun things have been coming from the Korean peninsula recently and I as the worlds foremost experts in all things pertaining to North Korea figure I should once again take you on a journey towards the Hermit Kingdom.

Recent developments have shown that North Korea did in fact sink a South Korean war ship the ROKS Cheonan (PCC-772),  killing 46 people.  This has led to higher than normal tensions between what some refer to as Good Korea and Bad Korea (if you can’t figure out which is which shoot yourself for being a communist).  South Korea has retaliated by tightening sanction and stopping much of the trade between the two countries.  North Korea responded by once again screaming about war denying everything like usual no matter how insane their lies are and may shut down what is left of the trade between the two.  Both countries will deny each other use of ports, airspace and national waters.  North Korea claims any sanctions or any penalty for anything they ever do is an act of war against them (but them torpedoing a ship and killing people is OK for some reason).  Is it going to end it war?  Well I’m going to go with no, because China is still going to pretend to mediate but basically back North Korea simply because they are both communist countries, although I doubt they would send troops in if a war started but they would as usual send supplies and sell them arms even if they do it quietly (although they probably won’t both to do it quietly since every time they sign on to stop sending the money and arms the just do it anyway and everyone knows it).  South Korea probably knows that Obama doesn’t have the stomach to really back them if a war starts.  South Korea probably knows war is not the best answer because they would be on their own and if they did crush North Korea it would cause them to go broke trying to rebuild it if they went for reunification and there would be a lot of other problems if they crushed the North and then let them keep their country.   North Korea needs to talk about war to keep their population in line but knows they don’t have the money or resources to wage a real war.  China doesn’t want a war because they might also have to pick up the tab for North Korea and deal with the refugee problem it would create and also doesn’t want a unified Korean peninsula with a pro-west or at least pro-democracy government so they want to keep the status quo.  America is dealing with two other wars and has a leader who can’t even talk to a class of 4th graders without a teleprompter and when it comes to military decisions waffles so much it causes earthquakes

While North Korea has an extremely large army it is very underpowered technologically and the troops are staving.  They can do some damage but they can’t wage a protracted war without turning the whole army into a suicide squad.  War is not their aim.  I know it sounds odd when I say they did not try to start a war.  They attacked another country but are not trying to get into a war? Yes, that’s what is going on.  It makes sense from their thinking, well to a point I was even surprised they went this far however unless they pull a couple more stunts like this I will say that they don’t want a war.  What they want it to give South Korea and the rest of the world a black eye and use the war propaganda to get them through the sanctions and show everyone how tough they are.  They know or at least think the UN will not do anything about it (well everyone knows the UN will not do anything), South Korea and America don’t want a war and even if the South did America doesn’t want to get into another one right now and without American support South Korea will be hesitant to attack and due to the world’s economy being in the toilet the rest of the world, or at least the portions who while wouldn’t help militarily but may help economically will be hesitant to spend large sums in support of the South thus helping North Korea get away with this.

Now the question becomes why would North Korea bother to do this in the first place?  It’s because Kim Jong-il is old and probably dieing.  His successor Kim Jong-un is relatively unknown and unlike Kim Jong-il was not groomed for years as a successor so this causes  problems in a communist country since it is the only country that has ever existed that has a system best described as a Dynastic Communism. In order for Kim Jong-un to come to power with at least a little of his father’s power North Korea need a good propaganda coupe to look powerful in the world towards the people.  Acting aggressively like this and not suffering military consequences does this for the most part.  Basically they are bluffing the world much like they always do when they scream about war only this time they upped the ante by blowing up a South Korean ship and if the world doesn’t call the bluff they will succeed and they can run with the propaganda for a couple of years and use it to help ease the succession problems at least somewhat.

Do I want war?  No, not really, war isn’t a good thing, it is sometimes necessary though.  The men that died aboard the Cheonan need justice but in this world justice is in very short supply.  The problem with this is that there are no good options, sanctions have never worked with North Korea for longer than a week, they will pretend to be good now and then but they never change.  war could be catastrophic for the Korean peninsula both in the human and economic costs.   I have already mentioned the problems with outside support so the financial burden that may be lifted to some extent (although the human cost will remain) will not be lessened much if at all.  In a better world even if something like this did happen a large international force would have started operations last week and while the war would happen the financial cost and the human cost would be more spread out and the reconstruction of the North after the end of the war wouldn’t bankrupt South Korea.  But we live in this world where the UN sits by and watches genocide while raping and stealing from the ones lucky enough to survive and most counties think diplomacy is the answer to everything no matter what evidence there is to the contrary.

