Tuesday Night Rants And Other Idiocies

Having an existential crisis is for people that wants to think too much without actually having to think.  Do you want to know who you are?  I know and it’s probably written on your drivers license, start there and you might figure it out.  Unless your stupid of course, and if you are stupid your are having an existential crisis right now so all of this means nothing.

Apparently it is completely possible to make money off of a web comic and yet almost never update the thing.  I have no idea how this works.  A person starts a web comic and they make no money off of it yet update it either every day or every other day (regularly anyway) and yet suddenly when they start doing it as a job (were they are presumably attempting to use it to pay rent and for their family) and suddenly they can’t figure out how to do it on the same basis.  When they were not making money and it was just a hobby and putting in at least 40 hours a week at a regular job they posted 3 times a week, when they are doing it as a job (as in that’s all they have to do) it’s maybe 3 times a month sometimes less.  How the fuck does that work?  If  you  gave me  a regular paycheck and a bottle of gin I could post on here every day if not several times a day, what’s wrong with you?

Harry Reid has claimed Republicans who are against the current health care bill are just like people who fought against ending segregation and slavery.  Wait… What?  That’s interesting since it was the Democrats (you know Reid’s party) that supported slavery and segregation and it was a Republican that ended slavery and it was a Republican that wrote the Civil Rights Act.  So Harry do you know what you are talking about?  really, it was your party that was for these terrible things you might not what to use them to bludgeon other people.  Please stop it with the race baiting someone might actually read a history book eventually and realize you’re a fuck.
News Update:  Global Warming still bullshit!

Some people take music to seriously, really it’s just music, it’s not the end all and be all of life.  Granted some people might say I’m not one to talk but really there is a point kids, it’s music not a lifestyle.  Johnny Cash wrote the song “When The Man Comes Around”, he also wrote “Boy Named Sue”.  Think about it.

Speaking of Johnny Cash, am I the only one out there that likes his version of “Hurt” better than the original Nine Inch Nails version?  Seriously the original is a good song but I just love the Cash version.  It’s kind of like how Bob Dillon can write a good song but I always like the Jimie Hendrix or Mike Ness versions are better.  Granted I love NIN (or did when they were good) but Cash owned that song.

Seriously, what the fuck happened to the Stealers?  I didn’t expect you to get a seventh ring this season but what the fuck is going on?  The Penguins are doing well, they have a shot and just didn’t die, why are you?

Did you know there is a monster iceberg heading for Australia?  Really, there is, everyone run!  It’s the end of the world!!! It’s interesting but does anyone that isn’t stupid think it’s going to sink Australia or something?  Oh you do?  You’re a moron, please never have children.

The funniest thing I ever saw was the other day there was a poll taken and 45% of the people polled said they would rather have Bush back than Obama as president.  Seriously 45%?  Come on how bad do you have to suck when Bush is getting those numbers on you?  That’s just sad.

Speaking of Obama he just accepted a Nobel Peace Prize and increased the number of US troops is a war.  Wait, how does that work?

Oh but he does do such nice speechifying doesn’t he?  OK he might if you can either stay awake long enough for him to get through the first hour of crap to get into the second and third hour of him saying a whole lot of nothing without wanting to shoot yourself, I guess he does.  I don’t even thing his teleprompter is paying attention after 5 minutes.

Now take a walk back in time to were smoking and drinking are so commonplace they are almost even mandatory, even when pregnant.  Now since we all know both of those things mixed with other harmful chemicals such as lead paint – and god knows what else in the food – that was common at the time would have a negative affect on a nations youth.  They are almost certainly going to end up having massive amounts of psychological and probably physical problems. Think about it, in 1941 no one would think anything of a pregnant woman smoking 2 packs a day while licking lead paint and drinking a 5th of whiskey, but what does it really do?  What where the consequences of that on the child?  Joan Baez that’s what happens!  Same thing if you are talking about 1937, and what do you get for it?  Jane Fonda, it kind of explains the 60’s doesn’t it.  Massive quantities of people with mental deficiencies is only going to lead to a large quantity of hippies right.

It’s almost Christmas.  So I’m going to do what I always do.  Drink too much listen to Fairytale Of New York by the Pogues one too many times and watch the MST3K version of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and avoid the shit out of my family.  Good times!

I guess it’s a slow Tuesday, I don’t have much else.

I hate it here…


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