The BS and the Assault Weapon Ban


So the “Assault Weapon Ban” looks like it is up on the table again so I guess it is time to go stock up on things before they push that travesty through congress.  I have a lot of problems with the Ban so let’s go over them.

One of the things that was talked about was the “cop killer bullets”.  Now let me explain the idiocy in this idea.  The first problem I have with something being called a cop killer bullet is that any bullet can kill, yes some do a better job than others.  My second problem with this is the fact that the Second Amendment – you might have heard of it, it’s in the US Constitution or something – Is designed to allow the people to have arms for the purpose of self defense.  Let me explain something to the people out there that are confused over what I’m talking about.  The more effective a bullet is in either killing or disabling it’s target the more effective that bullet is in self defense (you know the point of the 2nd Amendment).  Another thing is that these same “cop killer” bullets people are crying about is the ammunition used by law enforcement.  Wait… What???????

Wait, But I thought they where only used to kill cops, hence the name “Cop Killer Bullets”?

There is no such thing as “cop killer bullets”.  What people call cop killers are just a type of ammunition that’s primary purpose is for either self defense or for law enforcement because of it’s higher effectiveness in stopping people.  Yes that does mean killing people, but when your life is on the line what do you want in your clip?  I use the stuff and last time I checked I haven’t killed any cops.  It’s not like the stuff has a mind of it’s own and runs off at night to kill the local police Sargent.

Yes criminals do use the stuff and that is why I sure as hell use it to because I don’t want to be out gunned by the local gang bangers and other assorted scum suckers.  Granted I can almost guarantee that I am a much better shot than 99% of all the criminals out there – a professional hitman would be tough – since I have spent a lot of time at the range and have military training in the use of small arms but I’m still not going to be taking any chances with my life or the lives of my friends and family.

Another thing about the ban is it primarily targets how a gun looks and nothing else.  Basically a gun is made illegal because it looks like a gun used by the military.  The big difference is that none of these guns are fully automatic.  Yes an AR-15 fires the same bullets that an M-16 does but so do a lot of other guns.   The ammo used is also nowhere near the most powerful rifle ammunition on the market, nor are they the most powerful rifles themselves.   So in the end it’s all about the fact a bunch of people think these guns look scarry OH NOES!!!!

Now let’s talk about clip size.  5 people break into your house do you want a gun that can carry only 5 bullets or one that can hold 15?  Trust me a person gunned to the gills on speed can shrug off more bullets than you would like to think about.

Don’t believe me?  Let me tell you a story from a teacher of mine and a Vietnam Vet:

While guarding the post the platoon came under attack one of the VC soldiers was a child about the age of nine.  The child charged their post firing an AK-47 at then, the child had been doped to the gills on opium, a common tactic the VC used on children to get them to fight.  Now you might ask; “How does one shoot a child?”  How?  Well you do, you have to he is shooting at you and it’s you or him.  An adult took a child gave him a gun, drugged him and sent him to kill you.  It’s war and war is hell and all that messiness but back to the point.  They shot him and he kept coming they shot him so many times they could see through holes in this child and he still kept coming.  Now mind you they where using M-16’s on full auto and this kid was so drugged that it wasn’t doing anything to stop him.  Finally after wasting a large amount of ammo on this poor child someone finally shot the kid with an M72 LAW (that would be a bazooka).  The rocket went right through the poor drugged kid and he still tried to take a couple more steps before he finally fell dead in front of my teachers post.

Now I’ll ask you again; how many bullets do you want your clip to hold when it comes down to you facing off with a bunch of drugged out and homicidal men in the middle of the night?  Remember these are men not children.

Another fun twist to the new Assault Weapons Ban or idiotic logic is that it will help stop the violence of Mexican drug cartels in Mexico.  Um, if we are really worried about Mexican drug cartels getting weapons from the US shouldn’t we do more to SECURE THE FUCKING BORDER ALREADY????  Also if Mexico doesn’t want weapons coming through the border they might want to help out on this whole thing now don’t you think? This is a joke maybe Mexico should do more to try to stop the cartels and maybe try to stop the fact that every other Mexican politician and cop is on the cartels payroll.  How about that one.  Mexico doesn’t want the border secured because they like the fact that they can keep sending a stream of illegals  over the border rather than actually fix the problems in their own country and deal with those people there.  This is a joke if the administration wants to stop the flow of guns just secure the border already don’t use this an excuse to make your little gun grab sound better.  Further more it’s an outright lie that 90% of all illegal guns in Mexico come from the US, the real number is only 17% at most.

I’m done with my rant for now, I am not going to go into the Second Amendment here but if you want to read more you can go here for my take on the DC vs. Heller case or just go here for all the things I have written that deal with –  at least partially – on the topic of gun control.


Thursdays with the Ramones.

Because you know you love it.

I love fake charges of racism don’t you?


