When White People Exclude Blacks It Is Illegal. When Blacks Exclude Whites It Is… Um… Sorry, We Have To Check…

A school in Michigan sends only black kids on a field trip – that’s right they only would let black students go – and while the group only, open to black students, in a public school, has been disbanded while an investigation is going on someone actually has to ask themselves if this is illegal.  If it was white students and you told everyone else they couldn’t go I bet we wouldn’t have to ask this question now would we?  This is bullshit.  Now it’s good they are investigating but they should have fired the principal already especially when he yelled at all the other students going so far as to belittle a young Moslem girl for standing up to him, when they got upset they could go on a field trip.  The principal yelled at the kids for getting angry they got shut out of a field trip because of their race.   Way to build racial tolerance there moron.  I am sick of this ethnocentric bullshit.  You say this was to help bridge the achievement gap right?  Were the kids that went on the trip the ones that were doing poorly in school or did you just pick black kids even if they had good grades?  Wouldn’t any kid having problems in school been helped by this trip?  If it’s for underperforming students why not take all the underperforming students of every race?  Oh, because it’s not about that it’s really about race and that is it.  You don’t give a shit about a kid that isn’t black that is having problems in school you only care about the black ones.  Fuck you.

One of the things that didn’t come out in either article (but was on the comments section) you might want to read:

“I have a child in the Dicken 5th grade class in question. Every single parent of those kids heard the same story of yelling and intimidation by Madison.

Let’s start with Lunch Bunch. While it may sound like it’s a lunchtime opportunity to help kids academically, tutoring, homework, etc, it’s not. Lunch Bunch is a weekly arrangement for ONLY African American kids to have free pizza, the boys go to the gym to play basketball and the girls go to the art room for activities. All non-blacks are forbidden to participate. There has never been communication to parents on the purpose of Lunch Bunch. To the kids, it means that every single week the black kids get a special opportunity for a pizza and basketball party. While Madison may have announced it to the PTO in February, if memory serves me Lunch Bunch started in Dec. The non-black kids at Dicken have been dealing with this discrimination week after week, every week, for 5 months.

On April 26, Madison announced over the school-wide PA system that the Lunch Bunch kids were going on a special field trip. No communication was sent to parents. Ironically some of the African American kids expressed discomfort at this field trip, citing that they felt it was racist. In any event, the black children left on this field trip on April 28 at 12:30pm and returned at 2:30pm. The class in question is a fun class, and frequently do good-natured booing to eachother, such as: no outside recess today b/c it’s raining! “Boooooo!” When the black kids returned to class the kids who were left behind booed.

April 29: Madison, upon learning of this, went to the classroom and proceeded to yell at the kids. Yes, YELL. There was no “discussion”. Per my son:
“Do you have a problem with me taking children of my race on a special field trip?”
Little Muslim girl, who mustered the courage to speak: “Well, as a matter of fact, I do”
Madison cut her off and loudly yelled: “I SAID DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH WHAT I DID????”

Stop me when this starts to sound like a meaningful “discussion”.

After berating the kids, he left the room. The kids were a mixture of confused, crying, shocked and frightened. The school psychologist heard what happened and ran down to the room to do damage control.

Meaningful discussion, right?

On April 30 he apologized to the class. Still: no communication to parents.

The school board needs to step up and handle this immediately. This should not be playing out in front of 10/11 year olds.

To Lunch Bunch, to special field trips, to Mike Madison and to all who judge others based on the color of their skin rather than the content of their character, I say: boooooooooo”

So a club is set up for only blacks in a public school but would it be OK if a club was set up in a public school only for whites?  Take some time to answer that and do it honestly.  If you can say it’s OK for one it’s OK for all, if you say one is wrong the other must be.  I don’t believe in segregation ever.  I think it is wrong, immoral, ignorant, foolish and rude.   If you want to do it go the fuck ahead I will have nothing to do with you, but when you bring this shit into our school there is a very, very big fucking problem.  Leave your racism and bullshit outside and do it on your free time.  We might never be able to get rid of racism but we shouldn’t sanction it in our schools and we definitely should fire the hell out of a principal that does.


I hate it here…


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  1. Some things are so crazy as to be unbelievable and yet, as a graduate of public schools, I can say I am somehow, sadly, not at all surprised by the behavior of anyone involved.

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