I’m Going to Culturally Appropriate The Shit Outta That.

Yep, I said it and that is what I’m fixing to do. Wait, one second I’m going to crack open a beer. Beer? Really did your people invent beer? Nope. Is it a beer native from my ancestral homeland? Also nope and I’m still gonna drink it. My people didn’t invent Tetris either but I’m still going to play the shit out of it when I’m waiting at the DMV.

Stop me. Please, go ahead and try to stop me cause I’m about to appropriate some motherfucking cultures. I’m going to zig when you thought I would zag and before you know it… something… Sports metaphor… something something… Yeah… there was a point in all of this and it was all about tacos.

I fucking love tacos! I also love English Common Law, beer, Representative Democracy, anything done to a sheep that involves curry and not sex, indoor plumbing and the aesthetics of pre-modern Japanese architecture. I love Japanese people playing Irish punk, German people playing Horror Punk and I’m still going to rock out to some metal from Botswana. Did I mention tacos? Have you ever had taco rice? It’s a common dish from Okinawa and it’s bloody awesome.

This isn’t some sort of multiculturalism BS where we have to fetishize other cultures this is just the reality of a world where we can know other cultures and learn from them while they learn from us and we don’t even have to kill each other to do it anymore. We can take the good things about those other people and incorporate them into ourselves. Did you know the potato is not native to Ireland or even Europe? Do you like Italian food? Who in their right mind doesn’t? Neither the tomato nor pasta originated in Italy. One didn’t even originate in the same hemisphere but for some reason Italy was able to take those two things mix them with some local delights and come up with glory.

Can you dig it?

No? Do you want to complain and be an over sensitive idiot? Fuck you I will keep going and you can’t do shit about it. Cultures and societies evolve in three ways. One is from changes and pressures within the society or culture, one from without or a mixture of both. Sometimes times they are exclusive of one another and other times they are the direct result of one another. Take a simple example of this from Japan. The Bakufu system (military rule by the Shogun vice rule by the Emperor) was from purely internal forces, the Meiji Restoration was the result of both internal and external forces and the current Japanese Constitution was the result of external forces. Is all change good? No, not always but sometimes it can be. You can argue that the Meiji restoration was a good thing in some ways for Japan but did lead towards the imperialism and horrors of WWII while at the same time setting up a basis where the current Japanese political system would end up being acceptable. The Meiji restoration led to both the idea of the Diet (the Japanese parliament) and the imperialism of the early 20th century. The idea of a constitutional monarchy was born there and continues. Now has it all been good? No but remember me talking about our ancestors before? By the time WWII happened England had shrugged off the worst of its decades long imperialist abuses although to the Imperialism while Japan continued them. Remember all our ancestors are horrible people but this was the difference between the two empires at that time. One while not good was and had been getting better and one was, well mostly all bad.

How does this tie in to appropriating culture? As countries, cultures, religions clash they exchange their ideas for better or worse and mankind has been doing it for the entirety of its existence. Hell half of mankind isn’t fully H. Sapiens. Remember all the Neanderthals we fucked and or killed to get where we are today? Chances are unless you are 100% sub-Saharan African and have zero relatives from Madagascar one of your ancestors is a Neanderthal or Denisovan. Hell even if you are 100% sub-Saharan African you could still have blue eyes or you could be from a Pacific island and have blonde hair and blue eyes and no dirty European blood required. Genetics is silly and sometimes fun.

If you don’t get it yet humans are a mixed race. We mix ideas while we bloodlines and make good and bad things with it. The Iroquois Confederacy had a profound effect on the American colonist as well as the Roman Republic, English Common Law, Christianity and Greek philosophy and Democracy. And that is just the bloody goat fucking start. The Ancient Greeks were making Buddhist art 2000 years before white hipster twats in SF where annoying people with their fake enlightenment. If you don’t believe me look up the history of the Hindu Kush.

Our societies and our cultures are built off of the collective knowledge of the societies and cultures that came before us, how they interacted, collaborated, fought and learned from one another. It wasn’t always pleasant and it wasn’t always nice but to stop this exchange would be the destruction and death of the progress and evolution of mankind. We need the cultural exchange. Without it we wouldn’t have modern fucking medicine, mathematics, physics, or fucking indoor plumbing and fuck you I’m not going to go back to shitting in a random hole and using leaves and unlucky squirrels for ass wipe. My Car is Japanese, the TV Korean but you know damn well the computer is American. I’m drinking a Canadian beer, my lunch was Italian, my dinner Indian and the last pair of shoes I bought was made in Vietnam. I’m going to eat sushi, adobo, jerk chicken or a burger and fries. I’ll listen to Opera, watch American football and eat tacos while I drink Gin, Saki and Soju. I’m going to listen to African folk tales while dancing to gypsy songs in the middle of Lima, Helsinki or Bangkok while you . I’m going to appropriate the fuck out of your culture and I’m going to serve you mine on a platter of gold and if you don’t like it you should try to shove the world up your ass because that is where your head is and for once you might be able to see the place.

