Further Updates On The Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami And Links To Charity Organizations So You Can Help Out.

I posted the other day on my experience during and immediately after the recent quake and tsunami so I think I will give some further updates.


Right now there are a lot of power problems because right now the area I live in lost about 30% of their electrical producing capacity.  Right now they have scheduled blackouts so they can push more power up north where they need it so we lose power for about 3 hours a day.  That and everyone are being encouraged to use as little power as possible when they do have it.  It’s a minor inconvenience I’m not about to bitch about though.  I am living off of canned and dry goods simply because I am trying to limit the amount of food I have to refrigerate since every day it’s going to shut off for a couple hours.  Some train lines have shut down for the most part and some are only running on 60% of their normal schedules to also help conserve energy and some companies have shut down production or limited production on things that are not immediately necessary for the same reason.   Really it’s not that bad.


And now the melt down scare.  This is not Chernobyl and we are not all going to die.  Yes some radiation has been released.  It’s not that bad.  Right next to the plant it’s not good but it’s not the end of the world.  The media has no idea what they are talking about and are just going nuts on sensationalism to make money.  Yes radiation has been detected Tokyo and Yokohama.  Now let me explain something to you.  Tokyo and Yokohama are not close to the plants that are problems.  We are hundreds of miles away.  And yes we have been hit with radiation from them but not a lot.  The amount of extra radiation (extra because everything and I mean everything has at least some radiation in it) is no more than what you get while on a plane ride from New York to California (about 1000 times less than the amount that gives you radiation poisoning).  X-rays give you a bigger dose.  Yes they told us to try to limit our time outside just to be on the safe side but unfortunately it’s not enough to let me join the X-Men next week.


Now I know why the media doesn’t tell you this.  It’s because they want to sell papers and ad space.  It’s the same reason Three Mile Island was a giant catastrophe even though it didn’t harm anyone.  Chernobyl was bad but we are talking about shitty Soviet workmanship and a bunch of scientists that ignored safety procedures so they could do some experiments while they were bored.  99% of the time what people call a “Melt Down” really just fucks up the plant and costs millions of dollars to fix.  Yes some radiation might leak but considering you got an x-ray last time you went to the dentist you really don’t need to worry that much.


Now the best media sensationalist bullshit is the morons screaming about the radiation being blown on the winds towards California.  With everything I know about California that is the least of you problems.  Even if there was a full the reactor people are worried about blows up into a mushroom cloud and nukes the surrounding areas buy the time the radiation was blown on the winds to Hawaii it would be so dispersed you would barely be able to register it and when it got to California it would still be healthier than the normal air quality of Los Angeles.  So calm the fuck down!


I’m not saying everything is hugs and puppies out here but pull your heads out of your asses and get the facts.  I’m not say something couldn’t happen and it could get really bad but it hasn’t yet and the chances that it does are small.


Anyway even though I may have insulted several people’s intelligence I am still going to ask for everyone’s help.   Please yes there are a lot of problems and there are a lot of people without homes and we need to help so please do.  I am going to give some websites you can go to so you can donate so do it because it you don’t when I finally join the X-Men you don’t want to be on our shit list.


I have some links to the Red Cross and some forums with information about different organizations so you can pick one:


This forum has a lot of different links to chose from.



This one is a Facebook page but there might be information that helps:



American Red Cross.



There also might be organizations you know and trust that you can go with.  My point is don’t just do nothing.  Even a small donation will help.  If every person in America gave one dollar that is 300 million dollars right there.  Add that to people around the world giving what they can and we can make a difference.  Yes I know most people won’t do shit but don’t be that person.  Well I have to go to help conserve electricity (something, believe me, I never thought I would ever say) but I will leave you with this.  Remember while this might not affect you, you know you would hope someone is there to help when you need it.



  1. Thanks for the info Letters, it’s pretty much what i thought, scumbags in the media hypeing it up, literally praying for someone to please die from the radiation so they can whip up the hysteria even more.

    Also the catastrophe that was Chernobyl, the one that they hope we’ll think killed tens of thousands and turned half the planet into an unlivable wasteland actually killed less that 50 people. Heck, more people are killed by muslim savages every month and funnily enough none of the media scum are calling for some sort of action against them.

  2. please don’t put me on your black list!!! 🙂 i’m going to take your advice and donate. take care

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