To The Guy That Invented Auto-Tune, FUCK YOU

I am sick of it, really every other mother fucker on the planet is using this stupid shit and it sounds like crap.  I seriously sounds like someone is singing through a fax machine under water.  It’s annoying.  I understand you feel the need to use it because you can’t actually sing (I can’t so I play guitar and drums) but stop it, just fucking stop it.  If you can’t sing just do drunken karaoke like the rest of us and if you want to be in a band learn how to play an instrument.

You are destroying what is left of Music and there isn’t much left!



  1. Never heard of auto-tune, but it sounds like that’s a good thing.

  2. It’s used mostly in rap or pop music to hide the fact the person can’t actually sing. I think it had a legitimate use at one point – to correct minor defects during recording – but now it’s just used as a substitute for talent.

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