Someone please tell me how this is a racist insult to Obammers?  Please?  People do understand that it is the two houses of congress that write bills and not the president right?  And since the Majority leaders in both the House and the Senate are white that would mean that it was calling two white people chimpanzees.  Could everyone out there please attempt to learn the difference between the three branches of the government and their functions?

People are stupid.

Then there is the ever fun Al Sharpton to come to the race baiting rescue.  You have to love the fact that this guy yells so much about racism then turns around and calls Jews a bunch of “Diamond Merchants”, called a business owner a “White Interloper” and any black people who disagree with him “Yellow Niggers”.

This is the guy that accused innocent men of racism and rape and ended up getting successfully sued for slander.  Anyone remember what happened in Crown Heights when Shapton helped instigate a riot?

The truth is Al Sharpton loves racism he is one himself or at least he loves the idea of racism because that’s how he makes his money.  If it weren’t for racism or at least perceived racism he would have to go find a real job.

“There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.” – Booker T. Washington

Anyway back to the government, here is a little help for the people who are still confused from School House Rock:

Who Is John Galt?

atlasIt rings throughout the novel Atlas Shrugged like a cry for a savior.  The people confused, lost and broken down by the world.  It was a cry from the hopeless as if to laugh off the crushing weight of the world, a cry of despair from walking corpses.

The question we should be asking is not who is John Galt, but where is he?  Where can we find him?  I know the answer to that.  We can all be John, we just need to stop sitting here asking ourselves questions when it is the world we need to be asking the questions from.  It is us who needs to stand up and stop waiting for some savior who will never come and become the saviors of our country and our world.

Stand the hell up people!  The politicians are taking everything they can from us and expect us to be thankful for the scraps they leave, the scraps we fight over like dogs under their masters table.  We let the same people who either directly caused or facilitated all the problems in this country come up with the ways to “fix” it.  If they really know how to fix the problems they wouldn’t have let them happened in the first place.  They did it on purpose so they could extend their control over us!  Like lambs to the slaughter we march willingly to our own enslavement.

We don’t fight over what is really constitutional or not we only fight to game the system in our favor.  Yeah we play the constitution only when is serves our ends but refuse to complain when we get some of the leftovers from the politicians tables.  We bend and rape the constitution at will in order to get the most out of our fellow citizens and when the constitution doesn’t look like it will help us out we just make up rights or just ignore the thing altogether.

The honest men will always lose until we stand up and fight back.  We need to take back our rights and Freedoms, we need to fight tooth and nail, till our voices give out and every last drop or our blood is spent.

From the novel Atlas Shrugged:

“If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the rest of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders–what would you tell him to do?”

“I…don’t know. What…could he do? What would you tell him?”

“To shrug.”

We are Atlas, enslaved by politicians and bureaucrats.  The self described intellectuals who think they know how to run our lives better than we do.  The leaches who us the government to steel our hard earned money. We listen to the self appointed prophets who think they know all and are never wrong, even if it’s only in their own minds.  They are gods unto themselves and they feel we owe them our lives.  We did not listen to the words of Thomas Sowell when he warned us in “The Vision of the Anointed” of our prophets folly and of their arrogance:

“The presumed irrationality of the public is a pattern running through many, if not most or all, of the great crusades of the anointed in the twentieth century–regardless of the subject matter of the crusade or the field in which it arises. Whether the issue has been ‘overpopulation,’ Keynesian economics, criminal justice, or natural resource exhaustion, a key assumption has been that the public is so irrational that the superior wisdom of the anointed must be imposed, in order to avert disaster. The anointed do not simply happen to have a disdain for the public. Such disdain is an integral part of their vision, for the central feature of that vision is preemption of the decisions of others.”

Who are we?  We are the “Irrational Public”.  Why should we have a say in our lives?  We are just told to follow these men blindly, for who are we but slaves and they want to be our masters.  What can I say, no one listened to poor Cassandra the true prophet.  Why should we listen to the voices in the wilderness when we can just keep marching toward the slaughter with the false smiles of ignorance on our faces?

Wake up people!  Wake up and shrug off the people who seek to enslave us!  Nurture the fire in your hearts and souls and fight back, reclaim your rights, reclaim your lives!

“I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

That is the Oath we must take. It is the Oath that should be inscribed on the hearts of all free men, even tattooed onto your soul.  We cannot live much longer as slaves for scum who proclaim themselves our betters.

Who is with me?

SFSU students attacked for offending terrorists.

A group of students at San Francisco State University are angry at the College Republicans for desecrating a Hamas flag.  They went so far as to attack people and even the cops.

Yes A Hamas flag!!!

What the hell?  Yes the Hamas flag does have stuff written on it about Allah and all that junk so I guess you want to say it is descrating sacred crap about Allah and all that but isn’t the fact that a group of nihilistic and genocidal terrorist use Allah to justify their actions worse than tossing a shoe at a flag?  Isn’t the actions of Hamas worse than stepping on a Hamas flag? I see it this way, I wouldn’t desecrate my own urine by pissing on the Hamas flag.

