The Broken Angel

Some things are worth dying for, some things are not, but men are stupid, we will die for a lot of things stupid or not.  Women are one of them.  There is a certain look in a woman’s eyes that have led men to their deaths for centuries. I can’t really explain it well, I have seen it, the look, the look that will send you to your death.  It will disarm you, disarm your senses and put you under the control of something you could never hope to explain, even if you could understand it.  Some women are truly evil, they have learned to fake that look.  They learned how to act out the part for their own needs and for that they would destroy you only for themselves.  But I’m not talking now about Succubi, I’m talking about Angels.  The Angel, in them we look for something better.  In the Angel, we know there is a higher being out there waiting for us, we truly know she exists.  That’s why we don’t give up, we don’t let the false realities kill us because we know there is something more, something better.  As if we are guided by something like faith, we keep looking for our Angels.

It’s not the highest beauty that does it – as people would think – since we think about how Helen was brought to Troy by her beloved, and roused the world to fight leading to Troy’s destruction.  It didn’t work as how you think.  Men will do stupid things for a woman, and they will do really stupid things for a beautiful woman, but that’s not enough to cause the destruction of nations, that’s not enough for thousands of men to murder each other on a mass scale.  It’s the naive innocence in some women’s eyes that can destroy men and counties, for Helen was young and Paris she loved, and he in his infinite wisdom would doom his country, but they would have thrown her over the walls at the sight of the first Greek ship on the horizon if in wasn’t for the concept of a glimmer, of a higher ideal.  For Paris was trying to save her from a life she didn’t deserve.  A life as the wife of a bastard, forced for political reasons to be in bondage to one whom she didn’t love.  So Paris, young and stupid had to save her and brought destruction.  While yes, Helen was attractive, that doesn’t matter, a pretty girl can cause a bar fight, that is all.  There is a certain kind of woman who can cause the truly stupid, the real sacrifice, the most destruction, for men – and I mean real men – are to a point, always looking for an angel, an angel on Earth, but it’s always broken.  For she is an angel, an angel in chains, and someone needs to break them, to free her from bondage. An angel, broken and bound.  Men cannot abide long while knowing that exists.

The Broken Angel, because Angels don’t live here, but we want them too.  That’s why they are broken, but to us they are Angels and when we think we have found one, even God cannot stop us from the fall, to stop us from trying to save them.  Women can make a man stupid, but a certain kind can make them insane, because she is his angel, she is broken and destroyed but inside she is pure even when she for everything else is not.  She is pure, or can be, she will be, and we will save her.  We need to be there, as a savior.   It’s the stories of our youth, the noble cowboy, the samurai, the knight, always on a horse, always there to save the day.  Always there, ready, riding in when it makes the least sense except in stories, where it always does.  Always there to save the girl, our Angel, who in all cases represented purity no matter what.  Even later as the world got cynical and tried to give up, she still was the Angel, only today it’s the Broken Angel, as we are the Broken Saints, for we know we aren’t the pure, but we are still trying to search for our meaning, and we see those eyes and we want to be The Savior.  The Martyr.  Not for God, since most have long abandoned that, but we haven’t abandoned the Angels,  and to us an Angel is a doe eyed girl in trouble and there is something bred into us that forces against all logic and the concept of self to rush in and fight.  We do it for children too, because we see innocence, and something hasn’t quite died yet in us.  We die for them because they are to us the Cherubim, we cannot let them see harm.  No matter how terrible we see ourselves – because it’s the last thing left of our humanity – we cannot let them see the world.  We do it for them on only one level while the Broken Angels we do it on two.  While there may not be much left in us but foolish pride there is still the spark in us.   The idea that we are a Savior, Samurai, Cowboy, or Knight.  Glorification, as if the Elysian Fields are real.  That’s our destiny, as if that will be our eternal home.  We save the Cherubim because we know we have too, because it’s right.  We save the Angel because of love, not the romantic idea of love, for  half of the time we know it’s not possible on the Angel’s part, but for a love of the idea of the Angel, the other idea of the romantic.  The Goddess must be saved and not just because it’s right, it’s the ideal that you must save, the ideal you must defend. It’s all just words and ideas but it’s OK.  Ideals can’t always be broken down into words and even when you have them words don’t always give you the ability to express everything you mean.  We can come close but nothing can really explain the workings of idealism, the higher purpose and human stupidity.

