May 20th Is Draw Muhammad Day

Apparently some people decided to turn May 20th into Draw Muhammad day as a protest against the threats against the creators of South Park (and I think a lot of other threats and bullshit from the “Religion of Peace”) and since we here at Letters To A Dying Dream never shy away from a chance to get a Fatwa put out on our heads we will be participating.  The Drunken Llama has convinced the creator of Hate Comics to come out of his self imposed exile long enough to do the artwork.  I can only imagine that it will be offensive and probably very, very poorly drawn.  But I’m sure that if you have seen any of his old stuff that The Drunken Llama has been posting recently on his site you already know that.   So on May 20th after a 4 year hiatus Letters To A Dying Dream and Drunken Llama will be posting a brand new Hate Comics just for this very special occasion.

Now everyone should participate, you don’t even have to make the drawing offensive (well it is just by being there) but you don’t have to do anything really bad just draw Muhammad and show your support for free speech and against Islamic radicalism.  Ours however will be offensive.

You can start the Fatwa now or wait until Thursday either way it’s called freedom of speech you shitheads, welcome to the 21st century!

As the Llama would say:

Fatwa my dick bitches!


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