In the end it won’t matter anyway since these guys already appropriated all the awesomeness that was left in the world.


Fuck all you hipster and SJW cunts.


100,000 Years of Stupid

Hello people and the random sentient beings watching us angrily from the abyss. Since I haven’t been around for a while I’m going to take this slow and ease my way in back in to the swing of things. Don’t worry kids eventually I may get banned by the UN for my creative use of the English language, my ability to invent new and exciting obscenities and telling the truth but for now I’ll start off will telling you all that your culture sucks and your ancestors suck. Sorry did I forget to tell you that since you are no longer in your mother’s womb this is not only not a safe space but you will not be getting any participation trophies either. Yes, you, stop looking around thinking I’m talking to someone else. I’m talking to you. I’m talking to all of you and the more you think I’m talking to other people and this doesn’t apply to you the more it does so stop, quit down and listen before I beat you like your father should have done if he had stuck around. I know you don’t want to do that since people rarely like listening to anything that doesn’t conform to their preconceived notions and if for some reason you are already agreeing with me you better fucking stop that as well. You have no idea why I have said any of this yet so what exactly are you agreeing with? Are you agreeing with my ideas about your genetic or cultural heritage or your own biases and anger towards them? I don’t think we are in agreement, so stop, listen and wait to get angry till I have finished. You might learn something and if not its sounds like a whole lot of not my problem.

So let’s do this. Every single person on this planet is the descendent of rapists, slavers, genocidal maniacs, racists, murderers, imperialists, thieves and cannibals. Think about every horrible thing you can think of. Your ancestors did all of that and more. They did it to anyone and everyone they could find and they enjoyed it. And while your ancestors where doing that to everyone they could find everyone else’s ancestors where doing it to your ancestors and everyone they could find. Sometimes they even involved livestock in their shenanigans.

Are you angry? Are you uncomfortable? Good, now it’s time to learn something. None of this is your fault. Not a single thing your ancestors have ever done throughout all of history is your fault. And if we take that idea and expand on that idea not a single thing anyone else’s ancestors have ever done throughout all of history is their fault. The fault lies with individual person guilty of whatever crimes we want to talk about. Are you as an individual currently engaged in or have engaged in genocide, the slave trade, theft or rape? Has the person sitting next to you engaged in any of this behavior? Now since the answer on both accounts is most likely “no” unless you work at the UN I want you to stop and ask yourself this question. “If no ones ancestors are without flaws including my own should I be using the ancestors of others as a reason to hate that individual or in any way against them?”

There is one correct answer to that question.

Now remembering that everyone’s ancestors and culture at one time or another where horrible does that say that they always will be? Think back to history. Can people and culture change? Can they get better? Can they get worse? Yes they can on all accounts. You can look to history to see patterns, suggestions that a society is going from one to the other but that does not mean it will play out the same every time. Remember that time your culture invented something? Oh, I bet you can, now remember how you had absolutely nothing to do with it? Oh, you don’t want to think of it like that. I’m sorry about reminding you about that but… Wait… No, I’m not sorry you didn’t have shit to do with it. Is your pride married to the accomplishments of others or yourself? What did you accomplish this week? If your identity is wrapped around the accomplishments of others you may suck as a person.

The worlds cultural heritage is complex and sadly it is often horrifying but it isn’t always so. All throughout history many people have tried to do good things and live well but since they are people and not unicorns or The Ramones they had their flaws, what can we learn from them? Unless you are stupid you should already understand that nothing about culture or race is monolithic. Look at the individual first because if you do not you will repeat the mistakes of OUR ancestors without anyone learning all of the things they can they teach us.

Next time I’m going to explain to you why cultural appropriation is a good thing that should be encouraged and not just for the tacos, indoor plumbing and penicillin.



I hate is here…

Quote Of The Day: 911 Edition.

