Another Reason Homeowner’s Associations Need to Be Beaten Without Mercy

“90 year-old Colonel Van Barfoot now has until Friday, December 11, to reach a compromise with his homeowner’s association over the flagpole from his yard. This according to an attorney representing the Sussex Square neighborhood association…

The homeowner’s association doesn’t explicitly forbid flagpoles but they must be “aesthetically appropriate”. Short flags are allowed on porches, but Barfoot says that’s not the way he was raised to respect the flag…”

Now the Homeower’s Association is trying to say that the man knew that his flag poll wasn’t authorized. Authorized by who?  State or Federal law?  Oh right, it wasn’t Authorized by them, a non-governmental body of assholes that’s right.

Who the hell does this homeowner’s association think they are?  Really, fuck them.  It’s his house and if he wants a flag poll he can have it.  Does the homeowner’s association own the property?  Oh wait, what, you mean they don’t?  Then fuck them.  It’s as simple as that as long as he hasn’t done anything that is a safety hazard to other people it doesn’t matter what he wants to do on his own property.  If I lived there the second these bastards came over to my place to start something i would explain to them that it is my property, I bought it, I own it and they have nothing else to say and to get the fuck off.  I would then spend the next week screwing with them by sitting on my porch drinking tea while holding an AK-47 (it might be loaded it might not, who cares it’s legal) and smiling at everyone.  A homeowner’s association is nothing but a bunch of pretentious assholes that think they should have the right to tell people what they can do with their own property, well they can’t they have no right to do so.  It’s a flag poll, it’s not like the guy is trying to build a nuclear reactor in his garage or anything.

The only thing someone from a  homeower’s association deserves is a swift beating the second they knock on your door and try to tell you what to do.   End of Story.  The world is filled with petty tyrants and a homeower’s association is by far the pettiest.  The guy won the Medal Of Honor (the medal you get for being the biggest bad ass on the planet) and if he puts up a flag poll on his, let me reiterate that, his property you can go fuck yourself.

Oh he did win, and they had to back down, but it should never have happened in the first place.  These bastards thought they had a right to tell someone else what to do with his own property.  They don’t so when these guys come for you punch them in the face hard.   Really fucking hard.

I hate it here…


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