MSNBC: Propaganda, Lies, Insane Douchebags And Dylan Ratigan

Is there anyone that works at MSNBC that isn’t crazy? There is a reason more people watch bass fishing competitions on T.V. every day than watch MSNBC in a month.  It’s because the entire channel is what happens when you give the lunatics at the Daily Kos a T.V. station.  Case in point the video you just watched.  Mr. Ratigan calls people Wingnuts right before going batshit insane.  He claims that people show up to the Tea parties yelling about killing black people, now if you aren’t stupid you know it’s made up.  We know it’s completely made up, we all know that if they were true MSNBC would be showing the video footage of it every five seconds.  The fact that they don’t is because they don’t have it, because it isn’t happening.  It’s a lie.  A very big insane lie.

This is the Tea Party movement:

Wait what?  There are people there that are not white and in the KKK?  OH NOES!!!  Oh, right they don’t have the KKK there, that’s because the KKK are all Democrats.  Now I remember.

Now it doesn’t  surprise be that MSNBC did this.  Remember when they claimed white racists brought guns to an Obama visit in Arizona?  Remember that lie?  You don’t?  Here is is:

Yeah this lie, the guy they showed with a gun was black, but with some good video editing you can make sure people don’t know that and claim a bunch of white racist showed up with guns (even if it was a black guy).

And on to other video of that day:

That wasn’t good enough try this:

See I told you it was a black guy.  But For some reason MSNBC is yelling about white racists?  It is sad when the show Red Eye has better journalists than you do.  It’s Red Eye, the show – while funny – spends most of it’s time making fun of itself and talking about unicorns and they have better journalists?  hell it was Greg Gutfeld from Red Eye that brought up the original video I started off with on the Big Hollywood blog.  really they guy spends all his time talking about unicorns and his missing pool boys yet he is a better journalist?
OK, back to the reporter in question.  The guys a lunatic, he just starts yelling and demanding answers but continues yelling the second the other guy tries to answer him.  Then he cuts him off for not answering the question even though he didn’t let him have a chance to answer.  The best part was the thing about propaganda.  Come the fuck on man, your ranting sounds like the “Five Minutes Of Hate” from the book 1984.  Not only that but you try to say the guy is spouting propaganda when you don’t even let him get a chance to speak, are you insane?  OK we know you are insane.  We have proof, but really, how do you keep your job?  Oh, wait… Never mind, you work at MSNBC a place so filled with lies and propaganda Walter Duranty would call you out on your bullshit.
Seriously, more people are willing to watch bass fishing than your network.

I’m not part of the Tea Party Movement, I live in Japan, we don’t have it here – we should but we don’t – but I support them and understand what they are about.  Smaller government, more accountability, lower taxes, less government spending and waste and the Constitution.  They’re good people, and they come in all backgrounds.  It’s not about race or class it’s about freedom and our Constitution.  It’s about normal people who are fed up with the bullshit coming out of D.C.  It’s the anger and alienation people feel about our elected officials and the fact our system is broken.    The fact that MSNBC have to call people they don’t agree with racist is because they don’t have any real argument against them, so they make things up.  I have no problem with commentary on news channels, it’s fine, the difference is that MSNBC is nothing but commentary and slanted news.  Other stations have bias, I accept that but they at least try to hide it and they differentiate between the commentary and the news programming.  MSNBC doesn’t even pretend that they aren’t propaganda and lies.  The sad thing is that sometimes propaganda isn’t a lie it’s just propaganda the way they tell it, MSNBC is just lies. It’s bullshit propaganda from the insane.

Thank you MSNBC for once again showing the world that Liberals and Progressives are batshit insane.  Thank you.

h/t  Big Hollywood

Thanks to Afro City for one of the other videos


I hate it here…



  1. The only time i ever get to watch those cretins is when bloggers are tearing them to pieces. Thanks for informing, i think i should spread the word.

  2. […] Hat tip Letters to a Dying Dream. […]

  3. I’ve been to 1 tea party event and saw 2 racists signs about obama(o) in the crowd of 1000’s.

    There’s also a video on youtube of a guy interviewing a vendor at a tea party rally that was selling “Racist and proud of it” shirts there at the rally. Look for it, it’s not edited, it’s not fake, it’s real and the guy said he was proud to be selling them. The camera spins around and you can see the event and the vendor stand are real and the shirts are easily visible. There is no trickery or deceit happening.

    (Why didn’t anyone running that event notice it and stop him if it was something they feel strongly against? Is my question.)

