For The Greater Good

“For the greater good” is one of if not the most evil concepts ever invented.  People might do some terrible things for their own self interest but people murder millions for the “greater good”,  or at least their idea of it.  Any time someone says something is “for the greater good” run, you are going to die (or at least it’s not going to end well).  Some might think their heart is in the right place and others will use the idea to further their own ends but it does not matter as I have said it’s never going to end well.   The thing is, is that when you think you have some holy mission you can justify anything. Murdering women and children, mass graves, gulags, governmental oppression. Anything really it’s for the greater good after all.  The theories and reasons behind it may be different, religion, politics, economics, racial ideology, but the similarities are always there.  Think about a group of people who for one reason or another know, they just know that they are right and that in order to save us they need to remake the world in the image of their own minds and at any cost.  They can’t afford people to get in their way, because they know that they are correct and if the people don’t know what is good for them they must be forced to do what is correct.

Now this isn’t to say that force isn’t sometimes necessary or that sometimes we do need to make hard choices but the religious fervor  that an ideology can attract leads men to blind themselves to the true cost of their actions and dehumanize themselves in the pursuit of their beliefs.  Ideology in itself can blind people to the point they cannot think there could be another way or that someone with good intentions could possible disagree with them.  Since no good person could possible disagree then the opposition must be evil – or at least misled by evil – and they must be destroyed.  Even when you don’t consider all of the opposition evil you have very little regard for the ignorant masses that just don’t understand your glorious plans, those people must be forced to fall in line, they must be made to see the light and learn the truth even if the truth comes from the barrel of a gun or the end of a truncheon.

Sometimes people will suffer from the choices and the decisions made in this life, the difference is are you acknowledging the fact that some things have no easy answers or solutions and that nothing on earth can be perfect and therefore some people will unfortunately suffer or are you forcing people to suffer because your ideals are more important then their lives?

The question I would ask is what your are doing truly “for the greater good” or is it the best option in a bad situation?  I understand the idea of a necessary evil, it’s a sad fact of life but I do not look at a necessary evil as righteous.  That is the difference.  A Necessary Evil is still evil, but is an unfortunate and shameful necessity due to various conditions while “for the greater good” is evil wrapped in the banner of the righteous.  The problem lies in that when you can wrap evil in the banner of righteousness you can do anything, no matter how horrible, but when it is a necessary evil there will always be something in your head yelling “stop, we can’t go to far”.  You can put limits on how far it will go because you cannot distance yourself from your actions or your own conscience. A man who has wrapped himself in righteous for the greater good has detached himself from his actions and there are no limits to what evil he can accomplish.



  1. Communism springs to mind, what was it, 60 or 80 million dead, and that greater good still remains so far away, but still seems attainable by some in our midst.

  2. I’d say twice your numbers on the communism thing but yeah it was part of it. People need a lie, they need a Utopia because inside they are hollow and frightened.

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