So what is the cure for all this mess?  Fuck if I know.  OK I do know to a point.  The civilized world needs to enforce strict sanctions making it illegal to sell or buy anything from North Korea (china and the uncivilized world will not go along but other than China most of the uncivilized world excluding some Middle Eastern countries don’t have much money).  We also need to get an international force to station more troops on the border shut down the sea lanes and let North Korea know that if they try to pull something they will be destroyed.  OK in reality the cure for this is for the world to pull its head out its ass and do a bunch of other things it will never do.  OK better solution, hid under your desk cover your ears and eyes, cry like a little bitch and hope it will all go away (or in other words mostly what the worlds leaders do now).  I’m counting on not much happening other than talk and I will still have to deal with North Korea shooting rockets over my head (I live in Japan if you didn’t know), well when their rockets don’t blow up during the launch.

Alright I’m joking, I think…  OK that wasn’t a joke I just want to tell myself it was.  Other than what little sanctions we can get right now we probably won’t be able to do much until Kim Jong-il finally finds his way to hell and if we are luck we can find a way to work with Kim Jong-un and hope (yes “hope” also known as lying to yourself so you don’t cry yourself to sleep every night) he has the power to do something and be North Korea’s Mikhail Gorbachev.  Then we have to hope that unlike Russia North Korea doesn’t end up with their own version of Putin and the rest of the ex-KGB and Russian Mafia that is currently running Russia.  Yes, Russia’s current leadership is still a bunch of bastards but they cause less international problems than the old Soviet Union.

The good news is that North Korea probably can’t cause WWIII since most countries won’t back them in a shooting war so unless China gets really stupid and commits troops (something they know is not in their economic interest) we don’t have to worry about that.  The bad news is that what I just said was the closest thing we have to good news.

I’m not going to get into much else about what would happen in a war, North Korea’s military or the ramifications of a change of government because I have already done it several times so if you want more just go here and you can read all my other articles on North Korea (really, do it, you might learn something).


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Illegal Immigration, Arizona And A Bunch Of Hypocrisy

There has been a lot of BS lately about SB 1070, the new law in Arizona about illegal immigration and a lot of people are angry about it.  Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder yelled about it and called it racist even before they read the thing.  Yes the two most brilliant legal minds in the United States Obama and Eric Holder.  Eric Holder of course being the guy that couldn’t find anything illegal with The Black Panthers showing up to polling stations with clubs to intimidate voters who might not be voting for Obama and Obama whose main legal experience was when he worked for ACORN an organization that has been under so many indictments in the last year they make the Mob look like Boy Scouts.  Yes, these two great legal minds know – without even reading the law – they just know it is unconstitutional, racist and wrong.  I don’t know if anyone yelling about it has read it but it is sad when the President and the Attorney General of The United States both yell about a law they didn’t read (I can give Obama a pass since his teleprompter probably forgot to mention it but Holder doesn’t have that excuse).  People say it’s racist, how?  You check to see someone’s papers to see if they are in the country illegally and it’s suddenly Nazi Germany as some people did suggest (that sounds like a straw-man argument from me but sadly it’s not)?  Let me explain something to you, if you are in the United States you are by law required to have your papers (well it’s a card but whatever) showing you are in the country legally on you at all times if you are not a citizen, it’s federal law.  All Arizona is doing is helping enforce federal law, it is not their job to do it but we all know the federal government isn’t doing it like they are supposed to so what do you what?  It’s not racist, you are either here illegally or legally that’s it, it’s not like an illegal alien from Russia is going to get a pass while the one from Cameroon is not.  So shut up with the bullshit racism shit.

