In defense of Hillary Clinton.

obamaI hate to have to do this but I am going to defend Hillary Clinton (god I feel dirty, get me some gin and a bar of soap). supporters of the Messiah… Oops I meant to say Obama want to bitch about Clinton claiming sexism over what she claims is unfair treatment, claiming she is using sexism is an excuse. Aren’t these the same people who claimed “racism” over why Clinton did so well in PA, KY, OH, and several other states? Isn’t it sort of like the pot calling the kettle…. Oh… Wait… Fuck I can’t say that can I?

I guess what I am really trying to say is that I am going to vote for Thomas Sowell or as you liberal minded might know him Uncle Tom. Further more I know you will love his running mate Tadanobu Asano.

In other news the “truthers” are right! The fourth tower of the trade center really was destroyed by the government. They used a volatile combination of hair gel and Mariah Carry CD’s so they could strip people of the tin foil hats that keep them from reading your mind.



  1. So the final wait is over. Michigan and Florida delegates get all of their delegates and half of their votes. Doing the math, Obama is still 178 points ahead of Hillary. Even is she were to receive 100% of the delegates in Peurto Rico, Montana, and South Dakota, she still would reach Obama’s total. The committee voted, the fat lady sang, and the party’s over it, Hillary.

    Will Obama choose her as VP? That’s the only ticket Hillary has to ride in this election. She will have to earn it because of the internal and infernal division she has caused the Dems. Hillary will have to concede and let go of her Presidential dreams. She will have to settle for second best and stop sabotaging the Democrat Party. If not, then it only proves that she was in it for herself all along.

    On a side note, Harold Ickes stated that votes were stolen from her yesterday, but his voice in the wilderness went unheard. After all, weren’t some of his clients gangsters and mobsters who couldn’t care less about democracy?

    Out with the old and in with the new. The golden ticket has been won by Obama. But we already knew that before and after West Virginia and Kentucky. The question is this: are the Clintons still in the land of denial, or are they ready to go home?

  2. My question is why are you trying to ruin a perfectly silly post with your commentary? Really did you even read what I wrote before writing this crap? Nothing you said has anything to do with this post, nothing! Do you do this often run around sending out spam for the boy wonder? Is it a paying gig or are you just sucking down the Obama Jebus juice so much that you can’t help yourself?

    Look I don’t care if Hillary doesn’t have a chance I just like watching both of those Marxist ass-hats try to cripple each other! So feel free to join the discussion with something that is at least close to the topic at hand or go fuck yourself.

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