Wait Apparently They Are Jobs Americans Will Do

“Growing ranks of U.S. citizens are heading to street corners and home improvement store parking lots to find day-labor work usually done by illegal immigrants.”

So with unemployment hovering around 10% I guess people will do all the jobs people said they wouldn’t do.  Maybe it’s really that the people who are actually will want  to work rather than live off welfare will take any job they can get and when they get better work they don’t do these jobs.  Now the reason that the jobs were open before is enough lazy people found they could leach off the government and the taxpayers and didn’t want to work so the jobs went unfilled, now with the people who want to work are out of it they want these jobs.

So maybe if we stopped letting people be leaches these jobs would have been filled in the first place by people in the country legally (since they would starve otherwise) and we wouldn’t have had the illegal immigration problems we had and would not have had to heard the BS “They fill jobs Americans won’t do” line.  Americans only didn’t do those jobs because the people that wanted to work already had jobs and the ones that said they did but didn’t are people that just didn’t want to “lower themselves” into manual labor (otherwise known as egotistical douchebags).

I hate it here…


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  1. Exactly right. The real reason why the progressives on both sides encourage illegals is because they’re a source of votes or increased government dependence.

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