Even the president of Mexico decided to yell about the law.  Hello Pot I’m the mother fucking Kettle.   Mexico enforces their immigration laws why can’t we?  Wait, not only do they enforce their immigration laws but their police have a tendency for rape, theft and extortion if not outright murder towards any illegal immigrant they see.  He wants to bitch about a simple law in Arizona (that I doubt he read either) while what his own country does to illegal immigrant is regularly condemned by Human Rights groups across the world.  Fuck him, his country encourages illegal immigration into the US while at the same time not only strictly enforces its own much harsher illegal immigration laws but the law enforcement regularly abuses illegal aliens in every way it can.  Fuck you.   It’s not even the Pot Calling the Kettle black.  This is Stalin calling a Gandhi a mass murderer.  In America and in Arizona illegal aliens will be arrested and deported, in Mexico they will be robbed and raped by the police and if they are lucky enough not to be murdered or sold into sexual slavery (by the Mexican police) they will be deported after service jail time.  Fuck you Mexico and fuck your President.

OK, to put this all in perspective.  I live in Japan as I have said before.  I am not a Japanese citizen I live here as a legal immigrant on a work visa and am required to show this to the police if I am stopped by them so I must have it on me at all times.  Now I have yet to have to show this to the police because I have not been stopped by them or arrested because I don’t break the fucking law in the first place. And unlike Mexico if I did get stopped by the Japanese police I would not be raped, robbed and sold into sexual slavery if I was here illegally.  In Arizona they are not randomly stopping people and checking to see if they are legal, they are only checking people when they are stopped by the police for breaking the law.  Yes, it might only be a speeding ticket but they still broke the law.  Like I said I do not have to show my visa every time I see a cop, and in Arizona you will not either, you only have to do it is they have to stop you and investigate something, like you breaking the fucking law.  Does it hurt me to have to make sure I have my “papers” on me at all times?  No, no it doesn’t.  The only people this would hurt are people who don’t have them, the kind of person in a country illegally, the kind of person that is already breaking the law and then when they break another law they get caught.  OH NOES poor you!  No, really fuck you.  I don’t feel bad for you, I really don’t I had to do it legal and proper to live in Japan you should do it legal and proper to live in the US.  If you don’t want to do that I don’t care, fuck you have fun getting deported.

And on with more fun with the whole thing.  So morons in California (you know the state that invented stupidity and a complete lack of fiscal responsibility) specifically the Los Angeles City Council (a city that makes Kabul look like a nice place to live) want to boycott Arizona (well other people do too but Los Angeles thinks they’re cool so we will go with these morons).  So Gary Pierce, a Commissioner at the Arizona Corporation Commission sent them a nice little letter (signed by is other friends at the Commission) to the good folks on the Los Angeles City Council.  I posted it in its entirety, have fun reading it, it’s funny as hell.

“Dear Mayor Villaraigosa,

I was dismayed to learn that the Los Angeles City Council voted to boycott Arizona and Arizona-based companies — a vote you strongly supported — to show opposition to SB 1070 (Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act).

You explained your support of the boycott as follows: “While we recognize that as neighbors, we share resources and ties with the State of Arizona that may be difficult to sever, our goal is not to hurt the local economy of Los Angeles, but to impact the economy of Arizona.  Our intent is to use our dollars — or the withholding of our dollars — to send a message.” (emphasis added)

I received your message; please receive mine.  As a state-wide elected member of the Arizona Corporation Commission overseeing Arizona’s electric and water utilities, I too am keenly aware of the “resources and ties” we share with the City of Los Angeles. In fact, approximately twenty-five percent of the electricity consumed in Los Angeles is generated by power plants in Arizona.

If an economic boycott is truly what you desire, I will be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements so Los Angeles no longer receives any power from Arizona-based generation. I am confident that Arizona’s utilities would be happy to take those electrons off your hands. If, however, you find that the City Council lacks the strength of its convictions to turn off the lights in Los Angeles and boycott Arizona power, please reconsider the wisdom of attempting to harm Arizona’s economy.

People of goodwill can disagree over the merits of SB 1070. A state-wide economic boycott of Arizona is not a message sent in goodwill.


