Ah The Eternal Wonder That Is Socialized Medicine

Man Calls 000 From Hospital Bed

(For people that don’t know that’s 911 in Australia or 119 in Japan.)

“AN ELDERLY man suffering from asbestosis had to call Triple-0 from his hospital bed in Lismore Base to get help from a nurse.

Eighty-seven-year old World War II veteran Kevin Park called the emergency number after night shift failed to hear the brass bell he was given as a replacement to the electronic call system at the hospital, which is still not operational.

Yesterday a still angry Mr Park said after ringing the bell for 45 minutes, ‘desperate times demanded desperate action’.

“This is like the Third World. We are being treated like dogs.”

Patients in Lismore Base’s surgical ward were issued with brass bells four weeks ago after both the emergency and nurse call systems failed.

North Coast Area Health last night offered the air force veteran from Iluka an apology ‘for any distress that may have been caused to Mr Park and his family’.

The spokesperson confirmed that the call system for patients to use should they suffer a fall in the toilet or showers was also not working.

“Lismore Base Hospital is currently waiting on quotes to repair the call system and the timeframe is estimated (at) four to six weeks,” the spokesperson said.

The hospital is also waiting for quotes to fix one of its two aging lifts in its main A block.

Lismore Base Hospital Medical Staff Council media liaison officer Dr Chris Ingall said the poor state of Lismore Base Hospital was symptomatic of the crisis gripping the health care system.

“They are running down Lismore Base Hospital in anticipation of a Federal Government takeover,” he said.

The hospital denied it was allowing the facility to fall into disrepair.

But Mr Park, who has been a patient there for almost three weeks, agrees with Dr Ingall.

“They are just letting this whole place to be run down,” he said.

Connected to an oxygen bottle to assist his breathing, the Iluka man has been restricted to his hospital bed for the last two-and-a-half weeks after he developed a severe case of cellulitis in his left leg, which prevents him from walking.

This week he woke just after midnight with a soaked hospital gown.

Unsure whether he was covered in blood or sweat, Mr Park rang the bell to call a nurse.

The nurse quickly gave him the all clear, but left before giving him dry clothing.

Mr Park said he rang his bell off and on for another 45 minutes in attempt to get something dry to sleep in but with only two nurses on duty to care for the large ward, no one responded.

Distressed, he called his wife who is staying at a veteran’s hostel at Ballina. She suggested he call Triple-0.

But as he was put through to the emergency operator, a nurse arrived and took his phone.

She returned it 45 minutes later without the battery and sim card.

“I don’t care what anyone says, that’s theft,” Mr Park said yesterday. “It was my only communication with the outside world and they took it away from me.”

In the meantime, his anxious wife was trying to call him on the mobile. Fearing the worst she eventually got through to the nurses’ station and was told her husband was alright.

The phone’s battery and sim card were returned to Mr Park the next morning.

The hospital spokesperson said Mr Park’s phone was taken from him to prevent him disturbing other patients.”

They didn’t take is phone away because they didn’t want him to disturb other patients they did it so he wouldn’t disturb them, or make them look bad.  This is Australia not a Third World country!

But people try to say how nice socialized medicine is, yet every day you hear more and more stories about this kind of thing.  In England they were leaving people to die in the ambulances so they would have to take care of them, in Canada it takes months to get an MRI (there are more MRI machines in NYC that all of Canada)  and in Cuba the hospitals look like Sudanese prisons.   But it’s free!  Oh high taxes, right.  Nothing is free someone always has to pay for it, you just want to make someone else do it.  The sad thing is that when the Government is in control of your health care you are not, that means that even if you can afford faster and better treatment unless you go to another country (like the Canadians who come to the US to get faster care) you get the same crappy health care that the lazy junkie on the corner gets on your tax dollars.   In the free market if someone does not do the job you hired them to do,  like painting your house or properly fixing your broken leg you don’t pay them.  They know this so there is an incentive to do the job right the first time or they will go out of business.  The Government could care less they will get your taxes and if they don’t you go to jail.  They have no incentive to care, they only want power and it will be at your expense.

Think about it this way, if a WWII vet can’t get decent health care what chance do you have?

H/T to MK who I may have stolen a bit from on the title.


I hate it here…



  1. Oh well I knew how this whole health care reform shit would go. Call it a gut feeling or whatever the hell, but that’s why I didn’t vote for the man that is president now. I already knew things that were going on with the health care system well before that man ever ran for office. And how could my little tiny brain have predicted the shit that will come now that they passed the bill for it?? Gee maybe I’m psychic. Or maybe I’m not a retard and have dealt extensively with the heathcare system. I’ve tried to eduacte people. Tried to give them the inside info that I had learned. But no. They hear FREE! Oh isn’t that great, FREE healthcare. Wait, what do they say?? Ya get what ya pay for. But wait, I am paying for it. Yes in the sense where every damn crack hoar and addict will get the same damn treatment as me. I know so much shit about nursing homes and hospitals and prescription drug coverage it’s fucking silly. I have quit a damn job dealing with such things just for the sheer morals that I have. It was a job dealing with prescription drug coverage and it was a mail order company. I leave it at that. Screw u company I won’t name right now cause I can’t afford u sueing me!!! And also my aunt is a nurse and has been for 30 years. It’s terrible. I have already been informed of the story you have mentioned above. That shit has happened so many times it’s not even funny. It’s irritating and sad to me all at the same time. But go ahead people get your free shit. I just hope to god your grandmother doesn’t need a new heart or lung. The healthcare system has taken a turn from insurance companies deciding who will live or die to the now the goverment deciding that. Just don’t hold your breath or start praying. The shit is not going to work either way…………..

  2. Thanks for the link back, and it’s only going to get worse.

    The asshole masquerading as our PM wants to take over the whole thing now from the states, so it’s going to get a lot worse and more expensive before it eventually falls apart.

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