Sega Will Release English Version Of Yakuza 3: My Ranting, Threats And Nerd Rage Pay Off

“UK,  December 8, 2009 – SEGA’s Yakuza 3 is finally heading to North America, Europe and Australia, with Toshihiro Nagoshi’s revered game slated for release in March 2010.”

Yes folks Sega has bent to my will, or threats to show up at their offices drunk and probably not wearing pants…  Oh I forgot to mention that one before but sadly that is probably how it would have gone down and someone might have warned them the second they did the research when I came on their radar.

Anyhoo, I’d like to think that it was my ranting that finally made them see the light and as far as we know it was.  While I have no proof of this you don’t have proof to the contrary so until the people at Sega come to my house to personally present me with my own copy of this game and specifically state that it was not all my doing I will continue to think it was me.  I roll like that even when I am wearing pants.

Yes folks the best game ever will come out to the world and I will bask in her glory (no I haven’t played it but yes it will be the best game ever, sorry Tetris, is was a long and beautiful affair but we must part… OK we don’t have to part but you are going to get regulated to the occasional booty call when the wife is out of town).

Much like Yakuza 2 the game will stick with the Japanese voice acting and use English subs but it’s not going to bother me since I’m used to subs in movies and rarely like dubs on anything since most people never do it right or change too much (seriously stop giving people from Osaka a Southern Accent it just doesn’t sound right).  It doesn’t matter Yakuza 3 will be mine in March, oh yes she will be mine.

Now remember Sega this time don’t do what you did with Yakuza 2 and forget to promote the thing.  I know you dropped the ball on the last one, remember you have a Marketing Department use it this time and you won’t have the same problem with the sales.

For once I almost don’t hate it here…


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