Quote Of The Day

“… in the Legend of Pandora’s Box why do you think they included Hope with all the other evils?   Because Hope is the cruelest misfortune of them all.” ~  Keith Black

It’s from the Anime Project Arms, I liked the quote.  The show was OK, not the best but entertaining enough.


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  1. Hope, the cruelest misfortune of them all. Cruel in a sense that when at one time ya had hope, danced around with it and thought it was your friend it screwed ya over pretty much. There will always be hope. Hope for people to listen and not be so damn ignorant, hope for the young and that things will change as they get older and they won’t be cursed with all the bullshit of today. But it tends to get a little stale. The wanting to hope, the thinking ya have to. Hope and despair go hand in hand I think. When Hope gets lost, it’s worse than despair. At least despair never changes and you know how it is. But when Hope dies, it’s like the Heavens give you the middle finger and say: I had you. It’s a deceiver sometimes. Have we lost Hope? I don’t know. Is there Hope for tomorrow?? Who the hell knows. Do I hope to have a bottle of rum tonight?? Why yes I do. lol

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