    While it is true that that Tea Party itself is not racist, to claim there is NO racist elements in it is a complete lie. To say otherwise is a complete denial of facts.

    And if you think i’m some stupid liberal, think again. I just hate lies being told about anything no matter what side it is coming from, and to say there is absolutely no racist elements to the Tea Party is a flat out lie. I’ve seen it myself and it HAS been documented, Truthfully documented even.

  4. Sorry, got the wording of the shirt wrong, it was months ago when i saw it, but the meaning is the same.

  5. So the fact the guy was using that as a form of sarcasm doesn’t mean anything? Now maybe that shouldn’t have been what he did but it wasn’t out of racism just a stupid use of sarcasm. Did you even watch the whole video?

    The back of the shirt said this.

    …according to out government, because… I support the U.S. Constitution I support free speech I support the right to bear arms I support the bill of rights. I support capitalism. I support NO government bailouts I support the securing of our borders i support the US Military”

    Once again did you bother to watch the video? Check what the rest of the shirt said? Did you get the joke?

    I never said no one there wasn’t a racist but it’s not about racism as people have claimed it to be and that is what I am talking about. If you get a large enough group of anyone you are always going to get some shitheads but you don’t define the group by a very small minority of shitheads that the group does not endorse.

  6. I’m white and I’ve been subjected to racism by a black woman in a restaurant before. She called me the most horrible names. It doesn’t change my opinion. ALL people of any color are idiots if they judge others by their race, even more so when they are racist because they assume I am racist in defense. It makes me crazy. If I don’t kiss up to you, I must be a racist. THAT too, is racism.

    That shirt was stupid, but I see where he was getting at. And it’s not disrespectful, sorry, just not getting it’s message across well.

  7. Race is a joke and all races come with their racists. I have also been subjected to racism over my lifetime, it’s life it sucks but it happens. I have traveled the world and seen all kinds of bigotry, it sucks, but people can suck, it’s life. My problem is people calling things racist that aren’t out of ignorance or calling people racist that aren’t just to score cheep political points. At least the ignorant have an excuse (they’re stupid). It’s just like calling people Nazis just because you don’t like them. The KKK, The Black Panthers, Nazis, The Nation of Islam are racists, this shirt wasn’t. Poorly done sarcasm yes, racist no. The shirt would have worked better if all the text was on the front but it wasn’t. Oh boo fucking hoo.

  8. Just because everyone can make a blog, doesn’t mean everyone should.

    MSNBC is not like Fox. MSNBC actually checks facts, they don’t make intentional errors like putting a (D) next to a Republican’s name whenever they are caught in a sex scandal. MSNBC doesn’t have the same top down structure were memos are given to anchors instructing them to use certain terms and how to best spin the day’s news. The shear number of errors, omissions, and out right lies on Fox DWARFS those of MSNBC.

    Several studies have been done that show Fox News Viewers are the most misinformed. The evidence is overwhelming. Fox is far right propaganda, MSNBC still has conservatives shows like Dylan Ratigan, Morning Joe. They also have real conservatives on other shows. Fox has Psudeo-liberal commentators who intentionally take weak positions to smear the liberal viewpoint, and/or accept the conservative framing of an argument to make it appear legitimate.

  9. Several studies have been done showing a lot of things. And a lot of said studies are bullshit. Anyway who cares, this post wasn’t about Fox it was about MSNBC and even if Fox is worse as you claim does that excuse the bullshit that has come from MSNBC? No it wouldn’t. Bullshit and lies from anyone is wrong and just because you believe party A lies more than party B does not excuse the lies of party B even if they are lying for your side.

    I can also explain this using math.

    if A = X and B = X the fact that B = X does not make A = Y. Now go back to your Womyn’s Studies class and learn about vagina dentata and bad poetry.

  10. Just because you can make a comment doesn’t mean you should. Hell, just because you have the freedom of speech doesn’t mean you should use it and frankly you shouldn’t because the only people that should be able to make blogs or speak are the ones who are your betters allow to speak. Remember kids you have all the freedom in the world to do what we tell you.

    Back to reality. I has a blog and for better or worse it will stay here. If you don’t like what I say make your own blog and tell your side of the issue. If you want to fight me post comments and I’ll debate you. Or make fun of you depending on the crap you say.

    Also Dylan Ratigan is a conservative? Really are you sure about this or are you only calling him that because he isn’t quite far enough to the left for you? Fuck it I don’t give a fuck I’ll go back to my blog you don’t think I should have.

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