I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.


What’s this site all about? Hate, it’s all hate. That and Things. Things that piss us off. Things that should piss you off.  Armchair history, political punditry and the kind of things called hate crimes in totalitarian systems.  Then again some of it isn’t about anything particularly important (like you). It’s about life, well not my life because if I had one I wouldn’t be wasting my time playing on the internets with all these fools.

It’s an Idea, that one man sitting alone in his living room dropping knowledge bombs like a B-17 can change the world. Or at least the CD he’s listening to. That one sounds a lot more realistic doesn’t it?

The Authors:

Letters To A Dying Dream:

Also known as LT. ADD, Letters or T. Yamamoto (none being his real name naturally).

The drunken bastard that started this atrocity and the main writer for most of what passes for discourse on here. You can now find him on the twitters at @drunkenalpaca

Letters can best be summed up by this quote by one of his friends:

“But that section of humanity you like is only you. You tolerate your
friends. You manage to avoid insulting someone you think might give you sex, and burn with barely concealed rage at the rest. You only like you.”

Kick Me In The Nuts:

KMITN is a contributor who rarely contributes until the random time he remembers he is a contributor and either is angry about something or just has the urge to piss someone off.  Unlike Letters he signs most of his posts with “I hate you all”, instead of the usual “I hate it here”, both of which are directly or indirectly stolen from Transmetropolitan.

Drunken Llama:

Drunken Llama is a bigot and an asshole.   A bigot asshole and an alcoholic bastard that should not be allowed around or speak to anyone ever.  He has his own blog, go there at your own risk.

The Editors:

A Shadowy group off assholes whose job it to remind Letters about his poor spelling and lack of proper punctuation.  They are terrible at their job and fail to do this most of the time.  They are also tasked with attempting to keep the Drunken Llama locked in his cage so he cannot do or say anything to the public.  They aren’t very good at this either.

Deus Ex Machina:

The Holy Goddess worshiped by all who have no social lives.  She is also a violent psychopath intent on killing you if you come near her home located at the End of the Internets.   Drunken Llama and her are not friends and if they are ever allowed in the same room as one another it would probably usher in the apocalypse and a sex tape no one wants to see.

The Commenters And Readers:

Freaks, Spambots, Screeching Idiots that can’t take a joke, Trolls, the FBI, the CIA, Dirty White People, people who have nothing better to do than yell at me, Zombies, Pakistani Interviewers, people who think we care and all sorts of other degenerate fucks.


Editors Note: The disclaimer section has been moved to another page, we could link to it but we will not bother since you can find it for yourself at the top of the page.



  1. Thank you for your disclaimer. See I was about to go all emo and start bawling because I was stupid enough to click on link in one of your post…but you made me feel better..
    So keep on the hate, the ranting and whatnot.

  2. Well I am glad we could save you from becoming emo, I didn’t want to have to pay the Veterinarian to put you down.

  3. Letterstoadyingdream,

    Thank you for stopping by our website. I’ve added you to our blogroll.


  4. Thank you. I think I am now up to six people who read this thing.

  5. How can you drink gin?

  6. With tonic water and some lime and all the best ones come from this one little bar in Yokohama.

  7. ok-e-dok-alee

    Ya wanted me to put up my blog… So here ya are.

  8. Good for you, and since my blog gets millions of hits every day yours will get many more as well because you did that.

    OK I’m joking I don’t get millions of hits on this blog. Hell, I don’t even know why anyone reads it is the first place. Well I think Michele just does it out of pity or something but other then her I’m not really sure what’s going on here.

  9. Just found this site and like it already. Yes, Virginia, I will be back.

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