I Think CNN Missed Some Facts: Norman Leboon vs Eric Cantor

“A 33-year-old Pennsylvania man has been arrested and charged with threatening to kill House Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia, the No. 2 Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Justice Department said Monday.

Norman Leboon of Philadelphia was charged in a two-count complaint with threatening to kill Cantor and his family. Leboon made the threat in a YouTube Internet video sent to Google this month, according to a Justice Department statement.

OK, so the guy was a nut and he was also and antisemite, fair enough, but then they said this in the article:

“A Justice Department official said there is no indication Leboon is part of a political group or made his threat against Cantor to advance a specific political cause.”

OK, so the guy was not part of any political groups, fair enough.  But what did CNN forget to point out?

From Politico:

“Leboon does not appear to be particularly politically active, but he does appear to have donated to President Barack Obama. On back-to-back days in June 2008, a man who called himself “Norman Leboon Sr” from Philadelphia gave $255 and $250 to Obama for America. The Democratic National Committee will donate $505 to charity if it was the same man that threatened Cantor. The DNC condemned the threats to Cantor and his family.”

Oh, CNN forgot to mention that this guy was a supporter of Obama and the Democrats.  That’s what they forgot.  I bet had he been a supporter of the Republican or had attended a Tea Party protest they would have mentioned that a million times.

Look violence from either side is not a good thing but the Media needs to stop trying to whitewash it away when it looks like it is from one side and reporting the hell out of it if it’s from the other.   The sad thing is this is the first recent case of threats and violence were  the person believed responsible has been found.  All the other cases are still open but people in the Media are building it up like a giant right-wing backlash without evidence that that is truly what it is and not lone psychopaths or plants trying to make it look like a right-wing backlash.

OK, are all the facts in?  No, but CNN could at least report the ones we do have.

On another note, will the Justice Department pretend this isn’t politically motivated just like they pretended that the Black Panthers – acting as Democratic poll watchers – were not trying to intimidate voters at Philadelphia polling stations?  Inquiring minds want to know.


I hate it here…



  1. […] Outfrigginstanding!!!! […]

  2. The guy is certifiable. I’ve encountered him before. See my blogpost for more info…


  3. that is one gruesome picture, dude! lol

  4. So he was an anti-Semite muslim Obama supporter, but CNN didn’t really feel like mentioning any of that. I bet the would have mentioned it if it had been a white christian McCain supporter attacking a Democrat.

    The picture is Kakihara from the movie Ichi The Killer.

  5. good point. perhaps you are right, but I don’t think his support of Obama really has much significance, nor if he had supported McCain.

    I wonder what FOXNews is making of all this? I must investigate….

  6. It depends on what was in the other 1999 videos he made. It might have nothing to do with his support of Obama but he did go after a politician from another state and it was the 2nd highest ranking republican in the House so the information should not be overlooked. Fox didn’t say anything about the guys political leanings either I guess they forgot they are supposed to be on the GOP’s payroll or something.

  7. Drunken Llama, I’m just amazed that you were able to type an entire sentence without cursing. You feeling OK?

  8. haha. FoxNews….fair and balanced. I love watching Fox and trying to predict how they will spin things. They rarely disappoint.

  9. oh yeah, the guy needs treatment for sure. like I said, he’s certifiable….

  10. They all spin things it’s just a matter of if you agree with the spin or not.

  11. agree with the spin? How bout recognize spin when you see it?

    love how the tea party spin has gone from “black Congressman lied about spitting incident” to “spitter didn’t mean to spit on black Congressman”…geez.

  12. The congressman was the one that said that in the first place, you can’t blame the tea party for that. My favorite is the “someone yelled the N word 15 times” to noone has any proof it was ever yelled once no matter how many times we rewatch the videos.

    Screw you Letters, you happy now?

  13. He’s a leftist, that’s why they chose not to mention too much about him.

  14. Heck, if he had drunk tea any time in his life, they’d have smeared the Tea Partiers without a second thought.

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  16. Um… OK…

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