“I’ll just add here that commemorating 9/11 seems to me a stupid idea in
itself. A nation should commemorate its achievements, its moments of glory.
Low points like 9/11 should be passed over in grim silence, or marked by
launching a few well-aimed barrages of cruise missiles.” – John Derbyshire




This is the truth.  Don’t forget it but don’t wallow in it.  Remember it, understand it, and break the fucks that did it so hard no one will ever try it again because they will remember not what they did so much as the consequences rained down upon them for doing it.





The Final Words Of The Last True Prophet

I woke up and started laughing.  A million images shooting across my mind, my thoughts like a deluge to wipe away the thin veneer on top of whatever I had left to call my minds defenses.  It’s not me, I thought the sky was blue.  It’s the world, I thought.  The world that’s gone cracked.  The sky is still blue but why do I have to remind myself of that?  Images continue to rage, laughter, I taste iron and the sea.  I taste and terror of a million worlds burning and the cries of those asking for salvation.  But I laughed, and I haven’t stopped Days.  Months.   Years.  The laughter continues without end.  Has it always been this bad, the insanity of the world?  Has it, through the ages never changed and we just do not see?  Do we wrap our minds around only that which we want to comprehend?  Am I the last sane man on Earth laughing at the absurdity of the world,  Laughing form somewhere deep down and my mind knows that to stop laughing would bring demons?  The terror, the darkness…  The demons will come if I stop laughing, my mind would melt and I would fall.  Do I join the world in it’s insanity or is the laughter my saving grace, my weapon against their brotherhood?  Is the last sane man on Earth, the most insane of them all?  The deluge of a million thoughts scream for my sacrament and I laugh.  Push it down, kill my own mind so that I might find peace, but peace is a lie, I know this but we need these lies.  Hope, hope is a lie, but without it we would scream, cry out, we could not deal with the world without the lies.  We need it so we can sleep at night without awaking in terror from the lives we have created for ourselves and the world we don’t want to face.  I cannot lie to myself any more, so I laugh, my last defense from the jetsam the deluge brings.  We sacrifice our children at the alter of our own vanity and glorify ourselves as gods.  Blood spilled on rotting alters.  Worshiped and sanctified by our own minds.  I laugh, I have for eons it seams, I no longer know the time before the deluge.  Faint memories, locked in clouded shrines lost to the ages inscribed with words I no longer know.  I see my fall and I laugh.  I welcome it.  I want it, for in the fall there is peace, the lie that keeps the demons out.  I cannot claim to be a god as others do, the last shred of my inner being will not let me use that armor against the world.  I know the lie and the false prophets, the Soma holidays have long since lost their luster.  I will destroy myself to be reborn again, but why?  It didn’t work last time.  Would it work now?  No, no!  I know it cannot, it never will, self destruction is the demons goal.  They sing to you like the tainted muse.  I laugh to keep the hidden things underneath and the sounds out.  And I laugh, there is joy in it yet.  Forced, and longing for the light the world with never see.  I see the end, the last prophet.  He is coming, yet already I know his words.  I keep laughing at the world, laughing into my own oblivion.  I could teach you his words, I could yell them now yet your minds would not let you hear them.  A thousand times I could cry and in the deluge I could not be heard.  So I laugh and if you knew the prophets words so would you.  The images sorted in my mind reveal existence and the secrets of the world.  I have found the meaning behind the vale, the truth and light in this world.  I have seen and I know the last prophets words to the nations:

“We’re all fucked, might as well grab a beer and enjoy it”.


See now you’re laughing…

How Alcohol, Anecdotes From My Life And Sex Have Led Me To Solve The Problem Of Racism

I’ll tell you a funny story about race.  While I was in collage I was sitting in my academic advisor’s office (I’ll get it out-of-the-way and say she was black only because it is important to this story since the story is about race) while she had stepped out for the moment I started looking around the office at the books she had.  An autobiography of Huey Newton, a book entitled Black Feminism and many other such titles, it was a cornucopia of a certain strain of political silliness, but it happens.  Then I got to one called White People and by this point she had come back into the office and I had also notice the nice picture of her and her white husband (remember Black Feminism), and I started laughing, yes I’m an ass, but something about a person that has a book called Black Feminism being married to a bald white guy (because you know every characture of “The Man” is a bald white guy) comes off as fucking hilarious to someone who grew up watching In Living Color.  She of course asks me why I am laughing and I mention I find it absolutely hilarious that someone actually wrote a book called “White People” (I think it was the play White People and not another book of the same title I didn’t look that hard, the point is that it’s a book called White People).  And that’s where it went wrong.  She wanted  to know what was so funny about a book called White People so I told her, not about the white husband part just the fact I thought a book called White People was funny.  “Why is that funny?”  She asks.  So I tell her “Because race is a joke, it’s nothing more than random genetic traits that people make to much of to the point of absurdity” (this is an actual scientific fact look it up).

