Nerd Rage and Terminator: TSCC

Considering my ability to bend people to my will I thought I would once again lend my hand in helping nerds everywhere much like I did when I forced Sega to release an English version of Yakuza 3.   But today this isn’t about Sega, who for now is once again in my good graces this is about Fox and how they are terrible bastards.  Now before every moron on the planet starts in on this I am not talking about Fox News, I don’t have a problem with them this is about the regular TV channel and their dubious choices.

Now why is Fox a bunch of Terrible bastards?  It wasn’t bad enough what they kept doing to Futurama but now they had to go back to being asshole and they canceled  Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Yes I’m late on this but I almost never watch anything till it comes out on DVD so I’m always late on this sort of thing.  Anyhoo I spent the last two weeks watching the entirety of both seasons and lets say I’m a little annoyed that it’s over.  Well a little annoyed isn’t quite the word for it, Nerd Rage would be a better term.  It’s a certain kind of unholy rage that only happens when people do terrible things such as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Episode I, II & III, or trying to remake Akira, setting it in New York City and staring Leonardo DeCaprio and other such crimes against humanity.  Look, most TV sucks, so when TV finally pulls it’s head out of it’s electronic ass and makes something worth watching it cancels it (Rome, Kings, Deadwood, Welcome to the N.H.K. to name a few).   What the fuck is wrong with this world?  Keith Olbermann,  Desperate Housewives,  and The Hills are still on TV but Terminator: TSCC gets canned?  Is there no God!?

Everyone knows that they watched the entire series and just as the credits rolled on the last episode yelled “What the bloody goat fucking hell that’s it, that’s all, what kind of communist bastard would do something like that!?”  Yes I know terrible things have been done to mankind here, maybe not quite as bad as The Star Wars Christmas Special, but pretty bad non the less.

Here’s the deal, we all know that eventually we are all going to be eventually be murdered by sentient robots, but till that time is it too much to ask for some decent entertainment before we get marched off to their work camps and forced to build our own destruction?  That’s all any of us really want, it’s not like I’m the only one out here in what will soon be Skynet’s electronic playground asking for this.  Why don’t you just listen, was it a mistake to bring back Family Guy?  No, what is so wrong about this?

All I’m asking is that you bring back the show, at least you can try to finish the story line off by making a movie like they did when you morons canceled Firefly.   Oh right, you did not do the movie someone else did.  Good job on that one fuckholes.  Maybe I should be talking to Universal, maybe they want to make the money you apparently do not want.  The point is that if you do not finish this in some way I’m going to make sure those sentient murderbots – who are destined to murder us all –  know exactly where you all live.  And if that doesn’t make you think you might have fucked up a little I will also make sure you get visited by a random hoard of brain munching zombies.  Now I know what people out there might be thinking. Could the idiots that canceled the show have any brains for the zombies to eat?  No, no they don’t but by the time hoard of undead diners get through the skull and see the lack of delicious head meat it will be too late.  What kind of world will it be to live in when we spend every day having to deal with an army of angry nerds, very disappointed and hungry zombies, malevolent androids bent on Mankind’s destruction and nothing good to watch on TV?  It’s going to suck, it will suck so hard that it will make The Star Wars Christmas Special look almost nice, right before we all use our last bullet on ourselves of course.

Do the right thing, do it for the children.  Do it for your children, who might be home when your new robot overlords and their zombie companions come calling.


I hate it here…


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