On the College Republicans blog we learn this little bit of fun:

“In response to the College Republican’s anti-Hamas event held on Wednesday the “offended parties” have banded together to push the school to punish the College Republicans for throwing shoes at the Hamas Flag. Over the next few days the coalition will release a statement making the following demands:

– Authorities must drop all charges pending against Muhammad Abdullah and Jeremy Stern, the two protesters that assaulted the College Republicans and stole their property.

– The school must sanction/punish the College Republicans for throwing shoes at the Hamas flag.

– The groups must organize a forum to “educate” students about what forms of speech are not acceptable according to the offended parties, specifically the always ambiguous “hate speech.”

Lets be clear on this, the two students where arrested for assault and theft! I know this is San Francisco the homeland of every moron, communist, asshole and hippie loser in America but come the fuck on people!

The fact that left wingers are defending fighting with Hamas supporters reminds me of the concept of feeding the crocodile.  You might be hoping he eats you last but the rest of us don’t feel like being eaten.   If you want to side with terrorists and genocidal scum feel free but you might want to stay out of the way because the sane people are going to fight.

Anybody ever hear the term Useful Idiots?  That’s what you are.

Let me explain something to people that don’t understand the concept of Fee Speech.  Freedom of Speech – enshrined in the 1st Amendment  of the US Constitution – gives you the right to say whatever you want even if it offends someone.  Period that’s it!  If you can’t take that move to a country that doesn’t have Free Speech like North Korea, you’ll love it their trust me.

For anyone out there that wants to attack me for what I say the US Constitution also has this thing called the 2nd Amendment and I will use it!

Patriotic dissent.

You hear the words “Dissent Is the Highest Form of Patriotism” thrown around a lot and I have some problems with this.  Some people attribute this to Thomas Jefferson but that is not true. I don’t know who the first person to say it was but some sources claim it was Howard Zinn so the phrase is rather new to the public discourse.  Either way it doesn’t really matter who said it though since it’s kind of silly when you think about it.  Dissent is not the highest form of Patriotism, dying to protect you country and it’s people is the highest form of patriotism.  Dissent, while necessary in an open and just society sometimes is really just a vapid asshole running his mouth and acting like he is brave for doing so.  It’s not brave in a society where the basic tenants of law guarantee someone the right to speak openly and freely.   Try running your mouth in North Korea that’s brave!

I am not talking down on the idea of dissent, it is necessary and in fact quite proper in many situations, but it does depend on the context.  I do it all the time.  That’s half of what this whole blog is about, the other half being making fun of things I find silly.

It is patriotic to dissent from the government when you feel they make a mistake and when they deviate from the constitution, granted your understanding of the constitution might be different from theirs but that is why we have the freedoms to openly debate these things.  It’s also perfectly acceptable to try to get things in the constitution changed when you feel that they are inappropriate and need to be fixed.  Yes it is perfectly  legitimate to try to change the government but the question is how you want to change it.  If you want to tear down the whole thing and replace it with an entirely new system such as communism that is not patriotic, that is treason if you actually try to work toward it.  If you want to throw all the bums out and start over by electing new and hopefully better people without tearing down the constitution that is or at least can be patriotic.

When Jane Fonda went to North Vietnam and help them spread propaganda that was treason it wasn’t patriotic.  Yes there where perfectly  legitimate reasons for people to be part of the peace movement and for trying to stop the war, however to be actively involved in sending out propaganda for the other side is not in any way patriotic or appropriate, even if you don’t want to call this treason.

Take the people who celebrate when American Soldiers get killed.  This is not patriotic in any sense of the word and while it is their right to do so don’t get angry when people call you unpatriotic for it.  When you see communists in America using their Freedoms to rail about the US and support the nations enemies that is not patriotic that is quite close to treason depending on the context of course.  Then we have the people who burn American flags.  Burning the American flag at a protest is in no way patriotic, or even appropriate.  I don’t think it should be legal to start lighting anything on fire in the middle of the street during a protest because it can be dangerous to people around you.  However if it’s in the fire pit in your back yard go right ahead since it isn’t in a situation where it could cause damage to public or private property, much less hurt the people around you.  Also for anyone who doesn’t know this, burning is the proper way to dispose of a flag.

Freedom of Speech is one of the most important ideas in all of history.   It is what allows us to have a and maintain the Republic, because we can have the public debates necessary for self government.  However there are many people and organizations in America – and every country – that can be considered a Fifth Column.  What is the motive for dissent, is it out of love for your country or is it about hatred?  Is it out of a general disagreement with the policies of the government and the politicians or is it out of hate for the Nation itself?   These are the questions you must always ask.

“Dissent is patriotic only if the dissenter is a patriot. Otherwise it’s plain old treason.” ~ The People’s Cube


The obammers fan club

If this offends you, just remember it’s only because you can’t laugh at yourself, and deep down you know it’s true…