Health Care and Overpopulation

One of the problems with some of the current debates is that sometimes we are talking about two different things but would like them both at once.  Here’s the thing, we are going on and on about Health Care and Overpopulation at the same time.  On one hand we want there to be less people to help save the environment and on the other we want to make sure people live as long as possible.  I think I have a way that we can both have universal health care and stop overpopulation at the same time:

1.  Give people unlimited health care until they are 45 since people can be considered most productive between the ages of 18-45 when they are fit and strong enough to work.  Children under the age of 18 while not productive and essentially  leach off of society are a necessary   evil since people cannot be born at 18 with all the information and strength they need to be productive members of society.  After the age 45 a person is completely cut off from any and all medical care this will thin the human herd off the people who are not strong enough to continue to be productive and also help control for overpopulation.  This will also help reduce the economic consequences of population reduction due to aging populations having to strain their resources caring for the elderly without having enough young and productive members to pick up the cost since the costs of medical care will be paid for by the people who can repay the cost of their care through taxes.

Now since people over a certain age will be cut off from medical care this will unfortunately cause a large amount of black market drugs, the trick to solving this problem is that after a persons 45th birthday the will have to report twice a week to give blood and urine sample to make sure that they do not have any of these substances in their systems.  All violators will forfeit their entire estates to the government and be sent for processing into eco-friendly compost for the rain forest.

2.  Since I have already brought up the problem with children we must start conducting genetic research into how we can improve and speed up the natural growth process so that children would grow faster and we would be able to make them productive members of society sooner.  Now we cannot do this with everyone because although we can force them to grow up physically faster we will not be able to teach them faster and develop their brains so what will need to happen is that we genetically engineer some children to grow up faster teach them only the skills  needed for manual labor and other such jobs that do not require much education and the other group will be engineered in order to put emphasis on brain development so we can use them as the intellectual classes.  All people who are deemed unfit to breed will be sterilized so as not to have to worry about the leakage of undesirable genes into the mix and creating further burden on society.

In order to help further the cause of this new genetic selection all pregnant woman will be given exams to determine if the child is healthy enough to become a functioning and productive member of society with the least amount of genetic problems.  All children who do not meet the minimum requirements will be aborted.  If the mother does have a child and wishes it to be aborted however the genetic tests show that this child will be a bigger asset to society if allowed to live the mother will not be allowed to abort.  Since Parents can have a detrimental affect on child’s  development all children will be removed from the home and placed in a government facility designed to maximize the potential of the child based on their genetic class.

3.  Now another problem is that the places with the highest populations growths are third world countries and these countries are destroying the environment very quickly in a race to develop we must find a way to limit their population growth.  To limit the population explosion in these countries I suggest we reintroduce the pneumonic plague.  This will not only slow down but reverse population growth but also make sure that these areas natural resources are not being used up too fast by a growing population and cut down on the pollution caused by developing countries.  When the worlds population is finally down to a manageable level where all can have equal access to resources we can stop the intentional introduction of the plague and begin rebuilding the countries in an eco-friendly way.

It’s all just my modest little proposal.



  1. Sorry, that’s far too cold and callous for me.

    Personally i’d much rather people stopped meddling and trying to ‘help’.

    Healthcare should be just like other insurances that we take out.

    And i don’t see a problem with over population, the greenies keep carping about it because they hate humanity. The planet isn’t over crowded, it’s only in some places and personally i think that when people are told to fend for their own healthcare and living, they’ll figure it out themselves.

    It’s what happened in my own family tree, we went from a generation of 7 to 9 kids to two each for them, and the ability to fend for themselves was the major motivating factor.

  2. Oh of course it’s cold and callous, it’s satire. Have you ever read A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift? Granted I can’t write as well as Swift but it’s the same idea more or less.

  3. Oh right. 🙂

    No actually i haven’t read anything by Swift, then again i haven’t read a lot, so pardon my ignorance.

  4. H ha ha! This IS a joke right? He he he..

    No but seriously! DId the plague work before? HAs war ever worked?
    Overpopulation is a desperate collective strategy for survival because mankind is it’s own greatest threat. Increase quality of life (and stop killing people) and suddenly you find
    people aren’t populating so much. Look at the developed parts of Europe who are having fertility issues.

    Oh, I just read the above post.. Yeah swift is a cool guy, kinda like Thomas Payne but funny. He wrote “rape of the lock” if I’m not mistaken?

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