More Friday Night Music: Crayon Death “expatriot”

OK, I was talking about Crayon Death in the last post so I thought I should play some.  I don’t think I have yet and that’s wrong of me.   Yeah they were a local band from Pittsburgh and they broke up a long time ago, but fucking hell were they good.  If you don’t like them Eatabagofshit!



  1. Shit was that the Parkway at 51 or 53 sec??? I think it was I can def see someone getting mad enough to do that during bumper to bumper traffic on a Mon morning. lol These guys have been around for awhile. I heard they were trying to get back together. Might be rumours and shit but I know there would be a lot of happy people if they did.

  2. The video was from Club Laga in Oakland. And no getting back together, those must have been just rumors. Some of the guys from Crayon Death are in a new band called Solarburn now.

  3. Ah hell and Laga isn’t even there anymore…………. It’s hard to find good clubs for shows any more in pgh. I think all that’s left is Mr. Smalls. And yes it lives up to it’s name that shit is pretty small when ya try to pack a thousand people in there. lol Hell I’ve had to go to Cleaveland to see some shit. It’s a sad thing..

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