Oh save us all Mr. Obammers…

Well apparently there are some people out there who would like to make Obama take office sooner in order to fix the current state that America is in.  Yes some people have suggested this tripe people like that raving jackass Keith Olbermann.   The funniest commentary I have heard about this is from Greg Pollowitz over at the National Review:

“Yes, wouldn’t it be great if President-elect Obama, Vice President-elect Biden and Secretary of State-designate Clinton had some sort of legislative mechanism available to them that gave them the ability to draft policies and make laws to save the U.S. economy? You know, a place where, if they were in said legislative body, their three votes would possibly be the margin of victory? A place where their floor speeches could rouse the nation to their cause?

Until then, we’ll have to make do with the 97 members of the Senate who can’t vote “present” on the most important issues of our time.”


1 Comment

  1. Ah yes, all that taxpayer money to flush down the toilet, all those entitlements they can put into law, all those freedoms they can take away, so little time.

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