Commissioner Gary Pierce”

Oh does it sound fun and considering that California is broke, on the verge of collapse and already has problems with electricity I don’t think they can afford to pull this shit.  Personally if I was Arizona I would do it no matter what the Angeles City Council does about this, fuck them they want to be a bunch of assholes let them fucking deal with the consequences of being a bunch of assholes even if they want to back out of their idiocy, when they realize the consequences of it.  They might want a fight when it sounds good for their reelection or to score political points but want to back down quietly when they realize their mistakes, no don’t let them, let them deal with it.  They wanted to say it they wanted to do it, let them have it.

I have more, well not much more but this was funny.  It’s some moron calling in to Michael Savage about the bill and they are just priceless.  And by that I I’m talking about really, really stupid.

Why yes she claimed her welfare checks are paid by the tax dollars of illegal aliens after saying Obama is the one who pays them.  I want to hope this woman never breeds but I just know she probably has 8 kids from 8 different fathers whose names she does not remember.

Anyway here is some more fun from Andrew Klavan on this mess:

H/T to Doctor Bulldog and Ronin for the videos.


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Draw Muhammad Day With Hate Comics

After 4 years new HATE COMICS.  Please click on the image to enlarge.  Also the person that did this would like you to  send all death threats and Fatwas to   You want to get angry about people making fun of Muhammad and Islam stop blowing shit up and trying to kill people if they even mention the shit.  Welcome to the 21st century assholes.

Ronnie James Dio Dead At 67

That sucks.  Really it fucking sucks, the guy rocked both in his solo stuff and when he was with Black Sabbath (yes Ozzy was the best but come the fuck on, Sabbath had some good fucking albums with Dio).

So here is some Dio by himself and then some Dio with Black Sabbath.  If you don’t like the shit you are the kind of person who has sex with their sister, has AIDS and killed Jesus!

Holy Diver fucking rocks.

Die Young From Black Sabbath with Dio.

And Heaven And Hell.  More Dio and Black Sabbath.


Llama out and unlike most of the rest of you Dio wasn’t a bitch.

When White People Exclude Blacks It Is Illegal. When Blacks Exclude Whites It Is… Um… Sorry, We Have To Check…

A school in Michigan sends only black kids on a field trip – that’s right they only would let black students go – and while the group only, open to black students, in a public school, has been disbanded while an investigation is going on someone actually has to ask themselves if this is illegal.  If it was white students and you told everyone else they couldn’t go I bet we wouldn’t have to ask this question now would we?  This is bullshit.  Now it’s good they are investigating but they should have fired the principal already especially when he yelled at all the other students going so far as to belittle a young Moslem girl for standing up to him, when they got upset they could go on a field trip.  The principal yelled at the kids for getting angry they got shut out of a field trip because of their race.   Way to build racial tolerance there moron.  I am sick of this ethnocentric bullshit.  You say this was to help bridge the achievement gap right?  Were the kids that went on the trip the ones that were doing poorly in school or did you just pick black kids even if they had good grades?  Wouldn’t any kid having problems in school been helped by this trip?  If it’s for underperforming students why not take all the underperforming students of every race?  Oh, because it’s not about that it’s really about race and that is it.  You don’t give a shit about a kid that isn’t black that is having problems in school you only care about the black ones.  Fuck you.

One of the things that didn’t come out in either article (but was on the comments section) you might want to read:

“I have a child in the Dicken 5th grade class in question. Every single parent of those kids heard the same story of yelling and intimidation by Madison.

Let’s start with Lunch Bunch. While it may sound like it’s a lunchtime opportunity to help kids academically, tutoring, homework, etc, it’s not. Lunch Bunch is a weekly arrangement for ONLY African American kids to have free pizza, the boys go to the gym to play basketball and the girls go to the art room for activities. All non-blacks are forbidden to participate. There has never been communication to parents on the purpose of Lunch Bunch. To the kids, it means that every single week the black kids get a special opportunity for a pizza and basketball party. While Madison may have announced it to the PTO in February, if memory serves me Lunch Bunch started in Dec. The non-black kids at Dicken have been dealing with this discrimination week after week, every week, for 5 months.

On April 26, Madison announced over the school-wide PA system that the Lunch Bunch kids were going on a special field trip. No communication was sent to parents. Ironically some of the African American kids expressed discomfort at this field trip, citing that they felt it was racist. In any event, the black children left on this field trip on April 28 at 12:30pm and returned at 2:30pm. The class in question is a fun class, and frequently do good-natured booing to eachother, such as: no outside recess today b/c it’s raining! “Boooooo!” When the black kids returned to class the kids who were left behind booed.

