Lessons from Transmetropolitan


I hate it here.

I That’s what I should have called this skid-mark of a site on the Internets, but since I don’t feel the need to rip off the fictional column by Spider Jerusalem, from Transmetropolitan, I called this crime against humanity something else.

However the statement still hold true, I really do hate it here. Thankfully I have large quantities of gin, beer and the fond memories of the nuclear Armageddon scene from terminator 2 to help me get centered.

Back to the point…

So anyway watching the Democratic primaries I am reminded to the two politicians from the comic Transmetropolitan.

Basically Obama is “The Smiler” or Gary Callahan, the youthful charismatic, clean cut family man who is really just an arrogant and angry hypocrite, hiding behind his smile and sweet talk so he can gain power. He is a fake. The great “uniter”, bullshit! What bipartisan legislation has he tried to put forward? None! Hell the man hasn’t even pretended to proposed a single bit of legislation in Congress, but he is “presidential material”. As he is trying to act like the messiah remember Obama is from Chicago and the closet thing they ever had to an honest politician was Al Capone.

Clinton is “”The Beast” a politician so openly corrupt that everyone is so used to it it doesn’t matter, it’s almost funny. She knows the system and how to game it. Unlike Obama she will at least work with both sides, not just give a lot of crap about how she could do it, she really does do it. She is sleazy and she knows it, and won’t hide the fact. Now she will lie her ass off all the time but really we know this and stopped caring a long time ago. What I am saying is Hillary could kill and eat a baby on national TV and it wouldn’t mean anything in the polls, she is a Clinton after all, and the Clinton’s have always been like a two man Kennedy family.

If you haven’t read the thing you probably have no idea what I’m talking about so I would recommend you get it and read it. It’z gooood.

Who is McCain in all this? He isn’t we are talking about the Democrats right now you boob.

Who am I in this? No one just the asshole writing this crap…

Last note for anyone who wishes to complain about my use of the tern “comic” rather then ‘graphic novel”, fuck you! It’s a fucking comic book, the only people who use “graphic novel” are stupid pricks that don’t want to admit they are an adult reading comic books even if the comic is for adults. That and pretentious douche-bag kids that don’t want to look like a nerd. If you want to bring up light novels fine but remember the Japanese use that term because of stylistic difference between the two. Light novels are basically picture books that have pictures to go along with the story rather then what you see in a traditional comic book.

Yes I might be a nerd (I also like the term hikikomori), but a nerd with a fuck-ton of booze and guns….



  1. Oh I do love the warrene! Nice comparison between the Smiler and the Beast! I do hate it here as well, but fuck. you need an editor! 😉

  2. Guinness and Johnny Walker are my editor!

  3. I like your comparisons to Obama and Clinton – they fit better than Bush, who warren was reacting too while starting the series (he’s a very hard-core nanny-state liberal.)

  4. Warren wrote a good story but I thought the Bush comparison was a stretch and it only registered for me if I thought about it too much. But with any story people can always try to look at it from their point of view.

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