The People’s Cell Phone: Fail Called, He Was Asking For You

With a marketing plan that is sure to take the country by storm CREDO a wireless company is sure to win.  No seriously, I would be amazed if they are not bankrupt in 5 years (unless Soros the Progressive Santa doesn’t intervene and keep them afloat like a Soviet Client State or their Obamessiah gives them a bail-out).

“A San Francisco-based wireless company is working liberal political activism into its business plan in a unabashedly partisan marketing strategy that experts say could catch on in today’s polarized culture — but also could alienate many potential customers.

The company, CREDO, even boasts that it has the support of President Obama as it markets itself as an agent of social change. It pitches its mobile phone services with a vow to fight for “real” health care reform, free speech, peace and the environment.”

Oh isn’t that cute?  No seriously you’re going down.  They are marketing themselves only to the far left, and since most people outside of a collage faculty meeting are not far left this is probably not a good business model.  Granted it might work on a very small scale but I can’t see how you could possibly get anything more than .01% of the national market with this.    Think about it like this take the two biggest political parties in the US the Democrats and the Republicans, these guys have just lost business from all of one part and probably most of the other since the company is proud of going after moderate Democrats.  Now what about everyone else?  How many independents are going to be swayed into getting a phone from these guys with all the constant political marketing?  I might be going out on a limb here but I’m going to go with not a whole hell of a lot.

I don’t know if this is true but if it isn’t it should be:

The first rule of business is never alienate a potential customer, and for god’s sake never do it on purpose.

There is a place for businesses in small specialized markets, like record stores, night clubs or clothing stores.  But cell phone companies?  I don’t think so, you’re going to have a hard time running a national cellular network if you’re only customers are 35 kids that don’t shower and work as “performance  artists” (ie. on welfare or leaching off their parents).

“CREDO’s political attacks, however, have opened it to criticism that it hasn’t lived up its own lofty standards.

Some critics on the left have taken the company to task for offering a credit card through the bank MBNA, the top contributor to Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign. And union leaders have charged the company with hypocrisy for attacking its rivals.

“There’s no small irony in CREDO ‘calling out’ Verizon Wireless,” Steve Early, a former union organizer at AT&T and Rand Wilson, a AFL-CIO union organizer, wrote in the magazine In These Times. “CREDO itself is also completely non-union!”

Early and Wilson noted that AT&T is unionized and derided CREDO for “marketing itself as a bankroller of every kind of rights movement — except the workers’ rights one.”

Sorry that is too funny.  Don’t feel bad guys, ACORN makes sure their employees don’t unionize too, so you’re not the only far left hypocrites out there.

Look I do have a problem with companies giving money to politicians, not because I don’t like who they give it to but because the less money politicians have the better, and it’s harder to try to buy them off if you can’t give them shit.  But since the system allows it they can give money to whoever the want to for any reason, I just don’t think it’s a wise move to try to use it as your marketing strategy.  Till we make it so political donations can come only from a private citizen and not a company companies will always give money to some people, hell they usually give to both parties anyway, that’s life.

Good luck guys I hope you’re buddy Obama buys enough phones to keep you afloat (he won’t, you’re not big enough to get a bail-out and won’t be, ever) but if I were you I’d knock the shit off change you’re name, fire the idiots that thought this was a good idea, disavow any connection to this crap and just try to run a successful  business.

I hate it here….


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