The Public Schools Are Not Your Parents!

“In a locally unprecedented move, the School District of Philadelphia will hold principals accountable for the number of students eating breakfast in their schools.”

Never mind that 50% of American School children can’t read or compute at their grade level do we really need to start busting Principals for not spending less time trying to get kids to learn so they can make pancakes?  It’s sad that some kids go to school hungry but that isn’t the schools responsibility it’s the parents responsibility, and if the parents are not taking responsibility why isn’t Social Services going to the home and taking the kids out of it, that what we pay them for, right?

Another problem is that many kids don’t eat breakfast not even because their parents can’t afford it, it’s because they just don’t do it.  Yes I know they probably should, and their parents might try harder to force them, but life isn’t perfect.  I never ate breakfast after 6th grade, I still don’t except once every two weeks or so.  I’m not a morning person.  Eating first thing in the morning just makes me more tired and sluggish, I’m not malnourished or anything, I eat a big lunch and often eat several times after work.  Granted my eating habits are a little odd but  they work for me.

Now I’m not saying that every kid should be allowed to regulate their own food intake, parents should take charge and make sure that their children are getting proper meals, my parents never worried about it because they taught me to cook at a very young age, in fact I used to cook the whole family dinner myself when I was 12, and I never even pretended to look in a cookbook.  Not all the time but often enough,  and I tended to cook more often than my siblings because I was better at it.  If you want you kids to eat right teach them to cook, once they learn how they will probably enjoy it, or at least be willing to do it and they will want to try to cook and eat different things because it’s interesting and they will eat better for it.  But this brings me back to the fact that it’s the parents job to be parents.  It’s not the States job to come into my house and check to see if the turkey is a little dry, it’s my job (and it doesn’t happen ever).  The Turkey is my responsibility, since I am the one who decided to put it in the oven, the child is the parents responsibility only unlike the turkey the child is a little more important.

The problem is that segments of society expect Public Schools to be giant day-care centers they are not they are schools, they are for teaching facts and logic and they don’t even do that very well.  Think about it, the government run school can’t even teach kids to read but we are expecting them to raise the children too.  That’s insanity, yes there are terrible parents out there, but you can’t expect people to have the ability to solve all of these problems all at once.  Why don’t we fix the educational levels first, when educated become parents they have a better chance of making better decisions with raising their children and have a higher standard of living to support them.  Is that always true, no, my parents were not perfect, hell in some cases they were terrible, so much so they have apologized for it.  I don’t hate them no one is perfect, they can’t be, they are just people, flawed but people.  Many of my friend’s parents were worse, much, much worse and we all turned out fine.  Yeah there were ups and downs and other silly things but we pulled through, we made something of ourselves, from food stamps to a degree in Engineering as one example.  It can happen.  It’s not that hard, it takes personal responsibility, the one thing if nothing else that a parent needs to teach their children.  No matter how screwed up a parent is, and even if they are a hypocrite and don’t follow their own advice on that, as long as someone figures it out they will be fine.  For one of my friends, a relative, a junkie, looked at him told him not to be like him and made sure to always buy him books, got him a set of encyclopedias.  Even though he was lost he still knew that someone needed to do that, it was his family after all, and he wanted him to be better then he had been.  Granted some people can’t look at their screwed up family and learn how to be responsible from it because they don’t want to end up the same, but life isn’t perfect, it can’t be.

Back to the point, we cannot solve all the problems with parenting, ever, it’s impossible, what we can do it make the schools institutions of learning, instead of the diploma mills, child fertility fields and drug and gang dens they are now.  Public Education is screwed as it is, and now even if the Principal wants to change this we want to make him waste his time making sure the kids have enough Mrs. Butterworth’s.  Remember the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley?  Remember the schools and how they raised children in the book?  That is were we are heading, a world were we expect impersonal bureaucrats to be loving parents, mentors and teachers to raise our children and we are absolved of any responsibility.  There is a reason Brave New World is considered a Dystopian Novel, but we keep reaching for a Utopia that cannot exist.  Utopia never could exist, the word itself is derived form the Greek words for Not and Place and basically means Nowhere or a place that cannot exist, but people love their Utopian dreams don’t they?

Before anyone starts in on the “Think of the children” argument I would like you to read my earlier comments on the subject:

“I’m sick of hearing the “Think of the children argument”, I’m not going to “think of the children”, because one, I’m not Michael Jackson, and two I don’t have any.  They are your kids, take responsibility for the choices you made in life.  But no, people can’t do that anymore and since I won’t willingly take other people’s responsibilities onto my own shoulders they resort to emotional blackmail to get me to do it anyway.  Well I won’t, if you want my money be honest about it and just try to mug my ass, and I’ll do to you what I do to all muggers and put a .40 S&W Hydra-Shok through your rib cage.  Seriously though, politicians and the teachers unions have been using this crap for years over our schools, and we keep following them and our school keep getting worse, why because it’s a joke! The politicians and unions do this to get more of your money, and the parents do this because they don’t want to have to be parents, and we all pay the price, even the kids (who you need to think about you insensitive bastard).”

I’m not here to raise you kids for you, I’m not even here to raise my relatives kids for them.  However if one of my close friends or relatives and asked me to take care of their kids in case they died I would, unless I knew I couldn’t do it and would tell them to find someone better.  Why would I raise their children and not yours?  Because it’s family and close friends it’s different, I care about them, family is family, even the ones you aren’t related too.  It’s a responsibility, I give myself, as it would be my freedom not too.

No I am not here to raise other peoples kids, or pay for them, the difference is that with my friends and family I care about them, you I don’t know, you don’t care about me, I’m not here to care about you.  What I would tell them out of love, I would tell you out of hate, and I’ll be worse.  I’m not here to fix your problems, I can give advice, but I’m not going to solve your problems for you, it’s your life deal with it, live it!  But people don’t want to do that, people don’t want to deal with their own lives, they want other people to do it for them, and there are a million elitists, charlatans, busy-bodies and psychopaths willing to let them.  Naive or power hungry it doesn’t matter, they all line up waiting, helping you into slavery.  Freedom is about responsibility, and both are terrifying to the weak or lazy, and both are hated by the tyrants, petty and large.  The Emotional Blackmail is not going to work here, so sell it someplace else.

Should kids eat breakfast, yes.   Should it be the schools job, no!

On a lighter note I give you these videos from Steven  Crowder and Andrew Klavan:


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