April 29: Madison, upon learning of this, went to the classroom and proceeded to yell at the kids. Yes, YELL. There was no “discussion”. Per my son:
“Do you have a problem with me taking children of my race on a special field trip?”
Little Muslim girl, who mustered the courage to speak: “Well, as a matter of fact, I do”
Madison cut her off and loudly yelled: “I SAID DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH WHAT I DID????”

Stop me when this starts to sound like a meaningful “discussion”.

After berating the kids, he left the room. The kids were a mixture of confused, crying, shocked and frightened. The school psychologist heard what happened and ran down to the room to do damage control.

Meaningful discussion, right?

On April 30 he apologized to the class. Still: no communication to parents.

The school board needs to step up and handle this immediately. This should not be playing out in front of 10/11 year olds.

To Lunch Bunch, to special field trips, to Mike Madison and to all who judge others based on the color of their skin rather than the content of their character, I say: boooooooooo”

So a club is set up for only blacks in a public school but would it be OK if a club was set up in a public school only for whites?  Take some time to answer that and do it honestly.  If you can say it’s OK for one it’s OK for all, if you say one is wrong the other must be.  I don’t believe in segregation ever.  I think it is wrong, immoral, ignorant, foolish and rude.   If you want to do it go the fuck ahead I will have nothing to do with you, but when you bring this shit into our school there is a very, very big fucking problem.  Leave your racism and bullshit outside and do it on your free time.  We might never be able to get rid of racism but we shouldn’t sanction it in our schools and we definitely should fire the hell out of a principal that does.


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May 20th Is Draw Muhammad Day

Apparently some people decided to turn May 20th into Draw Muhammad day as a protest against the threats against the creators of South Park (and I think a lot of other threats and bullshit from the “Religion of Peace”) and since we here at Letters To A Dying Dream never shy away from a chance to get a Fatwa put out on our heads we will be participating.  The Drunken Llama has convinced the creator of Hate Comics to come out of his self imposed exile long enough to do the artwork.  I can only imagine that it will be offensive and probably very, very poorly drawn.  But I’m sure that if you have seen any of his old stuff that The Drunken Llama has been posting recently on his site you already know that.   So on May 20th after a 4 year hiatus Letters To A Dying Dream and Drunken Llama will be posting a brand new Hate Comics just for this very special occasion.

Now everyone should participate, you don’t even have to make the drawing offensive (well it is just by being there) but you don’t have to do anything really bad just draw Muhammad and show your support for free speech and against Islamic radicalism.  Ours however will be offensive.

You can start the Fatwa now or wait until Thursday either way it’s called freedom of speech you shitheads, welcome to the 21st century!

As the Llama would say:

Fatwa my dick bitches!

You Cannot Wear A Shirt With An American Flag On It In America… Wait… What?

“Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees

On any other day at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Daniel Galli and his four friends would not even be noticed for wearing T-shirts with the American flag. But Cinco de Mayo is not any typical day especially on a campus with a large Mexican American student population.

Galli says he and his friends were sitting at a table during brunch break when the vice principal asked two of the boys to remove American flag bandannas that they wearing on their heads and for the others to turn their American flag T-shirts inside out. When they refused, the boys were ordered to go to the principal’s office.

“They said we could wear it on any other day,” Daniel Galli said, “but today is sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it’s supposed to be their holiday so we were not allowed to wear it today.”

The boys said the administrators called their T-shirts “incendiary” that would lead to fights on campus.”

What the hell is wrong with that school.  The American flag is “incendiary” in America?  Not Iran or North Korea but America?  You can’t wear an American flag to school in America?  Plus if you think it will cause violence you punish the kids that didn’t do anything and don’t even pay attention to these “violent kids”?  You are punishing innocent children because you don’t want to deal with children that a so enraged by their own ethnocentrism that they will attack other children for wearing a t-shirt with an American flag on it (the country everyone lives in)?  Peoples tax dollars are going to this school?  What the fuck, ever hear about the First Amendment?  Wait, never mind.   It’s a public school in California, probably not…

Here is a great quote:

“I think they should apologize cause it is a Mexican Heritage Day,” Annicia Nunez, a Live Oak High student, said. “We don’t deserve to be get disrespected like that. We wouldn’t do that on Fourth of July.”