And that’s where it went wronger (or “more wrong” depending on your grasp of proper English, wait is that even proper English?  Fuck I need to go to 7-11 to find someone who majored in English in collage… That’s where they all work right? I don;t know, but i know it is Not Starbucks because that’s where all the philosophy majors work so I have to try someplace).

Before I get into the rest let me do a little background work here.  This is the Academic Advisor that did not bother to look at my academic transcripts from my previous universities before our meeting and was supposed to help me with picking my classes this semester having no idea about my previous academic background, something she had more than enough time to do since we set up this meeting 2 weeks prior (as in she wasn’t about to do what I would think was her fucking job).  Then even after I explained to her that I am planning on studying Asian History with emphasis on Japan she spends 45 minutes trying to get me to take a Literature class on writings from American slaves. While it might be interesting it has nothing to do with my intended studies since I am not trying to study literature or American History.  If I really care that much I can go to a library.  I don’t want to pay for a class that will not help in any way (since I already finished all the general requirements and electives I needed).  Like I said, not doing what I would think was her job.  You might as well tell the next kid that comes in planning on Majoring Electrical Engineering to take a class on Epidemiology.

Anyhoo back to the point of this little hate crime.  At this point she got visibly angry, or at least really agitated and got into a long spiel about how race really is important (FYI it’s not, well it is if you a moron, but I digress) and started talking about Michael Vick (it was around the time he had just been charged but before the verdict).   Well according to her Michael Vick was only being targeted because he was black because apparently white people can hold all the dog fights they want, really it’s true look it up. It really is legal for white people to have dog fights and not only that but when white people do it even the fucktards from PETA come out to cheer and every time a dog dies an angel gets its wings (It has to be true since it’s on the internets and the internets is always right, even if the only reason it’s on the internets is because I just put in there… But I digress).  Now since I was trying to be polite and not come straight out and call her a fucking moron I tried to reason with her, why i don’t know, W. F. Buckley talking about why he doesn’t debate communists was running through my mind “because there isn’t much to say to someone who believes the moon is made of green cheese”.  I just didn’t listen, so I kept on because I have the inability to see stupid and not try to correct it no matter how many windmill I must attempt to joust.  “It’s not because he’s black, it’s that he was forcing  dogs to fight to money, and he was killing the ones that wouldn’t.  People love dog, and people hate when you are cruel to them” I said, it meant nothing to her, it was only because Michael Vick was black and that was all.  “If he had been white no one would care.  They are only making a big deal about it because he is black” she said, “No, it’s because he was famous, if he wasn’t famous people wouldn’t have made a big deal out of it, yes they would still be angry but the reason it’s such a big deal is because he is famous and doing something not only illegal but horrible” I cried back but to no avail.  Nothing I could say could get through, my arguments no matter how good or correct could have worked.  It’s impossible to win an argument with someone who cannot believe they are wrong.

To say the least I left that school, not only was my advisor an idiot but the school sucked, the classes and teachers where terrible and I could have learned more drinking myself to death.  Seriously these people are fucking stupid, or insane.  I had an online class and they had us do a group project.  How the hell is that supposed to work?  Where we all supposed to fly to Albuquerque every Saturday to meet up or something?  If that wasn’t bad enough they would give you a grade on anything, you turned in reports and tests and you never got a grade back, it was like you were just dumping your work into a trash can never to be seen again.

