Quote Of The Day

Ah marriage, the reason men build bars.

– Chief Tyrol

It’s from  Battlestar Galactica, I’m a nerd so what of it?



  1. Fuckin exactly, and no not only men need the bars when they are married. I could’ve used a tranqulizer or possibly some xanax as well. But no I headed for the booze. There’s nothing quite like angry drinking. ; p

  2. I need to check out this battlestar glactica. I’ve seen the odd scene but never got round to it.

  3. Yeah I used to watch the reruns that would come on late at night. Usually when the Sci fi channel wouldn’t have any zombie movies on. Ah the Sci fi channel, I don’t have it anymore. I refuse to pay the money they want for over a hundred channels that more than half of them I won’t watch.

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