Mary Jo Kopechne Endorses Scott Brown For Ted Kennedy’s Old Senate Seat

For those too young or ignorant to get the joke  Mary Jo Kopechne is the woman Ted Kennedy left at the bottom of a tidal channel on Chappaquiddick Island and somehow got away with her murder by accident…  Wait Ted’s dead, can we all come out and admit he was responsible for her death and should have been locked up for it instead of being rewarded with 47 years in the Senate now? Brown would be the Republican running for Ted’s old Senate seat considered by the Democrats as his seat because he held it for 47 years as I have mentioned earlier.  Martha Coakley is the Democrat running for the seat and using Ted’s memory to score political points

Now think about it.

Thanks Nose On Your Face

Is it wrong to make fun of Ted Kennedy now he is rotting in hell carried up to heaven by Health Care loving angels?  Read this and you have my answer.

UPDATE: Brown won, I guess the Democrats did quite own that seat.  For added fun watch this:

H/T Doctor Bulldog and Ronin


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  1. Nice one.

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