Draw Muhammad Day With Hate Comics

After 4 years new HATE COMICS.  Please click on the image to enlarge.  Also the person that did this would like you to  send all death threats and Fatwas to fuckyourjihad@islamcansuckmydick.com.   You want to get angry about people making fun of Muhammad and Islam stop blowing shit up and trying to kill people if they even mention the shit.  Welcome to the 21st century assholes.




  2. PRICELESS!!!!!!

  3. Here is my contribution. I cannot draw for shit, so I made a collage and took a photo.

  4. Posted May 2010…its October 2011..hahaha… (Like* Be the first to like this post).. look at how NO BODY Like’s your post.
    Go get yourself Educated, Completly Uncivilised Human Being that you are.

  5. Aww you hurt my feelings. Wait sorry, nope don’t care. Also most people never hit that button on any website other than Facebook. That and the fact the fist comment (and the second from the same person) seemed to like it so that would prove your “no body likes it” theory wrong since at least one person enjoyed it twice.

    I’m uncivilized? Well maybe a little, but I have never been a thief, murderer, warlord or a child rapist as Mohammad was so I can at least say I’m more civilized than he was. Hell, I can say I am a much better person than he was simply because I am none on those things so why don’t I start my own religion to justify bullshit, but please good Sir educate me. Or don’t, I really don’t give a shit but I do like getting into pointless fights with trolls and other angry people who like to get offended easily.

    Just so you know yelling about the crimes of other religions doesn’t win the argument. Just because one religion did X doesn’t make it right when another does Y. Or X,Y and Z. Good luck.


  7. At least make an original or interesting angry comment.

  8. 1. It’s fucking spelled Qu’ran, you ignorant fucks.

    2. Muhammad, not Mohammad, once again you ignorant fucks.

    3. How would you feel if I said Jesus was a pussy bitch who let all his followers die, get raped, and sold into slavery because he was too busy turning the other cheek? False accusations get you nowhere in this world, and disrespecting any religion at all gets you nowhere. Good luck being successful in life, you rascist, intolerable Gaylords.

  9. 1. There are different spellings.

    2. You might need to eat something. I recommend a bacon cheeseburger.

    3. You can say a lot of things about Jesus. I’ll let him defend himself, if he is really who he says he is he can defend himself and doesn’t need an army of morons cutting off peoples heads to do it for him.

    4. Seriously try the bacon cheeseburger it’s awesome.

  10. Don’t care. Now stop raping your sister and that goat.

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