Things You Can Never Unsee

why would you do thatSo I was out on Halloween and while walking through a part of Shibuya that is filled with clubs and love motels and I saw a European couple walking down the street.  The girl was dressed kind of slutty, I think in a zombie nurse outfit (normal enough) but the guy was wearing spandex, it was almost a costume I think, but it was so tight you could count the herpes blisters,  it was not right, not right at all.  Either way the guy (other than the disturbing costume) was walking down the street holding a blow up doll smeared with the fake tanning shit.  It was disturbing to say the least but then it only got worse as I watched the couple walk into a love motel.  I wish I hadn’t seen that, I really wish I hadn’t seen that.

No I don’t have a picture so don’t ask.  If you want to see something like that I recomend you drink Drano before it’s too late.


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