Dreams are the lies we tell ourselves so we don’t give up.   So we don’t cry ourselves to sleep every night or eat the end of our guns.   It’s the reason we wake up in the morning and give it another go.  The sweetest lies are the dreams of mankind, but the sweetest dreams are the most dangerous for the sweetest lies are the most destructive.  All the things they say men dream of, fame, glory, honor, aren’t that important and that’s not what is at the bottom of it all.  Some can stick to that though, they are lucky, shallow, but lucky in their inability to see what is below.   Something that can drag them down.  Yes the others can drag them down, but the others you can walk away from, they are simple traps and easy to escape, it’s the dreams brought on by the Angels that will bind them and destroy them.  For many there is something else they are really dreaming of, their Angels, not just that, but being her savior, for our Angels are different but the concept and the struggle is the same.  Sometimes we win, sometimes thousand of us are slaughtered for nothing but some silly idea but we still look for our Angels.

Angels might not exist in the theological sense – it does not matter – to us even if they don’t we will make them exist here, we need to believe they exist.  We are kind of stupid that way.



  1. “.. we need to believe they exist.”

    True, we’ve been down the alternative before and it’s far too horrifying.

  2. “she is broken and destroyed but inside she is pure” I like that line the most I think. There is somewhat a purity to women, trying to find that is not fun and the destroyed part well we are all destroyed in some way. Well hell, that’s what I think anyways. I don’t know if we are exactly angels though, it’s not always fun when ya come down off the high that u were on when ya thought that person was a certain way. It happens countless times. I beleive starting out as children we have the most purity but some of that gets lost along the way. That’s prob when we come to the Broken Angel. When we lose some of the innocence and purity. We lose ourselves in people and the shit crumbles. Now I don’t know if it can be fixed, but you can sure as hell try. I’m glad someone still beleives in something, that’s all ya really need is to believe………………..

  3. “yes means yes”
    “he for she”

    How do women live with themselves? Both of the above hope for one thing and one thing only. What’s that? Shift all responsibility for everything upon men and absolve women of anything that remotely resembles responsibility. What else does this mean? It means that men should be punished whenever women make a bad decision. It’s so obvious it hurts – yet many a naive, ignorant, cowardly white knight will fall upon his sword to protect some whore that has convinced him he’s loved, her best friend and family.

    Here’s what I’m for (cunts be damned):

    (1) more women coming back from war with their limbs blown off.
    (2) more women dying younger than men.
    (3) more women going to jail over false rape, false DV and false harassment charges.
    (4) more women than men getting laughed at when they file domestic abuse charges.
    (5) more women getting denied access to college due to their gender.
    (6) more men graduating from college being seen as “a great success”.
    (7) more women teachers being seen as a predator when alone in a classroom of boys.
    (8) more fat, unattractive women being denied jobs by male HR reps.
    (9) more opportunity to discriminate against women the way women discriminate against men.
    (10) the opportunity to destroy women who act feminine.
    (11) the 4X increase in suicide of women over men.
    (12) the utter annihilation of any space that serves primarily women’s interests.
    (13) the freedom to call a cunt a cunt. If women can call men losers, men can call women cunts.
    (14) the opportunity to destroy a woman’s life with the whisper of false accusations.
    (15) the right to blame women when they fall and to victimize men for women’s failures.
    (16) the right to make the same pay as women even when they work more hours, have more experience and work more demanding jobs.
    (17) the right to call a woman a cunt.
    (18) the right to laugh on TV when a woman’s tits or genitals are mutilated.
    (19) the right to laugh at a woman’s rape the way women laugh when a man is raped.
    (20) the right to consider women’s genital mutilation as sanitary in the same way they view men’s genital mutilation as sanitary.
    (21) the right to view women’s sexuality as a violent pathology (considering all of the female pedophiles, this might be the most important thing so far).
    (22) the right as a man to assault a woman and still be considered a victim.
    (23) to consider women unfit to work around children, considering that they inflict most child abuse and are the rapists of most children.
    (24) to have the right to destroy the lives of women when they can’t prove I gave them consent to have sex with me.
    (25) to have the right to tell unattractive women that they’re creepy and shameful and to make them feel like dirt for having had anything to do with me, in public, in front of their friends, and under the most cruel of circumstances.
    (26) to have the right to destroy the life of a female coworker, classmate or friend if they made a pass at me while drunk.
    (27) to have the fact that women, regardless of their smaller size are prolific rapists and abusers.
    (28) for women to be held out as losers if they don’t drive a Lexus.
    (29) to make it legally impossible for women to associate with only other women.
    (30) to make it so that women pay 95% of alimony and child support.
    (31) to make it so that women work most of the dirty dangerous jobs.
    (32) to make it so that women represent most of battlefield deaths and dismemberments.
    (33) to make it so that women represent the majority of homeless and suicides.

    I could go on and on, but I’ll stop.

    Are you choking on the hypocrisy and double standards yet? If not, I have more from which you might choke!

  4. Don’t care. Like sucks and double standards are fun but the gender wars are a fucking joke and I’m not going to participate. Seriously fuck everyone. i’m not going to be part of the gender war shit.

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