Um, shut up…  Just shut up…

OK, Annicia, I have some questions for you.  Do you wear the American flag – t-shirt, pin, hat, anything – on the 4th of July (FYI the holiday is called Independence Day, the 4th of July is not a holiday, Independence Day is a holiday that happens to fall on the 4th of July)?  You know, to celebrate the country you live in?  I just want to know.  How is it disrespectful to wear an American flag on a t-shirt in America even if it is May 5th?  You Say it’s Mexican Heritage Day, but are you in Mexico?  Wait, what your aren’t?   It’s not disrespectful you twit!  You just want to make it into something it’s not.  You want to have some ethnocentric complaint about people who are not Mexican so you can feal superior to them and their little flag is letting you do that.  Shut up.

Anyway back to the point.  A school kicked kids out because they were wearing t-shirts with the American flag on it, in America on a Mexican holiday people in Mexico don’t even celebrate (I’ll get to that in a minute).  Are you Fucking Serious?   If you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the US go right ahead, it’s not hurting anyone just remember you are not in Mexico and just because you care doesn’t mean the 93% of America that isn’t of Mexican origin has to care.  Hell they barely even celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexico outside of one Mexican state and even in that state it isn’t a big thing  (yes I know I said they don’t celebrate it, they do but it’s so small that you might as well say they don’t, plus I was making a point, so shut up).  Cinco de Mayo is basically a Mexican Holiday that is really only celebrated in the US making it more culturally American than Mexican.  And you want to bitch about some kids with a US flag on a t-shirt?  Are you all insane, stupid or looking for some bullshit ethnic grievance?

I live in Japan.  I don’t yell at people if they have  t-shirt on with the Japanese flag on it on Independence Day because that would be fucking stupid and ignorant.  Some of the bars in Tokyo, Yokohama and around the US bases in Japan have specials and such for American holidays like the INDEPENDENCE DAY (seriously, knock off the 4th of July shit, it irritates me) because they do get business from Americans and it’s a good way to attract more business.  And it’s fun for all involved, Japanese, American and and other peoples that show up, but no one, and I mean no one would be offended if someone showed up with a t-shirt with the Japanese flag on it.

Look there is nothing wrong with celebrating Cinco de Mayo, even if you are not Mexican, it can be fun.  Everyone celebrates ST. Patrick’s Day – even in Japan – because it’s fun and it gives us all an excuse to drink Guinness and Murphy’s stout, listen to the Puoges and have a really good time.  In America of ST. Patrick’s day you see both the American flag and the Irish flag (and tonnes of flags with a shamrock on them), and it’s the same with Oktoberfest (something else they do have celebrations for in Japan, and it was fun).  This weekend in Tokyo they are having the Jamaican festival, I’m going, because it will be a good time.  Hang out with friends, meet new people, listen to some good music drink Red Stripe and eat some good food and when the have the Indian festival at the same park I’m going to that too for the same reasons.  It’s fun, and everyone even if they are not Indian or Jamaican can have a good time.  So why do we have to turn Cinco de Mayo into some ethnocentric bullshit when we could all get together eat some good food, hang out with our friends and drink some Negra Modelo or Dos Equis?*  Wake the fuck up people.  You never hear Chinese Americans yelling about American flags during the Chinese New Year you you?  What, you don’t?  I wonder why?  Because they aren’t trying to pull some bullshit ethnocentric crap.

America is a melting pot, start melting or shut the fuck up.  America is a rich tapestry of different cultures and peoples coming together to form something new, you don’t have to abandon your heritage but you can’t keep it all and everything starts to blend together.  My ancestors wanted to be American, that’s why they moved there.  There is nothing wrong with honoring your ancestry  but you are American first.

Look, we can either all be Mexican for the day like being Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and have a good time or you can all go fuck yourselves.  There is no option “C”.


I hate it here…

* I didn’t put Corona on that list for a reason, because much like Budweiser it sucks and is only good for two things; giving you diarrhea or a hangover and usually both (even if you only had one).