The Final Words Of The Last True Prophet

I woke up and started laughing.  A million images shooting across my mind, my thoughts like a deluge to wipe away the thin veneer on top of whatever I had left to call my minds defenses.  It’s not me, I thought the sky was blue.  It’s the world, I thought.  The world that’s gone cracked.  The sky is still blue but why do I have to remind myself of that?  Images continue to rage, laughter, I taste iron and the sea.  I taste and terror of a million worlds burning and the cries of those asking for salvation.  But I laughed, and I haven’t stopped Days.  Months.   Years.  The laughter continues without end.  Has it always been this bad, the insanity of the world?  Has it, through the ages never changed and we just do not see?  Do we wrap our minds around only that which we want to comprehend?  Am I the last sane man on Earth laughing at the absurdity of the world,  Laughing form somewhere deep down and my mind knows that to stop laughing would bring demons?  The terror, the darkness…  The demons will come if I stop laughing, my mind would melt and I would fall.  Do I join the world in it’s insanity or is the laughter my saving grace, my weapon against their brotherhood?  Is the last sane man on Earth, the most insane of them all?  The deluge of a million thoughts scream for my sacrament and I laugh.  Push it down, kill my own mind so that I might find peace, but peace is a lie, I know this but we need these lies.  Hope, hope is a lie, but without it we would scream, cry out, we could not deal with the world without the lies.  We need it so we can sleep at night without awaking in terror from the lives we have created for ourselves and the world we don’t want to face.  I cannot lie to myself any more, so I laugh, my last defense from the jetsam the deluge brings.  We sacrifice our children at the alter of our own vanity and glorify ourselves as gods.  Blood spilled on rotting alters.  Worshiped and sanctified by our own minds.  I laugh, I have for eons it seams, I no longer know the time before the deluge.  Faint memories, locked in clouded shrines lost to the ages inscribed with words I no longer know.  I see my fall and I laugh.  I welcome it.  I want it, for in the fall there is peace, the lie that keeps the demons out.  I cannot claim to be a god as others do, the last shred of my inner being will not let me use that armor against the world.  I know the lie and the false prophets, the Soma holidays have long since lost their luster.  I will destroy myself to be reborn again, but why?  It didn’t work last time.  Would it work now?  No, no!  I know it cannot, it never will, self destruction is the demons goal.  They sing to you like the tainted muse.  I laugh to keep the hidden things underneath and the sounds out.  And I laugh, there is joy in it yet.  Forced, and longing for the light the world with never see.  I see the end, the last prophet.  He is coming, yet already I know his words.  I keep laughing at the world, laughing into my own oblivion.  I could teach you his words, I could yell them now yet your minds would not let you hear them.  A thousand times I could cry and in the deluge I could not be heard.  So I laugh and if you knew the prophets words so would you.  The images sorted in my mind reveal existence and the secrets of the world.  I have found the meaning behind the vale, the truth and light in this world.  I have seen and I know the last prophets words to the nations:

“We’re all fucked, might as well grab a beer and enjoy it”.


See now you’re laughing…


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