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“A government is a body of people, usually notably, ungoverned. ” ~ Derrial Book


Add Your Own Joke Day

Sometimes jokes write themselves, sometimes you don’t need to write a joke because nothing you can say is funnier that what was already said seriously.  In this case I’m asking for participation in helping me make jokes because I would like to see how many original ones we can get.

The article is from the Palm Beach Post and titled; FEMA’s use of the term “federal family” for government expands under Obama. *

Here is a nice quote:

“Under the direction of President Obama and Secretary Janet Napolitano, the entire federal family is leaning forward to support our state, tribal and territorial partners along the East Coast,” a FEMA news release declared Friday as Irene churned toward landfall.

OK people here is the challenge.  I need jokes but since the “Big Brother” joke is just so easy that it doesn’t need to be said any joke referencing 1984 has to be very original and not use the term “Big Brother”.  Other than that go for it with either a joke off of the idea of a “federal Family’ or go for a Fark type joke with a fake title to this article or an article talking about a “Federal Family” or a fake book about it.

I’ll start off and you finish off in the comments section.

Joke 1:   So if the government is a family and they have congress does that mean they’re all inbreed?

Joke 2:  Why is my father always taking my allowance to give to my lazy brother?

Joke 3:  Are we adopting people illegally or is it kidnaping?

OK, it’s your turn have fun with it.


* I’m almost positive I’m screwing up like 10 rules for proper writing here so it’s normal for this internet skidmark.

Congress is here to save you so grab some Vaseline because you are going to need it.

So the ingenious people in our government figure out a way to help 2 of the biggest lending companies in the country collapse.  Good for them.  And now the government wants to rush in to solve the problems with…  Wait for it… Our money.  How about this find all the morons who are responsible for this mess and use their money.  The government has for years been pushing banks and lending firms to give out more and more risky loans for years in the name of equality and other feel good reasons and now we wonder why the whole thing collapses.  We wouldn’t be in this mess if people who should never have been given loans in the first place hadn’t been given these loans prompted by the government.  Plus why the hell do these companies have governmental sponsorship and then no governmental oversight? Look I don’t like the government meddling in a companies affairs any more then they should but this is a joke if the government is going to force these companies into risky business practices and then not regulate it is bullshit.  Look the Government told these companies that they had to provide people who may or may not be able to afford these loans with loans or they risked getting prosecuted for discrimination.  And guess what a bunch of people defaulted on these loans causing a bit of a problem.  Yes this is the fault of both the jack-asses in the companies that didn’t run their business right and the government itself for forcing these people into this with BS laws and no oversight.  Now they want our money to fix their problems.  Now they are not going to use the money they already steal from us for their little pet projects to do this now are they?  They are just going to find a way to steal more of our money for this bail out and then still give pork the hell out of every bill they see.  Is this bail out necessary?  It might be since I guess someone has to pay for these people’s screwup why not the American people and not the idiots that created this mess in the first place.

This basically sums the whole thing up you you guys.

Here is another good video to watch about the whole mess I got from Melo.

The original got taken off so I put up another one.

On another note why is did Obama get the third most amount of money from Fannie Mae in all of Congress.  He has only been there for a couple years and is third or second depending on where you get your information!