I’m sorry America

So really think about this. The American Military is supposed to be defending the American people/American interests right? Well if they are not it would be a valid reason to protest and claim that they are being used improperly and should come home. Well my question is not if they should or should not be where they are but why they bother to defend the American people. Really every other day you see pictures and videos coming form the country where there people are literally calling the people who are sworn to defend you names.  Baby killer, murdered, stupid, redneck, ignorant. No other country in the world treats the people who they count on for national defense so harshly. People in places like Singapore most men anyway have been part of the defense force for at lest some time and it is normal. They never would treat their military or ex military men/woman how the U.S. treat theirs. Hell the people of Singapore treat the U.S. military better then many people in the U.S. do. Why is this? So you don’t like the current president, OK that is a valid. But really why do so many people in America feel they can talk down, denigrate, make fun of, the people who are sworn to protect them and still feel that they deserve this protection?

I am not saying that America is always right but why the hell do the soldiers and sailors of the country have to be bombarded with a constant steam of hate from their own countrymen. I watched a man who once was a sailor in the imperial Japanese Navy (during WWII), buy a round, raise toast and shake the hands of American Sailors out or respect for who they where even though he didn’t agree with everything the U.S. government was doing, while American citizens spend there time spitting on them. Do I agree with all of what the country does? No! You never will and never can, that’s not the point but why do people feel the need to spit on the sacrifices that their countrymen made for them? America is one of the few places that this happens, hell most places these people would of been killed by the government rather then protected by them in doing it.

My question to you is why does an old salt from the Japanese Imperial Navy have and give more respect to the American sailor or Marine then an American college student?
Why does some guy in a bar in Singapore, Hong Kong or Sri Lanka give more respect to an American soldier then some rich kid in Berkeley?

And Why after seeing all of this on the news every night do they still fight for their country?

But they don’t they keep fighting for what matters to them.

There are some people in other countries that support you more then people in your own it’s sad but at least you know you can inspire men around the world.

To end this rant I will close with a Quote from John Stuart Mill:

“A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”



  1. So you don’t like the current president, OK that is a valid. But really why do many people in America feel they can talk down, denigrate, make fun or, the people who are sworn to protect them and still fell that they deserve this protection?

    Well, I don’t know all of the various reasons, but I can say that The United States of America provides these people with the freedom to express their opinions… even if those opinions are critical of the US.

    Even more respect and credit go to U.S. Soldiers who protect the people who might be calling them names, being disrespectful or who have ideological differences.

    I am annoyed by the Blame-America-First-Crowd, but I wouldn’t want their voices to be suppressed. If they choose not to appreciate America, that’s their loss.

  2. I should spell check my older posts (I’ll fix it later). I don’t want to silence opinion. It is your right to say what you want. It was more of a question of why you would want to do so and how do you justify yourself for it. By all means feel free to say what you want. I just dislike it when people especially people that don’t have a clue degenerate the people who took an oath to protect their freedoms. You blast the politician that creates the problem not spit on the soldier who dies for it.

    It’ is out of my anger that I want to tell these people off not to silence them.

  3. I fixed some of it. No more drinking while writing.

  4. Cool, I understood it anyway. I the main reason that the Left hates American troops is based on their ideology. They believe that the US is evil as a whole.

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