OK the school sucked but I did learn something important from it.  Race really does mean something, not how you think but sadly it does.  Race means something because morons want it to mean something, they make it mean something and no matter what evidence on the planet or in science to the contrary to them it always will (people also believe in Scientology, Islam and that Budweiser is beer so let’s not assume the world is playing with a full deck).  It’s sad really because we will never be able to move past the bullshit as long as we keep letting people do this so I have come up with a plan to stop it.  Here’s the plan, never, and I mean never fuck anyone from your own race.  Now mind you it pains me to say this because if this catches on eventually we will not have Japanese or Korean women anymore since their blood will be tainted by the rest of us fuckers, but it’s a risk I am willing to take because I’ll be dead by then (plus it would be hypocritical of me to tell people not to do it since I’m already trying to pollute their gene pool with my seed, granted it doesn’t really matter what my race is since honestly I can only imagine my seed would pollute any gene pool not from Saudi Arabia or California).  What are we really going to lose (other than Korean and Japanese women who – other than maybe Columbian girls – are on average the best of the best when it comes to general attractiveness)?  Are white women and black women hot?  Sometimes, but is a girl who is half and half better?  Oh yes she is?   What about a girl who is half black and half Filipino?  Oh god I was 5 seconds away from kidnaping her and waiting for Stockholm Syndrome to kick in.  Men will do stupid, really, really stupid things for women but I would have started WWIII if I though it would help me score a date with that girl, and that is just for the possibility of a date, you don’t even want to know what I would have done for a guarantee.  Why are Brazilian women hot?  Because they are a mix of fucking everything that’s why (well some more than others but that’s why they aren’t perfect but at least they try).  Honestly it doesn’t always work out. India is a place of mixed genetic lines, and not to offend the place but they have some of the ugliest woman I have ever seen outside of a Phish concert.  The thing is though that they also have some of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.  It’s weird I seriously think that half of the countries female population puts all the worlds supermodels to shame and the other half should be living under a bridge killing people.  There is no middle ground.   I love, I mean love Japanese and Korean woman but I’ve seen Indian woman who I would murder whole countries just to get their phone number (yes, in my mind that is a compliment) and they aren’t models or anything just normal girls.

The point is, to fuck, but not just anyone you need to fuck people who aren’t of your race, and do it as much as possible so maybe years from now we won’t have to worry about the bullshit that is the racial debate we have now because it would be pointless and silly (well it is now but it will make even less sense then).  Yes folks, that’s the ticket, miscegenation.  Constant unyielding miscegenation.  Not to toot my own horn here, but I’m a fucking genius, I have just solved all the problems of race (while dunk mind you).  You may thank me now (and the people that make Red Stripe beer since they helped if only for the fact I drank a ton of those little bottles of happiness before and during the writing of this).

Memory hole

Yes a memory hole, for some of you that may have been paying attention, certain things on this site have vanished, just like anything on Wikipedia that might make Obammers look bad, no matter how true it is.    

Anyway back to the point, after thinking it over and a warning from MK I decided to cancel the Facebook and Myspace accounts linked to this blog.  When I think about it you have no reason to contact me, and if you want to you can do try to do it through here.  The less ability people have to find out who I am the better, that’s the point of writing under a pen name, so people don’t come to your job the next day and punch you in the nose, or in the Obammers case, send in the IRS to do an audit, while the DHS is finding subversive materials in my house, like a copy of the Constitution, and sending me to Room 101.  

So sorry people everything went right down the memory hole just like Obama’s commitment to lower taxes.

to all my fans, and hate groups, I must take a small break, sorry.

I don’t usually go into much about my own life on this internet skid mark because frankly it’s not particularly interesting for the most part, and it’s not your business anyway.  With that said I will be posting only sporadically if at all for about a month, maybe two since I’m moving out of the country and it’s going to take away a bit of my time to not only get things ready for the move but to get myself situated in said new country, but I hope to be back to my usual thoughtcrimes and drunken ranting as soon as possible.   I’ll try to have a couple posts but I can’t promise anything.

It’s amusing or annoying how much crap it takes to move to another country even when it’s a country you use to live in.  The main changes after get situated, will be the fact that I will probably end up yelling about my new countries politics as well since that’s were I’ll be, and not here, and the fact I won’t be there to help out when the inevitable revolution happens in America, I’d be all down to help if I was, but since I knew I was leaving I didn’t want to bother to try to start it myself, that and how many people would really have followed my crazy ass had I tried?  But I have left my friends several battalions from my zombie army and the keys to my 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT coupe (the person that gets this joke without looking it up get’s the much coveted “Nerd-boy Of the Year” award).

So if I’m not here for you sorry, I might love you, but I’m not in love with you, if you understand me.    Really it’s not you, it’s me.  Sorry I meant it’s you, I’m fine, I don’t want to lie, you people suck… I’m never good at this kind of thing….

Anyway, I won’t be around much for a bit, so sorry to all 2 of my fans you’ll have to find a way to deal without my guidance, you might even learn how to live your own lives and maybe get a job or something, or if you have been paying any attention to me, might end up in jail for treason since last time I checked the Obammers administration hasn’t read the Constitution, so their definition of treason might be a little off.

Think about it like this, several months ago I promised all of you that I would move out of the country if Obammers got elected, and I, unlike all the assholes, junkies, and plastic people from Hollywood that said they would do it over Bush, I’m actually going to do it.  OK, I admit I told you all I was going to do it no matter who won, but hey, at least I keep my word.

I hate it here, that’s why I’m leaving….

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