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“Some think they see their own hope to advance tied to their neighbor’s fall, and thus the long to see him cast down from his eminence;

Some fear their power, preferment, honor, fame will suffer by another’s rise, and thus, irked by his good, desire his ruin and shame. ”

– Dante Alighieri

Sounds like a part of certain progressive ideologies minus the bull shit platitudes about the “common good”.  In reality it’s jealousy and egotism, we should all be equal as long as I am more equal to others.  “You can be equal but I want to be in control”, that is what they want, and “If you do better then I, I want you destroyed”.

It all reminds me of the old Cold War  joke:

An American, a Frenchman and a Russian find an old bottle on the beach. They remove the stopper, and a genie flies out. He’s so grateful to be free that he offers each of them one wish.

The American wishes for an enormous amount of money, a mansion on the Pacific coast, cars, women, and everything that goes along with a very luxurious lifestyle. POOF! The genie gives it to him.

The Frenchman’s wish is similar to the American’s. He wants a villa on the Mediterranean, lots of money, luxuries and women. POOF! He gets it.

The Russian isn’t so materialistic. He tells the genie, “My neighbor has a goat, and I don’t have one. KILL MY NEIGHBOR’S GOAT!”

There are other versions such as this.

A Russian bureaucreat asks a man about his neighbor.

“He has a goat” replies the man.

“Would you like a goat too?” asks the bureaucrat.

“No.” replies the man curtly.

“Would you like two goats?” asks the bureaucrat.

“No.” the man replies again.

“Then, what would you like?” asks the bureaucrat.

“I want that my neighbor’s goat should die.”

Hell while we are on Cold War Jokes have this one too:

During his visit to the USSR, Nixon was intrigued by a new telephone capable of connecting with hell. He spoke briefly with the devil, and the call cost him 27 cents. When he came back home, he found out that this same service was now available in the US too. He tried it again and received a bill for $12,000. Nixon was distressed.
– How come?! The same call only cost me 27 cents in the USSR.
– Well, said the operator. Over there it is a local call.


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  1. LOL love the local call to the devil one.

    “In reality it’s jealousy and egotism, we should all be equal as long as I am more equal to others. ”

    Exactly right, this is what always irritated me, why is it that so many see the best way to get ahead is to tear down the other guy.

    If the other guys is getting way ahead of you, instead of kick him in the shins, how about figuring out what you ain’t doing right and emulating him/her.

    But that’s not the progressive ethos, if you can’t drag everyone else along in your success, then you don’t deserve to be successful.

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