Last Target: Punk Rock From Japan

It’s really sad, these guys broke up, or I think they did, some of the wording on their website was hard to read, althoug they do have English and Japanese, some of the English is a little off (not that I’m complaining, it happens).  I didn’t know about these guys till I went to see a show this weekend to see some some other bands I know about and they were headlining it.  It was their last show, it was good and fun to go to the after-party, but sad that it was to be no more.  If it make you feal better you can get their last album  Tokyo Shakedown on iTunes and if you go to their website you can order some of the others as well as merch.

I love this band, so, so sad…

Here is some other fun from them:



  1. Punk is still alive in Japan

  2. I know punk is still alive in Japan, I go to a show every other week, your link however is dead.

  3. I loved this band so much does anyone know if Ryoko or the others started a new band?

  4. Ryoko did but I can’t remember the name and wasn’t able to go to the show because of work and I haven’t heard about them since that show. I don’t know about the others. I need to check up on that.

  5. If any of them started a new band could you post any links about them?

  6. If I find out anything I’ll post it.

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